NORWEGIAN AIR – Watch this before you fly them.

Norwegian Air Review.
Norwegian Airlines 787 review and a look into flying Norwegian airlines Long Haul from Los Angeles to London.

Norwegian Air have made people look at the low cost long haul market in a different light in the last few years, offering a good experience with modern aircraft and multiple routes to destinations in North America, Asia & South America.

Norwegian 787 Dreamliner experience.

In this video we take a look at Norwegian’s economy class on the Boeing 787-9 including a look at the nice and tasty meal and we see if its worth the cost or better to eat before you fly.

This video also shows you the best economy seats to pick when flying on Norwegian Air on the Boeing 787-9.

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Norwegian Airlines Long Haul Experience
Norwegian Airlines Flight 7094
Depart: Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive: London (LGW)
STD: 12:40pm (ADP: 1:24pm)
STA: 7:00am (ATA: 7:52am)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
First Flight: 10th Jan 2018
Delivered to Airline: 19th Jan 2018
Seat: 11J
Flight Time: 10h 19M
Meal Service: Nice & Tasty Menu

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Vito John Amato says:

Norwegian off my list ty

22817hm says:

I’ve flown with this airline on this exact route. I stopped at a subway before heading to the airport and brought the food on the plane with me. I bought water on the flight because TSA won’t let anyone take full containers of water. Just doing that saved money and made the flight a much better experience

Al Kraus says:

Flew Norwegian Air from EWR to Paris Orly in April ’18. Arrive at EWR and was told we were being bused to JFK??? Took off about 4 hours late. We chose to not take the JFK-ORY Flight as to save the added transportation hassle from NJ to JFK…FAIL. Not only did we pay MORE, but we left three hours after the JFK Flight. Then when we arrive in ORY, we sat on the runway for 2 hours and 20 minutes…there were no stairs available – well I guess the ones right next to the plane were not owned by Norwegian, so we had to wait; this ruined our 1st day in Paris. Then on the return trip same issue, could not fly into EWR. So, we departed 9 hours late, and arrive so lat in JFK we missed the last AirTrain to Jamaica! Now to be fair, Norwegian did have ONE 49 Passenger bus to take all 250+ of us back to EWR. The line was horribly long and people we met one that line texted us and told us they got back to EWR at 6am – 12 hours late! We opted to take Uber to EWR at our own cost. Horrible, simply horrible. Shame, because their planes are very nice, comfortable and clean and you cannot beat their prices. But, unit they “get it together” I strongly recommend avoiding them at any cost!

narwintar2 says:

May I ask you please, do they allowed you to bring the large suite case on the cabin? I saw it on the clip.Thank you

Dirk Diggler says:

Good info!

Bobby Bostic says:

“The cabin is very minimal on Norwegian and no expense is spared….”. How can no expense be spared if the cabin is minimal?

Lee Simmons says:

There about 2 go budt

zakelwe says:

Thanks for that report. Once again informative and non biased. When they did well you said so, when they didn’t you noted in the same way.

The sandwich shot is so bad it’s now my desktop. Holy Moly.

I could make a better cheese and ham sandwich than that for less than £1.

jjaus says:

PS, “no expense spared” means really expensive. Did you mean that they had paid a lot for the hard product?

Janusz Dworak says:

Last Sunday I flew Norwegian from Oslo to JFK.
The system at my seat did not work so I was not able to do the following:
1) Turn on/off the light
2) Have access to the entertainment system
3) Order a meal or a drink (they do not have any alternate way of ordering and paying for food)
4) I had a laptop. There was a power outlet but nobody bothered to connect it to electricity so I could not use the laptop.
I was a bit lucky. I managed to turn on the light at the beginning of the flight. It was on until the landing. It gave me the opportunity to have access to the only entertainment available ie. reading a book.
To summarize my trip: Norwegian gave me a great opportunity of meditating and fasting for entire 8 hours of my life. After this trip I became a better person.

Action Paddling says:

they do help children and families in war torn, desperate situations, they provide free transport of vital medicine, food for the people who dont fly any class ..Give to UNICEF, fly first class

David F says:

I don’t get this ongoing myth about extra legroom in bulkhead seats! 🙂

I’ve not flown with Norwegian specifically, so maybe they really are different, but on every airline that I have travelled with, the bulkhead seats are actually more restrictive because you can’t stretch your legs out under the seat in front. Maybe they do feel a bit more spacious and granted you don’t have to put up with inconsiderate sods who insist on reclining their seats during the meal service, but they do NOT provide extra legroom.

Andy Chih says:

Having to buy your own drinks etc rather than provided, it’s a different definition of low cost. But my god bad meal + sandwich? really?? sandwich?? :O

Marc Liberts says:

Excellent review! I thought you did a fair and balanced job reporting on what was good and what was bad. Thank you for taking the time to create and post this video!

Lorri says:

What the heck is your accent?

willem lenteren says:

the same awfull like klm have

Thomas Welsh says:

So typical, you want a cheap flight but you want first class seats and service. There are physics in the universe.

Rachel Gray says:

i think ill be taking a sandwich on board if the food is like that

BayArea_aviation 1 says:

Ok so I’ve flown Norwegian 4 times, the times I’ve had meals they’ve been really great, that may be because those two times I’ve been in the higher class, but the other two times ive bought on board and the food was really great.

richies quest says:

There is nothing glamorous about flying , i live in london and when traveling to europe love the option of HSR so much more civilized.

