Emirates Airline FOOD REVIEW – Bangkok to Dubai to Munich | Layover at Dubai International Airport

We flew on Emirates Airline from Bangkok to Dubai to Munich!
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JULY 2017 – My wife and I live in Bangkok, but we took a trip to Munich Germany. One of the most affordable airlines that has plenty of flights connecting Asia and Europe is Emirates Airlines.

Emirates has consistently been rated as one of the best airlines in the world. We flew economy class, and thanks to baby Micah we had pretty good seats in the front with nice legroom.

We first flew from Bangkok to Dubai, with a layover at Dubai International Airport, and then on from Dubai to Bangkok.

The food on Emirates economy class is pretty decent. It doesn’t have that real artificial taste you get on some airplane food.

Staff was ok, but not amazing on our flight. But overall, very nice airplanes, and good flight all the way to Munich.

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hwetl says:

How did u manage with the baby during flight? I will bring mine too next year… any tips would be nice 🙂

xyndey says:

The food looked mediocre but you made it look so tasty. Also I think micah should become a pilot when he grows up. He flies so much at such a young age

Jay Mallari says:

I gotta a give this a thumbs up. Salute to you sir. Cause everyone knows airplane food is actually not good so kudos to you sir for this review

Kagraman Rzayev says:

I absolutely love how positive and excited you are through the entire video. I fly from North America to Europe 4 times a year, and I hate those flights.

ፍቅር ያሸንፋል says:

I love your facial expressions when you eat.

Nikhil Pawar says:

Tujhya aie cha bhosada mc kasale sadalele expression deto tu bc

Yagya Rai says:

Emirates ‘cattle class’ (economy) food does look good. If any airline takes the initiative to get rid of class system, the airline will be applauded by the world. In the world of equality and diversity, this move would put the CEO in good books. Mr Branson, Sir, see if you could make Virgin Atlantic a ‘one-class’ airline. Look forward to it……….

Rianka Paul says:

Please share your thoughts about Germany… Really Wanna know

Kmde Mde says:

The chicken “looks pretty awesome” ?? really ? :/

Philip Maizo says:

If you have flown emirates maybe 1 to 2 years ago you, will realize that their economy food is not that good anymore. and its pretty obvious that they are cost cutting also.

Joy Abrera says:

sub to subs?

Anam Anjum says:

Mark I would like to say u r too fortunate to have a wife like this..so supportive and loving..wish your family all the happiness..micah is so cute!!

ice man says:

tnx showing us behind the seance of this kind of flights !!!!!

Joy Zhang says:

Emirates, now I need to experience this and those stewardess are so pretty!!!

adrianne chambers says:

Awwe micha is so cute

Sahil Lotia says:

Why was there no pizza. its amazing, the one they usually serve at wee hours.

Nadeem Mpur says:

Good morning bro

Phillip Anthony Quintos says:

It’s nice to see your wife and your son having more participations in your vlogs. Hope to hear ideas from your wife more often.

Brody Sayle says:

You know Mark doesn’t like it when he doesn’t do the wired face reaction

Luca G says:

Why did you make commercials mandadorty to watch? Before you could skip the commercial aafter %seconds, now you have to watch it all. WWe like you mark wines but please do not become too greedy.
Thanks for answering and again bravo for your channel.

Rashpal Sagoo says:

Hey I want to hi and you are awwome

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

Dubai is my favorite place to visit!

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