Etihad A380 The Residence Complete Flight Review

Complete review of Etihad Airways A380 The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.

This is a truly unique and bespoke travel experience.

The epitome of luxury commerical travel in full privacy.

This video feature an in-depth review of the exclusive Residence Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, in-flight service and product offering with the Residence.

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This is NOT a sponsored video. Making travel experience video is a passion of mine.


Morgan Olfursson says:

And at 4 minutes 4:00 showing a program on kids from the third world , that’s when this video made me sick to my stomach .
So it doesn’t bother you to spend money on that bullshit luxury trip , when you could save the lives of hundreds of kids .
And you can eat after that .
Well, … congrats Sam Chui, if you wanted to make a video on how being a complete self indulgent cunt you succeeded brilliantly.

Ben Sherman says:

Love your vidos

Morgan Olfursson says:

I would fucking slap this french butler . And tell him in french to get a freaking backbone and stop being so servile . I am sure his parents must be really proud of him , they propably worked hard to provide him an education and he is there as a professional ass licker , all day every day . What a fucking life achievement .

درواس says:

تجربة رائعة

mac ss says:

I’d of tried me arm with the butler…………indeed lol

Catalina Isabel Jones says:

Wow your so lucky I wish I had the money to do that

Christian Bazundama says:

Fantastique vidéo !! Merci !

Anita Beata says:

That first flight attendant has the worst lip job – ever!

James Burke says:

It sounds ridiculous, but I’m actually a bit underwhelmed. Certainly, the airport lounge, service, and food + bev are wonderful, but the plane itself? At the end of the day, it’s a standard first-class seat with a small “bedroom” tube and a tiny shower. I assumed it would be an entire section of the first-class upper deck—window to window—with a private entrance, a seating area, a bar, a media center, and a full-sized bedroom and bath. Guess not.

Jose Guadalupe Villaseñor Marin says:

¡¡La azafata está hermosa!!

OrthodoxReformer says:

Do they give you a blowjob if you ask them?

Eric Schweig says:

Too good to talk to the driver? Jackass…

NML Cygni says:

Please tell me you fucked that butler…

Grim Reaper says:

…stop spending your parents money & let them retire ffs

Serg Ric says:

Looks like Abstergo in Assassins Creed lmao

ppc7457 says:

money money money it’s so funny

Morgan Olfursson says:

whoever designed and cut the uniform of the stewardesses needs to look for another career path.

lazy club says:

Your swimming in luxury

Roger Thornhill says:

Fantastic x

Chris james says:

How much extra to watch Leanne take a shower. That’s a girl who knows where to snag a rich husband.

Anthony Louangrath says:

i would bust a nut in that bedroom

TheLight says:

Ass licking to the highest levels

Znahar000 Drezden says:

Чтоб я так жил )))

Arslan Hyder says:

You did all that in 2hrs 39mins?

Terafa Bora says:

bonjour j’ai pris cette compagnie en 2014, pour un voyage de noce au retour , nous avons subie un retard de plus de 7h ,il nous ont traiter comme de la merde, j’ai fait une courrier en rentrant , aujoud’hui sommes en 2017 , j’ai toujours pas eu de réponse cette compagnie c’est dla vraie merde.


This is all abit much for a 2hr:39min flight.

Mufti Mahmood says:

The amount of luxury actually makes me feel quite uncomfortable.

Tony Kenyon says:

Do you ever throw you scraps to the waiting horde of peasants in Economy?

scottieray says:

That’s a lot of POSH for just an almost 3 hour flight.

Joao G. Pinheiro says:

SaMchui you are an asshole!…3:59

Bryan Li says:

A two hour flight is not worth it

YQ Sia says:

Must be awesome to be rich

Shufty says:

Being stinking rich would be freaking amazing.

Hyunjoong Kim says:


Mäxrekt 1.0 says:

Hm people who have money are better than people who don’t having money -_-

Marty says:

Let me say it…. me personally, will probably never ever gonna have THAT Kind of experiences. Im really Impressed and i want to say Thank you for showing me this 😀

Imads9 says:

Landing = earrape

Ken H says:

if i have to pay 3000 for 3 hour flight, i expect: free weed, 2 gils givnig BJ at the same time, unlimited access to booze and weed, and some loud music of my choice

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