Is Air France La Première the best First Class in the World?

Flight review of Air France First Class La Première from Dubai to Paris on B777-300/ER. Private First Class cabin for just 2 passenger with excellent service, dining, and full privacy for resting.

Full Flight Detail:


Norwegian733 says:

4:10 Would it be rude to have sex with the wife there?
I mean, if we were having real hard doggy style sex and the crew came and asked if everything was OK, I would probably felt they were intruding.

Emma Forsythe says:

I mean, it’s hard to really review properly if you’re the only people in the cabin. You won’t get a good feel for how private the seats feel if you don’t have others there. Sure you can imagine, but it’s not the same. I still think that the Middle Eastern airlines have them beat just on the personal space. But that’s just me 🙂

Ather Radwi says:

Wonderful Quality, thank you!

Joshua Gill says:

Air Canada Sam Chui!

Rosey Elzai says:

Cheek out my video

suaad asm says:

Emirates airway and etihad airway are the best ..

Horny Gormley 69 says:

Really shit music

munk4sale says:

I feel like I am the only one who liked the song. It has a weird, techno, lonely, left behind eighties feel to it. I love you.

MoneyShot says:

Is it just me or this song seems cringy af?

Vijay Vijay says:

How many times will u travel on plane? Rich man!!!!

Thomas Eden says:

Ummmm…runway 27 is definitely not a north runway…lol

dino resic says:

and my friend, the earth is flat

Rudy Paturet says:

He ben !

Frozen Chaos says:

What the fuck is that song

Brian T says:


sandra drumm says:

Great video, sounds awful

alnozza91 says:

Your wife is addicted to her phone

Falo says:

I think this was one of those Asian songs translated to english.

Vaman Dalvi says:

I like all ur videos but this was the worst video because of the freaking song

agradina says:

so terrorist just has to buy a first class ticket and they receive acces to pilot room.tnk for sharing that jerk

Da Tanti says:


Rosey Elzai says:

I been in this this was so cool

Kerwin Napoles says:

Too bad their country is becoming a shit hole !!!!!!

Peter Chang says:

Air France song is one of the worst and dumbest,love in the air,do they mean mile heigh club?

Jason Mach says:

Hello welcome!

Uranus Uranus says:

looks more like business class on emirates or etihad … etihad first class has to be the best in the world at the moment

jungleprincess03 says:

Terrible song

The de Kocks says:

That’s true actually

Julian Stoter says:

This song makes the video fk annoying

Sarcastic Cynical says:

Since Etihad’s “The Residence” is far and beyond first class, La Première doesn’t compare. Even their First Apartments are better than this.

Wing on The WORLD says:

fantastic review

memez_r_dreamz says:

dunno why but i would feel totally stupid getting drivven byy this little car

Awesomejellyhero Trolololol says:

The background music tho like what the heck?!

Marissa Lynn Copeland says:

The music…is…so…lesbian.

Gina Tani says:

Looked like a nice trip. Of course, I wasn’t there to taste the food or test the seats but it doesn’t look too bad.

szabieger says:

really makes sense to order a bottle of champagne just to show off and drink nothing of it. what idiots

Josh Thomson says:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

That song was so irritating

I shat out a poo

Greg Strasburg says:

Gay music!

luca ceron says:

What a tune!!

destruidor12 says:

Rich aashole o

Carter Puranananda says:

Food was good but not as good as in France. BITCH YOU ON A PLAIN DRINKING SHAM PAIN AND A STAKE

AJ'sGamingVideos says:


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