First Class VS Coach

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jpbcperu says:

intro song?

Moose_exe says:

How to get free first class: Say you just got a newborn baby and you need the space.

Jason Boyd says:

Thumbs up if you liked Nathan

Resonxnce says:


Jason Strickland says:

When I’m watching this it was when the Paul’s war was done

C B says:

Its everyday bro

Josh Vega says:

Love the plane vlogs and smile more gear

Bubble NInjas says:

Keep doing the travel vlogs I love it!

Plays GAME says:

I want CAVIAR!

killerslyaerboss2227 says:

you guys in miami

bilbo baggins says:

Who else noticed it was first class vs coach even though he was only in business

Steffsh says:

Is that Jake, Jake Paul?

Coloring Time says:

Butt in background in first sene

facaine says:

The moment you see Doucheke Paul on a Casey vlog

Zaxerando Zax says:

I came to Caseys channel because of the travel vlogs lol

Kristen Brown says:

lol i was in the american lounge at jfk like 2 weeks ago and flew in the same first class

Kingpin4 Ever says:

Jake paulers where u at!!!

Kylling3000 O says:

I freaking love You u Are so f****** Great at making Vlog

ganbat tugssanaa says:

i think coach is better

Demetria Purkett says:

go watch gbvlogs a wimp

1ce_Carbon_D1abloX __ says:

Have a good fright

Trycer says:

I didn’t know who Jake was when this came out but he I well I known now
With his viewer scheme

Bluemens Shepard says:

Lmao that first girl in the video thought you said ‘Nice Ass’ instead of “Neistat” lmao, she looked back at you like *Call me*

Solradadlelys Toribio says:

I wish I could travel that much

Vayil B says:

I’m going Portugal

Alex the Savege101 says:

Ima jake pauler

Armen Shinnokyan says:

why is this guy always wearing sunglasses, even at night ??

rasheedah myint says:

You were so nice to your friend

Cole DoesStuff says:

But Smile More is Roman Atwood…

Craftminer360 says:

Dang i think that was Jake Paul before he was famous…

TheGuyInTheCornerWhoEatsKitKats says:


Samara Storer says:

I’m leaving to somewhere on a airplane and I’m so excited

Reading The fine print says:

Ew jake Paul

Gemini jets 68 says:

I appreciate people like this who treat us airline lovers with the things we want to see

Kristin Flowers says:

That is JACK PAUL. ( I am dead)

J Mac says:

I love the travel vlogs

Trycer says:

Just subbed man

Solradadlelys Toribio says:

No countine traveling

DylanDoesGamingTV says:

This is when make Paul wasn’t really famous

Dion Dellas says:

what editing software does casey use

Dylan Galloway says:


Vlogin with Gabriel says:

How did I get from Tay zonday to here

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