FLYING EASYJET with new(ish) seats

yes, it finally happened: a flight on easyJet! After my trip to Inverness and Edinburgh, I flew home to Amsterdam on EasyJet.

The operating aircraft was an Airbus A320, G-EZOE, which featured the new(ish) interior of so called Recaro SL3510 seats, which were comfortable enough on the 1 hour flight.

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Mr G says:

Using a gate isn’t always about money although you are technically right because Ryanair tend to use walkouts or coaching gates however with easyJet it’s down to availability. At London Gatwick a large majority of gates with easyJet are bridges whereas all are walkout or coaching with Ryanair.

Ramkumar Suresh N V says:

The video’s good but music isnt .My ears are bleeding by this music.

Rodrigo Lima says:

Do Ryanair please

XxHeartOfGold xX says:

When I flew with easy jet the pilot was the main focus of the show!

Hasan Tariq says:

No tv how come?

Omari Joseph says:

lovely the tip of your sticker…well done.

Mackanzie Foster says:

I’m flying on the Easy jet plane in 5 days to go to Spain for 3 weeks

Hey_ItzHolly says:

Omg it’s Edinburgh! I always get excited when I see my home town airport in a video because it isn’t that well noticed

Priyanka Sharma says:

could you guys do a video on luggage?


Very rude flight attendants on Easyjet.

scotrail82 says:

Nice Video Bud.

Martin Pintamalli says:

Wauw! Dit vliegtuig is echt mooi geworden met die nieuwe stoelen. Alleen EasyJet heeft geen eerste klas?

Charlie Orr says:

hi when you go to the UK please can you go on a flybe

Koen Groenewegen says:

Bij Ryanair kan je stoel niet verstellen, kan dat bij Easyjet wel?

Infinite Flight Aviation Greg says:

I’ve flown with G-EZOE !

M. A. says:

The seats are extra thin, so you have extra legroom

Tiemco Meernik says:

Wtich seat did you have?

snupers says:

Hey man these videos are so relaxing to watch

Khatamal Azhar says:

Why was the female cabin crew faces being censored at the end of vids?

Pro Fuze says:

Awful airline

Kuysieng Tubehd says:

Hi I love ur channel

mcrry says:

Contrary to what many think, boarding with stairs isn’t anything to do with cost. Generally speaking, using both boarding doors speeds up boarding and disembarkation which is critical to a carrier which has short turnarounds.
That said, easyJet uses airbridge (tunnel) equipment at many airports as it doesn’t actually cost them anymore. But….. they absolutely prefer to have a stand/gate that enables boarding through two doors whether that be two sets of steps or airbridge at front and steps at the rear.

Jake P says:

What seat number was it

Lewis Dwyer says:

You’ve earned a sub

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