Emirates Airbus A380 FULL TOUR | Economy / Business / First REVIEW! | Including shower and bar!

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Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Registration: A6-EUB
Date: June 22nd, 2016

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ERD3S says:

First class one ticket price: 7000-8000$

ayaz baroodgar says:


Matthew Cheung says:

Did you realise there is another USB port on top of the power outlet?

Syed Mahad Raza says:

It is halal

Lu&xnip says:


Magdiel .Paixão says:


Louis Vowles says:

I really want to go on that plane like if you do to

Jared Lowey says:

If the Middle East is great at one thing it’s making airlines.

Katherine Chan says:


Lou Grey says:

Moli poo

Wendy Kurnia Widjaya says:

searching emirates first class and I met you 😀

shamsheerss says:

after Saudi airlines only

Prashant Mishra says:

Wow the kids toys are amazing and the TV is super cool

Georgia Bamidele says:

Yea it was necessary to make it automatic

Vibha Vaswani says:


The Queen Franka says:

Thx for the video! I have never been on such a huge plane of emirates and now I now what It looks like inside !

Ayush Srivastava says:

You forgot to check the toilet

Miarose X says:

Probably the best airline company I’ve been with, loved it

Mike Yagu says:

Does it have a pool?

Vishal Mondal says:

Ticket fare kitna hai isska

Shakil Azad says:

Very boring

TAURUS train says:

Amazing !I love Emirates A380!

Simon C says:

hmm hopefully i get an upgrade from business to 1st class like i did with a few other airlines when i fly Emirates on my next trip hehe

FleetAviation says:


Milka Vuckovic says:

Ive been on this plane before and the restrooms are better than mine

Milka Vuckovic says:

They take good care about them

FleetAviation says:

nice vid david

Luca Chichua bakhmaro lover says:

This thing is more luxury than a 5 stars hotel lol

Nosopk says:

I don’t see how people think it is a hotel like I mean it is nice and all but not a hotel

Eda Aktaş says:

Uçak değil gemi mübarek

Lucille Medina says:

Wow 1 million views

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