NEW INTERIOR Alaska A321NEO First Class Review

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Welcome onboard this Alaska Airlines A321NEO
Class: First Class
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Destination: Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Flight Time: 02 hours 35 Minutes
Wheels up time: 12:37 PM
Landing time: 3:12 PM
Aircraft: Airbus A321 NEO (New Engine Option)
Registration: N928VA
Recorded with: iPhone Xs

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Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, where we review everything from the service to the flight. We make sure to to put every single detail on each of our flights, from a first person real time perspective. We record everything from the cabin to the flight itself, this video will make sure to include everything you are looking for in a flight! Enjoy!


AwesomeDude444 says:

Great vid, I love how no one claps in America after landing lmao

Airside Tahiti says:

Note that engine number 2 is starting up just before take off.. intersting procedure

Bay Area Traveler says:

Mixed feelings about the new cabin. I’m in the minority but I didn’t like the Virgin cabin especially with the colors, dark and drabby. I like these new Alaska colors, light and modern. However, I liked the IFEs on Virgin planes. Yes you can bring your own tablet/laptop/phone but still prefer to have a screen in front of me. The new economy seats though look awfully uncomfortable.

Alasdair Sun says:

Nice video but it would be much better with vocal narration instead of text. Having to read means that the viewer also can’t fully watch the video so stuff inevitably will be missed.

Blake Edgington - Airborne says:

I can’t speak from experience but while the Alaska product may not look as special as Virgin America, it still knocks the socks off European narrow body offerings. Wonderful work on this video.

joanne j says:

It is a shame that it is currently a dangerous plane to be in, along obviously with the 737-MAX8.

Humans always think they are smart. But what they end up producing is F up after F up the slightly more less ape man like they become.

The A321Neo and all of the A320Neo range are dodgy. Cutting out engines, etc, etc. This is what happens when you allow for Pratt engines over Rolls-Royce.

I will presume that the Boeing 737-Max8 Ethiopian Airlines was also using the American produced Pratt engines, yes?.

No, you use Rolls-Royce built in the UK by proper aerospace engineers, not the cheap and cheerful American slap and bang options that do not appear to work properly and are quite frankly a danger to the public.

Kenny G Choonit says:

The interior was awesome, very clean. the a320 is the reason why it is the best selling small plane. Seattle it is always cloudy and rainy there. lastly, i hate airplane bathrooms. just hate it. i couldnt shit in my 13 hour flight so that is bad.

Dean E says:

Love the A321, seems so much more spacious than the 737-900s for roughly the same # of seats.

Dennis DAlessio says:

Great report, not sure that I like the use of own tablet/laptop.

Ben Manger says:

The song they blasted in background was “letting go” by wild nothing

Ron Paker says:

Not happy with this new first class cabin!

BJ McKay says:

great video, buddy!!

SKY says:

What quality setting did you film this in with you phone?

bushyconn says:

Back in the day, (1990) Alaska was the best. What happened?

Riad riad says:

Très belle vidéo

HAL 9000 says:

I made a flight on Alaska late last year from SFO to PSP. Was fortunate enough to score a flight in one of the Virgin Am aircraft before it had been refit. One last “ahhhhhhh’ in the white leather, motor driven legs-up recliners. I was just heart-broken when Alaska merged with Virgin Am – but happy to have had that one final moment.

GE90man says:

Hmmm they didn’t change the lighting in the lavs yet.

michael sharp says:

r u going to fly with qfs aviation sometime

Joshua 윤호 Han says:

Good thing about Alaska they provide lounge access to all first class passengers regardless where there going

Lorena B says:

Alaska airlines is good and love the new interior. I hope you can come to Costa Rica with Alaska from LAX to LIR and I hope I can see you if you come to Costa Rica

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