FIRST CLASS with Delta Air Lines vs. American Airlines

Two trip reports for the price of one! Let’s compare the domestic First Class experiences with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

The first flight is on a new Delta 737-900ER from ATL – PHX.

The second is on an older American A321 from PHX – DCA.

What do you think? Which is better?

Stay Another Day by Johan Hynynen
Fall Into Pieces by Elias Näslin


Eddie Ordonez ordonez says:

Delta sucks I like southwest. Its more better 4 carry on under your set and over head Ben so fly southwest

goodbob online says:

I have been at that very airport and the bridge over the road is really scary to drive under with a plane going over. XD

skinnycat says:

Delta has a much better product than anything AA or UA in recent years. I agree with your summation on certain crew. I have found the morning flights on Delta have more experienced crew members that go out of their way to make your experience excellent. My evening flights have always had younger, less experienced and frankly, unpleasant crew members. I have mentioned this to Delta but never received a response. My most recent AA first class from LAX to PHX was sad and depressing. Although Delta may have a few hiccups they receive the bulk of my business.

Nicole Ragusa says:

All I’m saying is that Americans stopped putting screens into there aircrafts 1 because people work vandalizing the screens and 2. People have there own devices

gggg55465 says:


The_Dolphin says:

Haha jk they both suck ass

Oscar Estrella says:

You just got to fly a newer plane than american thats all not every plane has the same features, Dont compare the entertaintment options between both planes. Food comparison is nonsence. I mean come on.

Jame M says:

I flew for American before, and they aren’t bad. The reason for the issue with the entertainment system was because those 321’s belonged to US Airways, and they never used them and American decided to never install them. I also know that Delta crews were a little pissed for a while because they went from mostly 3 day trips to 4 (or at least that’s what I was told) and their quality dropped a bit. But overall, I see the FA very rarely during a flight, but that entertainment system is there the entire time. I prefer Delta.

Kim Jong Un says:

I like delta and American they both do me good

Hayden Heaney says:

My dad is a gold member on Delta and I have flown once my flight attendant was so nice! she gave me a goody basket full of treats I preferably like delta over American on any day!



Pangle The Fox says:

I personally think American Airlines is better because if ur bored on ur flight u can play games and watch TV and Movies, I also think they are better because they are mostly expert made and they usually don’t crash, Delta is the same thing but I personally think American Airlines its still safer than delta, I also trust American Airlines a lot because they show u rules and safety moves on their TV, also American Airlines seats feel better tbh, the only thing I like about Delta is their food is great but American Airlines doesn’t give that type of food. please no judgements and plus u don’t have a screen because ur riding a old one and I rode a newer one and as soon as I saw United Airlines I said ewww, ok sorry

Robert Kite says:

Is this guy like some sort of airline snob?

stitch16261 says:

Delta is the “best”.

M. Patel says:

AA’s entertainment is based on their website streaming, they have movies, but its typically on your own device, phone/tablet, etc.. I’ve been disappointed lately with AA, so I’m trying to decide should I fly Delta or AA from ATL to PHX. I guess it really depends on the type of plane. Service is important.

Juan Garcia says:

Fly me tooo the moon

Cousin Gamers says:

AA delayed me 3 hours

rbincma Daly says:

If both were B737-9, would of been better, or both A321 to see if both matched with the ” toys.

King MfCh says:

Honestly, I think British Airways business class is better than AA business class

Violetta says:

First class with Qatar

Amy Wilbur says:


nicolas rojo says:

delta is better

Ariel Villalobos says:

I’ve been both on delta and american but I wished american could also have a entertainment screen but I like delta better and I also take off in washington’s dc reagan national airport and land their to

Nicolai Rokkedal says:

Fuck american airlines

StopPotatoWifi says:

I have never stepped foot in American territory but delta is better purely by quite a few videos explaining why it’s so bad

Arcey dear says:

I think that personal attention is very important. Also often breakfasts are not as good as the dinners. I have found that to be a univetdal issue. Breakfast just doesnt have that razzle dazxle other meals have. Keep on vlogging

mbabkine1 says:



2:36 Airbus called, they want their engines back (Delta)
9:16 Airbus called, they want their engines back (American)

Gary Pierce says:

I fly Delta 100% of the time. I just wish they were more consistent with their culture. You never know what kind of mood the flight attendants will be in when you get on the plane. Nordstrom has a great philosophy when it comes to hiring for their stores. “We can teach you to sell but we can’t teach you to be nice to people.” I recently flew to San Diego and was wearing a sport coat and asked the flight attendant to check it for me when I got on. She looked at me like I asked to sit on the captains lap for the flight. But when I flew home a different flight attendant was so nice and said no problem at all and it was the same size plane.

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