Jet Blue First Class REVIEW

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Rayane Souissi says:

😀 the most beautiful baby ive ever seen! Congrats man!

MyFlightsExperiences says:

Check my new flight review. Very excited about my new video!

Moolly says:

In Casey video where he explains how he flies class/business all the time he says that you have to commit wine airline. He said his is American so I’m confused. How did he get all the miles for jet blue if he doesn’t fly jet blue

Giancarlo B says:

His wife looks like she doesnt know how to handle with casey vlogging life, must be fustrating to deal with her in a marriage.

Donna Amanda Jackson says:

Dont understand why anyone would fly in first with a toddler whose climbing over everything and annoying the business people trying to prepare for meetings.

lloydkotr says:

Hey casey how old is baby francine


Awwwww I love how she walks

Saalim Vlogs says:

Every videos within his family he will be in a stuck uhhh

avan young says:

Wow first class with a baby

Natalie Cazaux says:

I like your baby

Henry Hunter Swann says:

Awww we get to see Francine ❤️

Gavin Kennedy says:

Ok I think there should be 5 classes on airplanes
1st class
Business class
Kids 1st class(costs about the same as business class)
Kids coach(costs a little less than adult coach)

smith miller says:

JetBlue Airlines customer service number 1888 738 4333

Haileyyy says:

Poor Francine. I used to get car sick when I was a baby too, and I still do

Gender fluid Attack helicopter says:

Lol Casey Neistat buys first class plane seats for a baby but my parents won’t even fly with an air line that has first class.

K Butler says:

I have never seen a baby move that fast

TheUltimateShaz says:

6 pieces of baggage for 3 people….HAHAHAH! just a month ago, my mother, my grandparents, my sister and I (5 people) managed to get around 20 pieces of baggage. Grandparents were in business. (the number includes both cabin and checked bags)

Trilogy says:

Review? I don’t want to see how amazing 1st class is when my broke ass can’t afford it.

Sancho says:

I take xanax when i fly and i just pass the fuck out.

stephen conn says:

Must be really bright in first class

lloydkotr says:

I like that baby its cute francine is a good name

reegal laurent says:

What’s the name of ur booster board

Fed UP says:

PS the video shows either a self entitled LA family or self entitled NY family, either way, coastal chaos.

Itz Reid says:

Why is your wife so small in the thumbnail???

lloydkotr says:

Hey casey subscribe to lloydkotr

pj fitz says:

Were you guys talking about how to lie to get your dog on the plane? You’re not like ashamed? It’s basically like parking in a handicap spot.

Kitty Wayland says:

Why would u let her crawl in the airplane?? She will put her hands in her mouth after they were on the floor??

YouTUBE PRO says:

I have my own boing 727

I like Trains says:

Keep up the work casey

Conor Egan says:

Cool shot of all the seats playing different movies sums up flying

Alexander Gonzalez says:

Try Swiss Airways, Lan Chile

ArodI_Linxx 2009 says:

I use that terminal!

Viozo says:

Can I come to

Richie Ron says:

Was this in their airbusA320?

Leandrii _ says:

Was the dog really staying in this tiny bagpack ???

Subs With no video says:

*Always have the child get the window spot. There gonna be triggered if you say no.*

FreeOrcas says:

I love this music Caesy has!

MajesticOne says:

i used to wake up 5 am everyday (PT) to watch Casey’s vlogs. without all the drama and what not, this was the only channel i could watch and NOT get bored even a little, but now? now it just doesn’t feel the same.

10 minute meals says:

Calling your child “The Baby” clearly a father who was not well brought up.

Knit Girl Games says:

Francine is super cute!!!!

Grayson Reacts says:

I love jet blue omg!! Ever since i was a baybe ive loves jetblue

Devin Pereira says:

I have the exact same stove

Sydney Henderson says:

They’re fr planning a fight AHAHAHAHA i love them

Zahra I am rude sometimes not all the time says:

The baby was making music

Saitama says:

december the 16th??? thats my birthday lmao

JexoWings says:

I saw a baby in the thumbnail. Rip casey lmao

FLIIPY says:

Guys I am New To Casey vlogs could you tell me why his wife is always ungrateful


Wtf i can barely afford to fly on easyjet

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