British Airways A380 | Economy & Premium Economy Reviewed

The film was shot during the plane’s first ever flight with paying passengers, and shows British Airways’ latest economy and premium products (which it calls World Traveller, and World Traveller Plus).

British Airways’ economy product is fantastic – a choice of cabins to choose from in the plane (with a very small quiet one upstairs at the back, and seats with extra seat storage available) along with decent in-flight entertainment, power & USB sockets, free food and drink (including proper alcohol) and amenity kits. Most other airlines fall far short of this standard in economy, and very, very few beat BA.

British Airways’ A380 premium economy is a step up, with extra legroom and slightly better food. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as many of their competitors – most of the food is the same as BA’s economy, and there’s no dedicated check-in counters or priority boarding offered.


Aaron Z says:

Hi, can you elaborate more about the upgrade to business class bit pls?

Darrell Nichols says:

I don’t think i’d go for premium, club or first on BA…looks seriously over priced for what you would get compared to the competition 

CJTReviews says:

I was just curious, I’ve never been on a long journey flight before and I want to go to Lima, Peru. I’m from the UK. I’m thinking about Economy (cheaper) but I kinda want the leg space and I’m not sure whether to go for Premium Economy instead, it’s a bit expensive. What would you recommend?

MrSufc1889 says:

Nice video ,shall be flying ba a380 to lax in December can’t wait.

jainish007 says:

looking at similar trip too…january 8th. LAX-LHR. And from there to India

yan hazan says:

called the Israeli branch of b.a the representative was rude and unhelpful in addition she refused to provide me phone number of the executive club in Israel ( i just wanted them to help me transfer my account) she told me the supervisor may or may not call me back …it was unbelievable bad experience since i provide customer service in my company i can defiantly say this is the worst ever ….they dont apologize for 1hr waiting on the line ( its my fault )
and they answer the phone like im their friend or fam

Altair Mesquita says:

world Traveller upstais is 2-4-2 abreast, while downstais is 3-4-3. It´s a good deal to book upstairs.

Kenzie says:

Can you do a video on Virgin economy and premium economy?

GRL says:

The is a significant flaw with the A380. BA can only carry half as much supplemental cargo in the baggage hold compared to its 747-436s! And this is important to BA.

Should’ve bought 747-836s instead. (36 is Boeing’s customer number for BA, btw.)

Esclusivia says:

Nice video Travels! How r u? Some days ago i’ve uploaded my video from LHR to Las Vegas with the 747 in economy ad was not bad! Enough space, good food… Just a little problem with eye mask 🙂 If u want have a look, u r welcome!

NiceTravelAdventures says:

Ha, we’ll make you famous yet – it’s a small world!

Did you enjoy the flight?

1292liam says:

absolute nonsense – BA’s prem econ trumps qantas and virg

Matthew Knight says:

Can you review Air Canada and Qantas?

1292liam says:

BA Does NOT have one of the best economy seats – 31inches is pathetic. Thai airways and several others have 34inches ..even Emirates 33 inches (with a wider seat) is cosiderably more comfortable and spacious. Economy Plus IS definitely worth the extra money, if u can get a good deal

Brody Cherrington says:

I Like British Airways , Emirates and South African Airways however AVOID AIRFRANCE and CHARLES DE GAUL AIRPORT

Vijaykumar S says:


✈ VisualApproach ✈ says:

Ah yes! Was on this flight too and posted similar videos! You can see me at 01:05 reaching for my laptop after they announced the weather delay!

rosa_gilly says:

Thank you, one of the best reviews I’ve seen so far!

Arash Danial says:

What is the name of the songs?

ryanhaart says:

“Overall BA have one of the best economy services going”. This must be the joke of the decade. Have you ever flown with an Asian or middle Eastern airline? But you are probably a BA employee and thus a shill.

NiceTravelAdventures says:

Awesome, hope you have a great time.

Fonzi2626 says:

Do the rest have a foot rest?

roblox boy another one says:


Félix Maltchinski says:

Its above AF.

rachael c says:

Does anyone know if the very back seats row 83 next to the galley @ 0:40 recline. I saw a review where they said they can but to me doesn’t seem to have enough room behindTrying to pick a seat in the next few days

Wirawan Heinemeyer says:

I  traveller    Air Canada    have   a  good  time   very  nice   first  class  thank  you

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