Incredible FIRST CLASS Seats!!

Music by Andrew Applepie



Slayy hailey says:

Are u divorced

Alyssa Toste says:

Isn’t the front the most dangerous part of the plane

Dyson Dzapasi says:

we have an African family and my gran wanted to come over to England with my 3 year old sis who stayed for 6 months whilst we stayed for 4 weeks. When they came, only my sis showed up. We started crying because we had a 70percent chance that my gran would be sent back on the next plane so we spent six hours at the airport waiting for my gran, luckily she got to stay for all 6 months that we planned. The people who worked there were also being racist, Heathrow is not worth it guys. go some where else coz they only want to cause problems, like what 70 year old person would do something dangerous??

Baconmaster 1008 says:

You should of flew to gatwick still in London and ba is the best

Sky9Gaming Minecraft and more says:

Omg I saw myself in the video iwas in the airoprt

MrHalvnir says:

O’ by the way, could we please have the name of the airline that’s flying you ?

Zariyat TeleVision says:

Cape Town

Saw, met, loved, left


Matthew Odlum says:

I got to Tenerife 3 days ago and it was a 4 hour flight from Gatwick airport their was a baby behind me that screamed the full 4 hours and a child in the other seat behind me kicking my seat but totally worth the villa and the swimming pool along with the 50 degree heat

JacksonGOAT says:

London Heath row layovers suck. They make you go through security a second time and we almost missed our connection.

Cassandra Meredith says:

I was on the same plane in first class toooooo!

BigJuicy Pickle says:

Deformed?! What?!

Tommy Barnard says:


Arden Bea says:

In my opinion babies should not be aloud on planes, they make a lot of noise, what if you paid a lot of money for a first class seat so you can have a easier sleep and a relaxing time and it gets ruined by a baby screaming

Itchy Knee says:

So your wife seems like the standard belligerent American, that you see in every airport around the world, including the one i work in. Weird cause you seem like a really chill awesome guy.


I would be fucking pissed of if I spent a lot of money for first class expecting relax and luxury and then seeing a baby fucking cry through put the whole flight…

MachoMaximilianALTYT says:

i live in UK

Da Majestic Muffin says:

I have never actually been under the highest class on a plane in my life and I made this trip (to Atlanta) last night and same plane (777) same lounge (ba Concorde) so ye

J Dior says:

I love Cape Town

Laura Slater says:

There is nothing worse then a triggered baby on a plane

Team 11 says:

Did you go on the seat that I “christened” with orange juice?

ummtoni says:

wtf why is there so much hate in these comments????????

BlueMatterBrix says:

I saw u in heathrow airport

kristoffer razz says:

At crhistmas im gonna go to caoetown

vossen streek says:

ik vind zijn videos super

Yitzhak Levi says:

what is the name of the
song ?? please someone

Pangpon Charoenphol says:

Occhiali da sole lo metti anche quando ti fai la doccia?

Amna Ghanayem says:

Who’s watching this in 2017? Btw Francine IS SO CUTEEEE

Slayy hailey says:

Is that baby your child

Horizon Agars says:

Please….. don’t bring your babies on fist class…. I paid for a nice relaxing seat and There’s a crying screaming baby please just no……

HowToWithTater Tater says:

His chin is beautiful

ExoShadow 910 says:

Thing is if you get in a plane crash the “Rich people” die and the “Not so rich people” don’t die. So FUCK

Christian Gabrielsson says:

im surprised they allow babies in first class, i would be insanely pissed if a baby was crying the whole flight and i just out down 20k. and candice is pissed? try to fly economy like 95% of the population then you can complain

Dark world 183318 says:

He is genuinely a good person i dont know anybody like him but romanatwood

Fuck Off says:

My mom and dad used to say that baby’s and small children where not allowed on first class

AuraGamingFTW says:

I feel so bad for Casey, super expensive first class tickets and a baby who can’t even remember it, screams 10 hours which is enough to put loops of nyan cat to shame. The other people must’ve been shooting him all kinds of nasty looks. It’s true there are some angels but angels would help the cause, give pointers and saying they’re pointers firsr, and not do anything that would seem disrespectful.

yummy041496 says:

Just had a 12 hour flight the other day with a baby in the back. Could not fucking sleep one bit cause it was screaming the whole time. However at least it wasn’t first class. If I paid thousands of dollars to be comfortable I would ask for my money back. Thats just inconsiderate to do that. At least go economy or economy plus so you can put the baby in a crib or something. Then use the built up miles for a future trip when she’s older or just you two. That just kind of shows how Many people are so selfish and just out for themselves.

Prichia Meidina says:

That night I came back from my home town and having to hear baby scream the whole flight

Beatrice Overton says:

IT ONLY TOOK 6 HRS NEW YORK TO ENGLAND???? Why does it take me twice that long to go from england to canada just above new york ?? ):

Francisco Pérez says:

very small trick for babies crying: breast feeding (it works) (very nice tone, don’t miss understand me please)

leticia aspeytia says:

why you never take glasses off?

Jade Rogers says:

have you ever gone with air new zealand 1st class it is lovely

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