American Airlines Premium Economy – Selecting the Best Seats

American Airlines Premium Economy – selecting the best seats.
Review: how to choose or select the best seats in American Airlines Premium Economy, with Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller magazine.

– [Narrator] Okay, so this is the American Airlines Premium Economy cabin on a triple seven. You can see it’s two-four-two configuration. And quite a small cabin, there’s just three rows at the sides and four rows in the center. I’m standing at the front of the cabin, which is row 16. You got row 16, 17, 18, and 19 in the center. And then at the sides you’re looking at 16, 17, and 18 there. Front row is obviously the one you want if you like the legroom. This is on a triple seven 300, I should point out. So that row 16 A and C, they’re great seats. See, if you are in those seats, your in-flight entertainment’s gonna come out of the arm in front of you, and it’s got some leg rests there. Reclines as normal, as you’d expect. Same for that front row there, 16. Those seats are D, E, G, and H. Just moving back to the more standard seats, the ones that are in the center, you can see that the leg rest is slightly different. It just comes out, it’s more of a foot rest. Comes down from the seat in front. And then you’ve got storage for magazines, a coat hook, some more storage below. The back row, row 19, looks a good one from one point of view, because you can recline, I guess without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. But of course, bear in mind that because of the configuration, you know you’re gonna have the curtain between you and economy. And in one sense, you are almost sitting in economy class, in terms of noise. And also bear in mind that if there are children, there may well be bassinet seats here. Actually, it doesn’t look like it is there, but there are bassinet seats in row 20 there. That’s what those things on the wall are, those markers. Okay, these are the seats toward the window on the right hand side. These are L and J, and you’ve got rows 18, 17, and 16. It’s quite a spacious cabin. The seats are obviously dedicated seats for premier economy.


enis penvy says:

The best videos on YouTube!

Sidh Guness says:

Nice advice, really appreciate it!

Bronagh Mcnamara says:

More great advice for travelling with American Airlines.

Paul Stein says:

I have premium economy booked from Dallas to Hawaii. Two of us. Bulkhead middle section going. Last row on return.
Do other passengers use middle section of the bulkhead as a walkthrough? That would be bad.

Mine is a B777 200, layout 2, with 3,rows of premium economy.

Main cabin extra seats are behind the bulkhead, which should help.

enis penvy says:

The OTHER concern from row 19 is that you inhale economic air which is ghastly!

Graeme Cowan says:

This is the 777-300 not the 777-200 ER?!?

Andre Spivey says:

Great job! Would have been nice to see one reclined, to get an idea of how that would be, but still, very nicely done sir

Keith Appanah says:

Happy New Year Tom. Thanks for another informative video. Those seats look identical to those in AA domestic first in their A320/A321 and 737 aircraft. Certainly looks comfortable enough for a day flight to the US East coast. Is the in-flight catering anywhere near what they serve in transatlantic business? Happy travels for 2019!

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