British Airways FIRST CLASS on the A380 full flight video review HD

Full video review of a First Class flight on the Airbus A380 with British Airways from London Heathrow to Washington DC. Check out the cabin, the seats and the service. Detailed review of the 5-course tasting menu served and also as a special treat; a complete walk-around of the entire aircraft whilst cruising at 35,000 feet. Check out all cabins on both upper and lower deck on this British Airways A380.


lexustheimpaler says:

Music gives me a headache

Prajwal Timsina says:

whats the music name

lockodonis says:

I love it when the steward gave him the tour of the poor people…!

Slaying Fascist says:

Oh my God that Economy looks like a pen for dirty animals – Where is the bar? Don’t they have a bar like on Emirates?

Abdul Hasan says:

BA first class is just slightly better than the business class of etihad emirates and Qatar.
They seriously neeed to upgrade there first class

Hamburger says:

do they have abortion rooms, just in case?

FairFlyer says:

What a beauty of an aircraft!!! Thanks for the tour!

Callum Murphy says:

Peasants sit at the rear only

M. Rony says:

wonder why they went with this depressing color scheme and material choices. also why is that one seat at 5:45 have no one in front of them? is that a handicap seat? only one in the entire plane?

0524cami says:

name of the song

davewreslt says:

the club world business section looks bizarre. almost maze like

Paradise crab says:

Being seated diagonally in First Class is poor. Take a look at Air France or Qatar to see what First should look like, this is Business Class on good airlines. I’m British by the way

Rob Ross says:

anybody know the music to this??

daro2096 says:

On other airlines A380’s there would be a bar at the top of the front stairs but on BA it is just boring nothing.

Turki Alsul says:

British airways lost its edge 8 years ago the service is just cold and sometimes you can say bad

daro2096 says:

Might get a ticket on an A380 BA flight this September if I go to America this year. Might go to Hawaii, economy return is about £830(currently) LHR to LAX to HNL.

Matthew Rider says:

Reading these comments two years later, I find myself laughing at the bitterness of all the JEALOUS MORONS, claiming that the economy class is not fair (comparing it to cattle).

Seriously… those tickets still cost $1,300 round trip. They aren’t impoverished in any way. These are ALL “privileged” people in some way, compared to much of the world.

And for those that can’t understand, those 1st class tickets can go as high as $12,000. You get what you pay for, and there is NOTHING unfair about that.

The Legend 27 says:

Oh my their first looks like Cathay’s business :/ BA ….

scorchedcandy says:

I’m one of those people who tends to sleep on the whole flight so economy suits me fine. It was fun though to see what happens in first class though and the food looked yummy!

Plata O Plomo says:

the coolest thing is you are guided like you own those deplorable peasants lol

luke. M18 says:

it wasnt in hd

poonam sood says:

Are dogs allowed in the first class cabin?

Patty Liu says:

Hi. Great video. How far back do the First Class seats recline? Flat or almost flat?

jazz singh says:

whear is bussnes class

Black Screen says:

These meals have quite strange names tho xD

CrocDoc1 says:

Very good video. Only thing that would have made it better is to jettison the music and be able to hear what that flight attendant was telling you.

Abdul-Wahid Abdulmajid says:

According to me, BA has the worst first class service and food. Never flying BA again!!

zola jones says:

first class in the lower deck awful

M says:

Who’s too poor to afford this

Popdisplay says:

It’s like watching a silent movie. The actors’ lips move but there’s no sound.

11RandomVideos11 says:

Awesome video! I flew first class last year to london from Denver. Going to be doing it again this year and would like to film my journey. Can they see your camera? Meaning did you just flat out film everything, or did you do it secretively? Don’t want to get in trouble.

johnnyjohnson says:

Thanks for sharing. Will you please let me know the name of the song that is playing?

Jonathan Thomas says:

The A380 is a marvel, but it is dog-poop ugly.

Eric Thire says:

les hotesses et les steward de british ne sont pas tres glamour
les assiettes sont minimaliste pour de la first class

john christmas says:

This is NOT 1st class, well maybe for BA but for most others its just business class.These PR videos for BA really ought to compare. Etihad, Emirates,Qatar, Singapore,Cathay etc etc etc etc etc

Joe TechNerd says:

british should make the first class with forest theme since the UK is very relatable with the ancient times like the knights, vikings and wht not.. make it look like an empire theme.. u know, the fake leaves around the cabin, grill like in the castle.. lmao

Sponge Legends says:

I know it says shiitake but when I first read it I thought it said shit take

dwayne harris says:

3:24 lol is that guy in the red dead?

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