How Airline Seats Have Shrunk Over The Years

If you’ve taken a flight in coach anytime in the last 20 years, you may have noticed the seat in front of you creeping closer and closer to your knees. No, you’re not growing.

Yes, the airlines have been squishing seats closer together. It’s called the pitch, and it’s been chopped down by two to three inches over the years.

That’s not the only place where the big three are sneaking space from you. Here’s a helpful representation of just how much room your ticket gets you on your next flight. The following is a transcript of the video.

How airline seats have shrunk over the years. Feeling cramped? You’re not alone. Airlines are adding more seats, leaving less room for individual passengers. The pitch, or distance between seats, has shrunk. The minimum pitch has gone from 31″/32″ to 30″.

It’s not just the pitch. Seat width has also been narrowed over the years. Each airline has lost about 2 inches in seat width. These aren’t even the smallest. Some airlines fill the Airbus A330 with 16.7″ seats. For comparison, the average first class seat is 21″ wide.

One small study compared sleep quality in 17″ vs. 18″ wide seats. 2/3 of passengers who slept in the 18″ seats reported better quality sleep. Plus, passengers fell asleep faster and had fewer twitches in the 18″ seats. So if you plan on catching some Zzz’s on your flight, dish out the cash for a seat upgrade.

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ItzTheDude says:

Want better seats? Fork out more cash lmao.

Svetlana Morris says:

I ride Delta~

Callum Crowley says:

That’s scary…

Mr potato Productions says:

thats the reason why I hate airlines and s❗️❗️t

Władca Wymiaru says:

Funny HOW americans grow in size…

Retired Early 53 says:

Hooray for the AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!! They know how to “SOCK IT TO YOU ” and you gladly will bend over and take it !!!!!!!!! Keep taking it !!!!!!!!!! Keep you mouth shut ! and take IT !!!!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS ???????

Youtubers Rule says:

Now-adays there are no Space for your leg no leg room

Warren Trout says:

Bigger seats means higher prices. People SAY they want room, but most buy CHEAP.


It’ obvious. If you leave the seats in the sun for quite a few years, they tend to shrink.

Demon Gamer says:

Reduction in seat size=more business class seat booking=more money.Greedy madafakas

WeeChunIsRandom says:

Im claustrophobic so i just dont fly on planes

freusin says:

lol economy

efwefwef frwfef says:

propane and propane accessories

Charles H. says:

At this rate, in the next few decades, we will all be flat!

Lecel Pele says:

Not compatible for americans

yada yada says:

I love how the solution was to dish out the extra cash for an upgrade. Why didn’t I think of that?! I *always* have an extra $1k lying around! And I want to give it these airlines as a reward for their clever and slow screwing of passengers. NOPE.

Lemonoh Productions says:

What are inches? Never heard of them. Only heard of centimeters.

roachtoasties says:

Still plenty of room…. if you’re a hamster.

err0r says:

Where’s the squeeze

최선영 says:

So cash out

If you want to die in a crash

Fred Ferd says:

And DON’T FORGET!! United has the absolutely MOST EFFECTIVE Canine Dog Birth Control Program of all time!!!!!! Poor doggie – no more woopie for bowzer…..

pakamon thammachaisopit says:

I don’t understand

Mark Small says:

Seat pitch has definitely gotten worse over the years. For seat width, it depends on the airplane. 777’s have gone from 9 across to 10 across which makes for narrower seats, but 737s have always been 6 across.

Mark Rubin says:

For a slightly reduced rate you can book two people per seat, one sitting on top of the other. Or you can buy a standing room spot. They are considering strapping you to the wings.

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams says:

Why do they want to take our money for less room? Jerks, if I’ve ever seen one.

David43577 says:

sponsored by flight companies

Sean says:

Wow. Ok. So the video is just propaganda to convince me to shell out more money to pay for business or 1st to sleep better. Ok…

expics on yt says:

5million years later, the seats are near at your seats and even a starving person can’t fit in the chairs

Kent Frederick says:

The narrower seat is a little deceptive. Yes, the 747, DC-10, and L-1011 all added a seat to each row, after deregulation. Airlines have added a 10th seat to coach rows on the 777 and 787.

But the MD-80 is still 5 across. The 737, 757, and A320 family are still 6 across. The 767 is still 7 across.

It’s the increased use of regional jets, usually 3 or 4 across, that has decreased average seat width, because they weren’t designed to use the typical Boeing, Airbus, or McDonnell Douglas narrowbody seat.

Insert Channel name says:

And they get more expensive

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