First Class American Airlines Boeing 767-300 Review (PHL-MIA)

Today we fly on a very rare domestic wide body business class flight! We are traveling aboard American Airlines’ Boeing 767-300. This has the fairly new updated interior retrofit with awesome lay-flat first class class seats. AA plans to retire these 767s within the next few years. I really enjoyed this 3 hour flight down to Florida!

This 767 first class has the 1-2-1 configuration. There is a slightly staggered setup, so be sure to select even numbered A seats, odd numbered D seats, even numbered G seats, or odd numbered J seats if you want to have some buffer room between you and the aisle!

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LIL DAG says:


Truett Calvin says:

Love planes saw this channel a instantly subbed

Ethan Healey says:

Flew first class on a 787 Dreamliner Denver to Heathrow

Cool Guy says:

I love this channel

Edit i love this channel so much it is tied between jr garage and jr business they are all my favourite channel maybe this channel a little more

Rhami Zeini says:

Will you guys do military aviation?

michael bartenwerfer says:

I’ve flown on a few 747s before. The first time was extra exciting because I got to explore the whole plane and see all of the different seats.

Michael Zalec says:


Fancy brum brum says:

Awesome vid!

michael bartenwerfer says:

Isn’t the IFE all done through your personal phone? I know that’s how United does it but I’m not sure about American

Armando Armenta says:

Love you guys

Kaden Burow says:

I flew on a wide body 777-800 flight from MIA-ORD last year and they had lay flat seats to. It was amazing.

Sahil Sahasrabudhe says:

First like

Ethan Shackelford says:


Tom Lombardozzi says:

You guys should do tips and tricks for flying commercial and private

Nathan Countyrman says:

I’ve only flown on a plane a hand full of times

Nathan Countyrman says:

Heck yes can’t wait to see this channel to take off

VineetTheGamer555 says:

Hi I am in Australia now but if u pick me can u pick me around September?

Trent Keyes says:

Hiii mark…….LOL

Moses Kelly Vlogs says:

What’s up Jeffrey HAPPY AVIATION DAY!!!!! 🙂 I’m so happy to watch your second video!! It’s very great!! I’m super excited! I most definitely flown on a wide body configurated aircraft before at least once I’m not sure if it was domestic or not! Like I’ve said before I love aviation so much! I have a huge passion for aviation! You’re going to love this flight believe I absolutely enjoyed my first flight!!

killer monster101 says:

Loving the Chanel Keep it up man

Matthew Bolander says:

What kind of plane did you get??

Jasnoor Toor (582JasToor) says:

love ur vids

Levar Nichols says:

I am definitely a car guy and I’ve never been on a plane but watching you guys do this so well makes me want to get on a plane thank you for the motivation please keep the great content on your channels you guys are wonderful been watching you for a couple years I’m never disappointed with the cars or content is always a great learning experience.

Cole skuxx says:

You guys are legit so awesome and I thank you for sharing your business tips especially, and all these cool adventures and things you do, keep it up and congrats on the new channel 🙂

Lucky Surendra says:

So excited for this channel!!!

JR Aviation says:

How long before we review an Emirates or Singapore Airlines first class suite? That is a huge goal of ours for this channel haha! Do you guys want to see more of these style videos? Thanks for all the amazing support everyone 🙂

Andrew Herrboldt says:

love this channel already

Pablo Martinez says:

Great video can’t wait for more content !!!!!!!

Nathan M says:


Ty Kara says:

Bad review please next time try to talk…

Preston Benson20 says:

Love your vids

Bibin Kumar says:

Awesome video

Benjamin Cochran says:


Transportation Enthusiast says:

My favorite airplane, very beautiful!!

HockeyKing says:

Another great video

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