First Class Food Review On 19 Hour Flight (5 Star)

On my way to Bangkok Thailand, flying first class, figured I’d document MY FORTUNATE LIFE CHOICES!
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Hi I’m Brennen. I’ve been eating food for 23 years. I’m basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

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Asiana Airlines A380 business class first class

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Soncerrie Star says:

i legit choked on my coffee when he choked on the carrot.


I want to date that lady at 8:51

z0qer burg says:

2:14 the lady in the back was staring at my soul

Cody Miller says:

The word you couldn’t pronounce is pro-shoe-toe aka prosciutto !! Hope that helped!

Lupita Ayala says:

okay y’all brennen is a slick mf

Tomas MM says:

What happened to the old Brennan

Emily Willis says:

Food looks so good

Jellykhalil says:

I was looking at the old lady more then you brennen

Sulav Ghimire says:

do another mukbang

Cody Miller says:

Gordon Ramsey is officially dead from this video!! Too seared is only possible if it’s burnt which yours is NOT! Gamey is from MEAT not fish! I would recommend you start watching the food network or some of Gordon’s tv shows cause boy you’ve made a TON of incorrect statements in this video!!!

Cristy Melancia says:

13:51 looool that should be Gorgonzola cheese and it smells like feet and has a very strong taste but it’s considered a delicacy

Cody Miller says:

Another FYI prosciutto usually does come in a package!! It’s not something chefs usually cook themselves! This video has taught me you know nothing about food!

#Fear Endose says:

bruh he said he likes the girls bun in the back lol

cool bro jorge says:

That old lady in the back is looking at you whene you eat like bruh

Robert Calhoun says:

What is so unfortunate about first class

Jccc Jj says:

Jjdhdhgfhhfdg go hdg

That one dude from fortnite V1 says:

For whatever reason it sounds like your talking way too loud

Bailey Spencer says:

For some reason I watched the woman in the back more than Brenan

Abdel Alsweiti says:

We just gonna ignore the lady at 7:05 ?

Jccc Jj says:

Xg go iffifof

Cody Miller says:

Condiments??? Are you going to eat any of that stuff? Boy they’re called toiletries!!!

Paing 21 says:

The woman behind you kept looking at you

Mary Jane Stetson says:

dear brennen i think you should try weird food hacks if do pizza rools and whipped cream

McKenna Schwegler says:

everyone complaining about jake not being up there… BRENNEN’S SEAT WAS $3,000. MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES. let’s not forget that even Economy plane tickets are expensive regardless. not only that, Brennen also has to pay for hotel rooms, food, activities, and plane tickets between each country and city he’s been visiting these past few weeks. That shit’s expensive. Stop complaining.

Fortnite Family Fever says:

Nice ASMR Brennen

Evan Wayne says:

This guy sounds like the most annoying person ever like i wish you stuck in economy class so that someone would fight him for being so annoying and cringe.

Big Chungus 101 says:

That salmon looks good af

Razzy Erinap says:

The woman behind you was like shup the hell up

Zoe Blayne Vlogs says:


loser things1000 says:

who else saw that lady a 2:12

Jacob Jasso says:

WhErE’s ThE LaMb SaUcE

Violet Jebb says:

Oof I cringed.

Linglbc says:

2:15 the lady who was looking scared me when i saw her face, not in a rude way I just saw her in the corner, i didn’t notice her earlier

Bryan GG says:

Lmaoo I like my soup like how I like my woman “THICC”

Mike S says:

Too seared? Look up the Maillard reaction. It’s all about that crust and flavor

Bailey Spencer says:

I totally murdered your name sorry

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