American Airlines Boeing 777-300 First Class Seat

We invite you to experience the Flagship Suite onboard our new 777-300ER where First Class customers enjoy a fully lie-flat seat with aisle access, international Wi-Fi, and personal in-seat entertainment. Additionally, we provide complimentary pajamas, turn down service and choice of espresso.


Carson says:

Do I have to be the one to mention that the pamphlet he takes out at 1:01 is completely empty?

Kalyana Kanaparthy says:

I love going to airports

Jax Smith says:

The business class doesn’t seem much different

Kalyana Kanaparthy says:

And I would love to sit in first class American Airlines

TheFever77 says:

This man is very polite!

iloveplanesandcars says:

um no not very versatile

FWEDHAZSTy1e says:

Everybody says bad stuff about American but ya the seats and service aren’t amazing but u just want to get to ur destination.and American Airlines has been out for about 60 years or more I don’t know but these people know how to fly and that’s really all that matters.but don’t get me wrong air koryo sucks. honestly if I had to rate AA I would say 8.2 out of 10.0



Aolani says:

i would like to put a moving door so you can have yout privacy 😀

cadicorniche says:

Appears that you have to an engineer to fly in one these compartments.

Red/white says:

I’m flying to New york next month. But I’ve heard a lot of bad things about American Airlines.

FWEDHAZSTy1e says:

Make a sliding door for first class like in ethaid also you should probably buy a 747 or a airbus 340 or the 380

bashar albik says:

I have never flown in first class before but let me tell you this from a aviation enthusiast. First class on American airline is economy in Emirates..

Skot Jonz says:

Well, I just booked a flight on AA in first class for a trip over New Years’s holiday – from the West Coast to the East Coast. Seems extravagant but seeing as I have not taken a vacation anywhere in more than 5 years, and I want to be comfortable on the long flight, I decided to treat myself. If it’s anything like this video, I”m looking forward to it. Will report back in 2017!

Janell Irving says:

I want to ride first class now!

Christian Miller says:

This looks more like a business class seat

TheWolf InUs says:

I just wanna go on planes in 1st class now to different random places

Joker MH says:

Hahahaha cute

TheTechyButterfly says:

This is great actually if you really feel uncomfortable sitting next to strangers or sitting closely to people lol. The bed is awesome too, could be nicer but it is better than no bed at all. Lol.

이종원 says:

yo amo american airlines quiero ir en esa clase en parte de ala

Doges Tandam45 says:

I flew on a 777-300ER IN the middle on coach it was my favorite flight on american airlines and I also felt like I wanted to stand the entire time

Griffin Sutherland says:

The Business class is better that the first class

isaachii says:

It’s is me or the first class of AA just looks like some other airline business class like Singapore Airline?

이종원 says:

yo en 2014 vole con ese avio el boeing 777-300 de argentina hasta miami EZE hasta MIA pero no en esa clase pero el logo (pintura la cola del avion de una decoracion de la bandera de Estados Unido etc etc) no quiero hacer mas spoiler

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