Going Retro on the A340 – SWISS First Class

Let’s take a step back in time…to a time when flying first class was as much about ‘being seen’ as it was about luxury.

Join me as I step aboard the Swiss Airbus A340-300. These seats were scheduled to be upgraded some time ago but technical issues delayed the upgrade so we get the chance to enjoy Swiss First Class in all its retro glory!

This Swiss First Class flight review was filmed on Swiss Flight LX161 from Tokyo to Zurich – it’s a long flight of over 12 hours so I get to enjoy the full Swiss First Class experience including dedicated check-in, the ANA First Class Lounge and the wonderful inflight Swiss First Class service. This first class service includes various Swiss gourmet specialties including Balik salmon, dried meats, a boutique Swiss gin and of course plenty of Swiss chocolates.

Route: Tokyo Narita, Japan (NRT) to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)
Length: 5,968 miles, 12:29 hrs
Flight: LX161
When: Nov 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A340-300 registration HB-JMH (July 2003)
Seat: 2A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

This video may not be reproduced without specific permission.

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Phil James says:

Nice one Dennis, love ya stuff. My wife and I flew Swiss from Venice to Zurich earlier this year and loved their service.do it again.

Hoder Harris says:

Dennis you have the best reviews on YouTube. Excellent editing, insights and information. Cheers

thirdculturek says:

Brilliant as ever! It’s lovely that you always take time to acknowledge the privilege that comes with the experience!

Flipper Dick says:

You certainly love your pj’s.

modrak says:

I thought they retrofitted the A343s with the same cabin as the 77W…

paul pearson says:

Lol@ ..’warm nuts and a glass of champagne…………..classic Dennis.

jlelliotton says:

The IFE shows the age of this plane, such a tiny screen!

Daniel Hammond says:

Thank you for the video. As a steerage passenger, that looked really sumptuous, however far behind current first class norms it may be! Cheers!

SLCQD says:

Even Emirate does not serve such good champagne in First while still on the tarmac. They serve the same horrible Veuve Cliquot than in Business Class and you can only enjoy the DP after take off.

MM Aviation says:

Wow. Your the only youtuber that appreciates flying first class ***cough cough nonstop cough dan***

Carrie D says:

I truly believe i am born to travel in this style.. Wow.. what a dream flight and service.. thank you 🙂

Boris Bialer Vlogs says:

Thanks, Great Review. My question is: do you pay for your flights with your own miles/money or do the airlines invite you?

Jonnie Bangkok says:

The First Class service drops 3 levels the moment he steps out of the Japanese lounge…walks down the jet-way…and steps into the cabin of the European airline.

“The Advanced Swiss Fleet” safety card as he’s sitting in an ancient A340!

Zippy Gundoo says:

Great review as always & the first class product seemed charmingly old school. One tiny thing; champagne by definition is of course only ever French, thus “French” is redundant.

Cole Phelps says:

I fly Premium First Class. They have this stick on your left and right that can be used to control the plane, this lever in the center to control how delayed you’re gonna be, the buttons above to provide you with limitless dings, this computer that helps you to release the chemtrails, and additionally Six LCD screens to provide you data that you can use in the event of an emergency

wecanfly777 says:

Hey Dennis! Great to see you in the pointy end again – and Swiss looks superb! Those PJ’s suit you! I love that they give customers little chocolates no matter your class of travel. Hey I tried to contact you on Instagram but to no avail. I’m celebrating my 1,000,000th km flown next week and am accepting short 5 second video contributions from good people around the world to feature in my video about it. If you fancy joining in, send me something on instagram messenger or my private email. Would appreciate it very much! Cheers!! Andy

Jaime Guajardo says:

That tv coming up quick like that reminded me of that one eyed alien popping out out of the water in star wars movie

paul s says:

Great video just came across your channel

tehblizz says:

Is it just me or was Thomas Frick the captain on your flight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUivp7t2E2U

Krystian Tatara says:

Nobody should look forward to fly an a340 in 2018 . It’s an ancient aircraft . It’s like saying I can’t wait to fly the 767 or 747

colliewollie1471 says:

Aer Lingus….you should try

Christine Michele says:

That looks very comfortable.

sahil vohra says:

Wow that’s an excellent service

paul pearson says:

Wouldn’t have thought you to be superstitious Dennis but I notice you touch the plane before you board. Is there a reason for this?

Calco says:

Absolutely right Dennis. Everything in the video looked just as you described it. An old aircraft can be lovely as long as the crew, service and food are excellent. I also enjoyed the way the video was put together; mostly very accomplished. Q&A? … No way .. its the first sign of a lazy vlogger with no content.

wheatwild says:

Always enjoying your videos, Dennis. Best trip reports on youtube. A step above the rest. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for the next one.

accesser says:

That’s a really interesting observation how first class has changed over the years

Brian Walker says:

Looks brilliant, old school First Class from a First class airline

TS Wong says:

very dated 1st class cabin !!!

Andrew Baumgartner says:

I’m not a big fan of the modern 1st class ego stalls. They often feel claustrophobic.

Kar 789 says:

Great flight reviews! Your channel is great.

SANspotter says:

OMG the way that video screen popped out of the armrest! I wonder how many people have been knocked out by that? lol

Peter Grevstad says:

I loved flying the CX A340. Also, lived in Japan .

High Key says:

“Thats enough power to knock out a small child.” that made my day 🙂

AJC says:

Absolutely love the a340, very underrated in my opinion

Aviation Geeks says:

“Potions and lotions”

Craig Willis says:

Keep it up Dennis btw what watch do year when you travel?

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