Korean Air in Style – Business Class on the A330

It’s time to fly business class! This time I’m on the Korean Air A330 from Seoul Incheon Airport to Sydney, Australia.

This Korean Air business class flight review covers the Korean Air lounge at Incheon Airport, boarding, take off, the Korean Air inflight service and of course the Korean Air business class seat.

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Route: Seoul, South Korea (ICN) to Sydney, Australia (SYD)
Length: 5,188 miles, 10:00 hrs
Flight: KE121
When: July 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A330-323 registration HL8027 (2015)
Seat: 9H
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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James Barker says:


npon says:

Peanuts in bags!? How unprofessional! Lol

Seungjun Choi says:

Korean Air uses the new Terminal 2 at the Incheon Int’l Aiport which opened this year! So glad to see you reviewing Korean Air

Peter Yeong says:

THANKS for the video.Not flown Korean for a while.Especially not since the “nut rage” But still better than Malaysian. Ref: Paul Stewart’s reviaw
of MAS !st class . CRAP1 ITs not the food , Its not nowt else but their laid back “cant cateless” attiityude.

SethC12 says:

I’m actually very surprised you went on two Korean Air flights and didn’t have a Bibimbap on either of them, they’re supposedly legendary for how good they are.

I’m curious, when you have these flights (like Hong Kong on Cathay) where you just have a few hours in a terminal before going to (quite literally) another continent, are these for work, pleasure or both?

Louis Chiu says:

They never got tired of their bibimbap and bulgogi.

Samuel Fitzgerald says:

As I’ve said before, this seat design/configuration would be perfect for BA, being more space efficient than the 1-2-1 herringbone configuration they’re understandably keen to avoid whilst also being a lot better than their current set up.

Nick Pascual says:

I’ve been wanting to try Korean airlines for a while and this has been a nice taste of what to expect.

Gnochis à poêler_ says:

It’s the same configuration in the 787-9 too

FLETCH says:

went to see a movie at event cinema in Sydney and your ad was being played in the cinema lol. I was like this lookds very familiar haha

Matthew Canavan says:

Nice comment about KE product consistency. Emirates, with A380 Business Class 1-2-1 vs. B777 Business Class 2-3-2, is definitely lacking in that department. Travel, even in premium cabins is wearing, and you looked ready for a nap in Seoul which is not a criticism at all. Even the pros have their stamina tested sometimes.

Peter Yeong says:

Changi and SQ esp food and SERVICE. QF also. Thanks for the video.

Joe Spittle says:

Not gonna lie. The green is gonna look hideous in year

Musa Dajani says:

Great vid as usual Dennis! What type of Asus laptop do you have btw?

wheatwild says:

Wonderful video as always Dennis. Am I the only one who gave this video a thumbs up before the intro even started..?

Neil Harris says:

If you were in Terminal 2 then it opened January 18th this year.

Gaurav Gogia says:

Cover the journey of qantas perth to london flight

Weflect says:

Not too impressed on that color scheme, reminds me of a hospital.

Greg H says:

To correct you Dennis, the A380 does not have the same seat as this A330 or 748, it has a standard (non-staggered) 2-2-2 seating that’s worse.

777 Lover says:

Nice video! Seoul-Incheon opened in 2001 but the terminal you were in, Terminal 2, only opened in late January this year.
Incheon is regarded one of the best airports in the world winning many awards especially from Skytrax and Airport Councils International. One of the only 9 5-star airports (Skytrax).
It’s been rated cleanest airport for many consecutive years until Changi took over. Must say both are beautiful and fantastic airports nontheless.

The Jommunist The Jommunist says:

5:23 Dennis did you find gold

Alvin Tse says:

3:47 Their A380 features their old business class product and I don’t think they’re looking at a retrofit in the near future. Also, the terminal opened in January 2018, so it’s still quite new. How’d you find the lounge? I’ll be the unpopular one here, but I flew them a month back and I HATED it – the saving grace was the relax rooms by the end, which had very comfortable recliner chairs. If those were full I’d actually elect to spend time at the terminal instead. That said, I also love Korean Air’s onboard product!

Eamon Adams says:

I live and work in Korea, but have to say I find Korean Air to be one of the worst airlines I’ve flown in business classes ….. Excuse the language but Korean Air reminds me of the expression: all fur coat but no knickers! The staff & food I find well below standard

Uma Sundarakumar says:

Please Review Emirates Economy Class From Dubai to Chennai

Juliet Williamson says:

Another good video. Well done.

Lol @ green tea comment 🙂

Reginald Thatcher says:

Please fly Air Koryo next. So we can get a good comparison between the two airlines.

David J Adams says:

Love the part of the “brown rice infused tea, hope it was good for me, because my taste buds were not impressed”. Stick with the peppermint tea, always a hit. Not sure I want to try KAL, You just can’t go wrong with a stop in Singapore with guaranteed amazing service, delicious food, and comfortable seats on SIA. Thanks for the review Dennis. Cheers Mate

C N says:

Showers before flights are the number 1 tip to listen too

Kabir Mehta says:

Glad to see another good review from Dennis!!!

OhHiMark says:

I’m very very curious to try Incheon Airport now. I wonder if I’ll get the chance sometime…

poundhill22 says:

always enjoyale . thanks


It’s really a shame you didnt eat Korean food on their national carrier. Korean food is amazing especially Kim chee.
The metal chopsticks are the national chopsticks used in Korea unlike other asian neighbours that use wooden.
The food over all looked nice but I dont like the seat.To me being a larger traveler the seat seems very small and korean business class airfares are very expencive compared to the competition

givewai says:

5:22 Dennis, were you staring into the fiery pits of hell?

TS Wong says:

great vid

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