Emirates a380-800 Dubai to Toronto – Economy Class Seat 49 K & J full flight review

This is a full flight review of our flight from Dubai to Toronto, in Economy Seat 49J & K.

Filmed with a Canon Powershot SX710 HS Camera.

This flight was my first on the mighty whale of the a380 and it couldn’t get any better than with Emirates. The airline made sure passengers were well looked after.

Legroom however was a bit tight with the seat in front of you, so paying for extra for bulk head seats would be worth it.

This aircraft was a 3 Class. All of Economy was on the lower floor, leaving Business and First Class Suit sitting above.

The flight was smooth with great Inflight Entertainment ( IFE ) to keep you occupied using the touch screen or corded remote. The provided headset had great sound. The seat had multi plugs and USB to charge those gadgets.

Thanks to the Emirates staff.

I would fly this airline again.



Jacob Chymko says:

I had that same menu from Dubai to Seattle

Abu Mohd says:

Emirates preceded its age by all standards and exhausted competitors. What other airlines can offer something not offered by Emirates !!!
!therefore : there’s no place in the sky like emirates & Qatar Airways.

danceldpm says:

that music is too depressing

Paul Mccarthur says:

crap music.

Anthony Ronacher says:

Rolls* Royce

Jeevan Jerome says:

is the alcohol served unlimited or limited ?

Alan Deans says:

Sorry but that appalling piano-music killed this !

Graham Walker says:

I know DBX is no good

WaqAr Ali says:

You must be crazy not to like dubai airport ! So you like the U.S airports? ha ha

chance Harrington says:

stunning a380 I love them

Claude Debussy says:

Hi there,
Just wondering: Do these flights have any way to charge a computer?

Bivor Mazumder says:

nice flight and review

Menno W95 says:

Maybe a strange question, but can you keep the blanket, sleepmask, headphones etc.? Or do you have to leave it on your seat when you exit the plane.
Thnx in advance

Nuket Tuna Keles says:

Thank you for the review, looks comfortable. I’m flying on 14.12.16 from Brisbane to Dubai with 380-800 continue to athens with Boeing 777-300ER

aswin95 says:

It’s DXB..not DUX.and why’s DXB not good?

Yamin Ahmed says:

only Emirates airlines. Turkish Airlines got right amount being served during food service. Turkish Airways gives you sandwich though it is 8 hrs flight Toronto-Istanbul, before I draw conclusion I have to ride Qatar and Etihad.

Sernetz Mcoy says:

Hi I’m about to fly business class on the same plane from BKK – Hong Kong, and I really liked this vid, as I’m also a frequent flyer. And I also subbed 🙂

Alwande Hlela says:


Syed Ali Raza says:

emirates and etihad airways are heaven on sky and qatar too my best exposures
bt pia is disgusting flight

Ravi Sub says:

Good video…………………….

Markos Dangerous says:

hey Jazzyjon, I’m going to take exactly the same seat 49k in a few months, how was it, the noise of the galley or the babies at bulkhead did bother you? I want to rest in my flight. So I’m trying to find the perfect spot

P.S: I never catch a plane before

Warden Of Scøpez says:

Hey man, great review! I have an emirates flight in late July from Gatwick to Dubai, then onwards to Kabul on a return trip. I have an a380 then a 777-300ER. I was thinking about reserving 74a, so I have a wing view, but enough to see out to the view 😀 I’m thinking about doing a flight review for both flights, seeing as there is no flight report for DXB-KBL

rohangiga says:

Why do you think DXB is a bad airport? I’ve never been there but I would have expected it to be one of the best since Emirates is such a good airline? Nice video though!

John Charles Marasigan says:

Not I do like I Like hope you understand 😉

Randomgamers says:



What is wrong with you, this is the best airport have ever travelled from and it’s kinda scary of how big it is but it’s amazing , you nee to learn how to review first

Yamin Ahmed says:

immigration officers are slow as hell. I need to exprience Changi Airport.

Farhan Rahman says:

jazzy jon ur video is so far the best video from Dubai to Toronto

rohangiga says:

Why do you think DXB is a bad airport? I’ve never been there but I would have expected it to be one of the best since Emirates is such a good airline? Nice video though!

invisiblekid99 says:

Music tracks? Neither Shazam or soundhound have a god damn clue. I know the second one is Apologize cover and the third is Foo’s Learning to Fly, just wondering where you got them from, Awesome tracks to go with tracks your excellent video.

Robbie Karim says:

Hi there, just wondering I’m travelling from London to Dubai on this a380 but I’m scared as I feel as though I’m short of breathe sometimes and I’m just wondering if I would be okay with the cabin pressure aboard this flight? Please get back to me asap! I loved the video 🙂

brandonbofsunnyv says:

Great video! Was the alcohol/wine you had in the video complimentary or at a cost?

Sam FM says:

learn english

Hans555haven says:

in 2015 i flew with Emirates from Amsterdam to Singapore, best flight i ever had, specially since we stopover in Dubai, i ment i could strech my legs en walk aroud the airport for a few hours. The A380-800 was a great experience, spacious end comfortble, if next time i will fly to the Far-East it will be with Emirates for sure !

aidan Dewhurst says:

The yhhh

Jay Kumar. says:

You must show pictures of Food…

adam 54 says:

I go to Dubai every year with Air Canada, but next year I’m going with Emirates

Sabina Ahmed says:

I love DXB, so much to see inside that airport

Gaurav Gogia says:

Nice video i want to travel on emirates a380 to canada

Saaketh Nerellakunta says:

Dubai is DXB

Syed Hoque says:

The Dubai Airport Short-hand name is DXB.

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