Max Daoudi says:

Flew with them Fort Lauderdale – Gatwick ,, RUDE cabin crew, never experienced such rudeness in my life, flight delayed while we are on board not even a word of apologies from the pilot, food rubbish ,, I would not ever fly with them again ,, this is what you call real cattle airline

stephen flood says:

I flew “no way again” it was fine however it is critical that people are aware of luggage charges. Also you can chose your seat on outward journey but I found when I check in online for the return I had to pay a further $45 per seat plus again for luggage.

Also just as a kicker I left from Miami, tried to check my luggage in online but website kept spinning, so decided simply to check luggage at airport and pay the $45 cost there. You can imagine my shock when I was advised that airport luggage check in was $100 per case. No negotiation. Even though I showed the lady the site on my phone to prove it simply kept the red plane moving across my screen.

Plane was great, also once you clear security you can load up with snacks sandwiches etc before you get on the plane as we did.

Hope this helps with “no way again” airlines

Rob Case says:

Their prices are lower because they have breakdowns and consolidate flights. Our family had to wait 38 hours to get the next flight. Lost a whole fucking day of our holiday! My shit would taste better than their food. Fuck Norwegian.

Karl says:

Have flown Norwegian from Oakland to Stockholm a number of time, on time and non-stop. Great all the way! I eat before I fly…

John .Mitch says:

looks like this airline is about to go bust

Bob Rose says:

Please learn to pronounce the name of Los Angeles correctly. We Angelenos do not say Angelees. No, OK, then I propose we pronounce the name of your town as Lonn Donn.

mcscootie says:

who the hell is tom Bradley ?

Jel H says:

Easy to watch video, to the point with no drama. Love the 787, Tui use them on their mid/long haul flights. Plane food is usually muck across the board and as travellers we should know better unless you’re flying above cattle class rates. No way BA!!

Adrian. Gustavsen says:

I come from norway

Jose Ron says:

Nice! I service these aircraft down here at LAX.

Georg Gigi says:

you said u paid the equivalent of 169 pounds for one way, compared to other airlines, that is really a steal and their foods still disgusting, cabin not cleaned especially the food trays on the seats + we pay much over 1000$ return fare + seat reservation over 30$ each way. for real, you should have no complaints. Norwegian Air does not expand their destinations as well as air France and air Canada do as well as the US airlines.

Planes and Cooking says:

Yes, the food served was terrible; Yes, I would be disappointed. But, with all the challenges of flying these days, eating before you arrive at the airport and then expecting to survive a 9 hour flight is not feasible for most. I still would pay for the food in advance. Just to get through the flight and to avoid overpaying for their menu items.

calinutza33 says:

Don’t cry ! British Airways is even worse. !

Ewan Richards says:

Flew between Gatwick and Boston 4 times now on nerwegian and I must say it’s the best airline I’ve flown with. Not just the price but the food was amazing, the aircraft is stunning, the entertainment lacks a little but everything is comfortable and I arrive well rested. Only thing they need is WIFI!

Nikolay Klimchuk says:

You was lucky to get 787.

Steve Hathaway says:

Well, you made a point regards the food. The rest seems to be pretty much ok for a budget airline. However, there are supposed to be McDonalds, Burger King and billions of other fast food chains right arround the corner everywhere in the US and your food you ordered on the plane possible made it already a couple times over the Atlantic before being served? Simply because of these options. By the end of the day its economy class food and the prices for baverages are much higher on every christmas market these days. I´d fly Norgwegian if I need to safe money and get myself some nice food before I go to the airport as you mentioned. Thus, thanks for the tip.

Frying Pan says:

People get better food in prison.

Peter S says:

Unusual to take off to the west from LAX.

Anthony Long says:

“Watch this before you fly norwegian”

…..i flew on them last week from oakland California to Barcelona…..and now im watching this video afterwards.

That being said, I actually flew on norwegian and enjoyed it. Yeah the flights from oakland to Barcelona and barcelona TO oakland were delayed by 30 minutes and 10 minutes. But I actually didnt have a bad experience with them. Albeit the food onboard is pricy but we would expect that from a cheap long distance airline like that.

furiouzzzz says:

So lets sum it up ! Flight on a brand new aircraft, 787 is a great comfort I love it. Very good value ticket. Food was very bad. I see only benefits here as I don’t like to eat during the flight

Lone Wolf says:

well, the food is made FRESS every day, dispite other airlines that give you food made a month ago and kept frozen, eat that and then talk about processed food.
it just looks like that you prefer the food to be made in different way but that doesnt mean that is ”disgusting”, its just you not liking it, and thats totally different.

Ian Evans says:

Another great video and thank you for showing economy on a discount carrier. Quick tip: remember to look in the lens and not at yourself on the flip screen when you do your “talking head” shots.

Kru Ploppy says:

Can you purchase wine at any time during the flight and are you limited to the amount you are allowed to buy?? I use loungebuddy to fill my belly before flying and would be happy to bring my own snacks for during the flight. I generally fly premium economy but get pissed off when the bar is closed later in the flight just when I fancy a drink..

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