Big thank you to Emirates for this First Class Upgrade!
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sharyn loftus says:

It’s a pike lit

HoMie Indominus says:

Casey copy

Declan Lademann says:

I swear he just order all the food on the menu

Kaypenn says:

When Pokémon go gets old so you have to copy big vloggers

RandomUser M says:


OntarioStorms says:

For someone in a seat that much ur food sense is atrocious.

Gabriel Bascones says:

Copying casy

Entity Manager says:

Conner McDavid… you remind me of him…. he’s the best and all so that might be it but I’m not sure…

PrancingPony says:

He sounds so American sometimes.

Leana Nguyen says:

That bathroom is bigger then my room.

Ryan Pearce says:

Wow, fuckboy teen playing Minecraft and Roblox.

itz.alysssa says:

Meanwhile I’m here in a tiny airplane eating pretzels.

CloudyMek S says:

So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

KoDe Gh0sT says:

London is my country.

Rocket Productions says:

Hi random person scrolling down the comments

11graciemae says:

this might sound horrible. I don’t mean to be but how can you eat that much I eat half my lunch and a bit more than half of my dinner a day and that is it. I know this it over a long period but I mean that is a lot.

Ummair Baig says:


Bananas Are Cute says:

WOW! Youtuber’s Life got a BIG update!

Pixel Chicks says:

I’d never wanna get off.

Arush MSP says:

You made me jealous ;-; So lucky mate

Jack Read says:


A.L.X .F says:

20000 thoushant for à plaine site bol shit

Назарбаев Интеллектуальная школа ХБН г.Атырау says:

Yeah is great! Emirates is cool!

Pk_gaming_ HQ says:

Lachly didn’t u in a while with Preston

eLemeNt19 says:

White privilege

oceanx - ROBLOX and More! says:

Of course he’s white….

Buster says:

Nice tags haha “no bad words no swearing kids minecraft channel family friendly”

Matilal Modhu says:

r u trying to copy Casey mainstay?

Jason's Gaming says:

Wow just wow…… u get pancakes with caviar just wow…..

Axel pacheco says:

Your cannel is ded

Bleach says:

Pokemon go is more dead than this channel

Woof Woof Watermelon says:

who thinks that the ads are just terriably long on youtube??

ava jatt says:

u r cute lachlan

21savage girl says:

I live in Dubai :3

rocky wheels says:

I’m from uk

sky 1187 says:

How did you afford that?

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