First Time Flying First Class – Taiwan Trip(Korean Airlines)

My first time flying first class on my way to Taiwan.

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buffalo1d says:

One of Jackie Chan’s kids from some time.

Sandman GTI says:

For someone who flies cheap, you are critical.
I think cheap not true.

Kwadu Leach says:

Thry have a phone Outlet on that cable box behind you

Amazing Grace says:

was he expecting the water to taste different lmao

Shawn Zhang says:

did this dude say he expected steak an lobster?

Henry Riggsmith says:

I went to a business class lounge in Germany and it was better

Really says:

That lounge was sad. The only thing first class was the Xo cognac. But most lounges in the US are not good. I hope you get to a lounge in the middle east (Qatar air, Emirates, or Etihad). They will BLOW your mind away!!

Esther Vargas says:

How much was the ticket??

Omni Stormbringer says:

I fly international frequently, but have NEVER flown on a flight that nice. Shoot I’d never be able to go back after that.

Nicole Theoret says:

I’ve never rode an airplane… never had the chance or the money…

Yesenia Salinas says:

that looks amazing!

Mr. Dry Martini says:

A trashy lounge

Girl groep Aya says:


Mr. Dry Martini says:

Thanks for the information. That’s a low-class F-Class.


were you paid by the competitiors? the very fact you did a video for 1st class makes you a 1st time flier….. also with how you are dressed?

Nadia Elston says:

Suck my penien

furz kolio says:

Wow loads of salt!!!

Sofi Chul says:

You’re sooo humble! Thanks for your videos!!

Raemond Rose says:

goshhhhhh it’s so fancy holy heck

Yeahmees says:

ay why you using chopsticks for your rice and soup lol
they gave you a spoon bro

Koi Kitaro says:

How much is that?

Aleksis Kauranne says:

my people start day with coffee and ends it for weekend drinking. So stay away of me you dirty chinese.

Fortnite Gamer says:

I’ve been on a plane like 8 times on Qatar airways it’ is AMAZING

Eva Chanjarika says:

I like

Shima Ibrahim says:

ME * looks around * no one * stuff food in bag *

lynda y says:

to be honest the lounge and food served on the plane seemed way more business class than first class. I know first class tickets usually cost more than 10k CAD, and compared to other airlines’ first class…this seems just lacking in luxury amenities…

Magnolia Reinhardt says:

I always fly first class just for the good food

TheDonkey says:

Idk about jfk airport but Korean airline is the best!!!

Ahiku says:

Woah, so much food. XD Just take one flight and you gain like 20 pounds, probably just because you’re eating out of boredom.

Karen knicely says:

Ok, I have NEVER flown outside the us, let alone first class. Do you get to keep the pajamas?? I was curious.

Sara Taylor says:


Simon Aka Digital0.1 says:

Who is this idiot what do you expect on first class ..!

mrfourq says:

Worst first class lounge i ever seen, business class lounge 100% better

Yellow Hoops says:

He is so rude and stuck up he was like uhh about all the good foods

Sophia Bottner says:

you should of gone in the reguler part of the plane then the first class so we could see the difference

Mark Strouthes says:

The pajamas are styled like Dr. No’s jacket.

ZomeDash // Levi says:

For the price of the ticket I’d want brand new headphones and I’d expect to keep them and get a luxury meal in the lobby.

Jenna Turenne says:

That’s so much nicer than the airport in Florida I’m gonna go to south Carolina on April 15th my bday is April 3rd. this year I’m going , I live in Florida so it ain’t gonna be much of a long fly but I’m a scared flyer

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