Air China 747-8 FIRST CLASS | Beijing to New York CA981

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This is a review of my recent flight on Air China from Beijing to New York JFK in First Class. I booked this ticket through Avianca Lifemiles, which had cost me approximately 1300 USD for this one way first class ticket from Shanghai to Beijing to New York. I would consider it to be a great deal consider the fact that the retail price of this ticket is over 10,000 USD.

This was my first authentic international first class flight, which is a milestone for myself. However, Air China is not usually regarded as a premium carrier. I went to the airport with no expectations but was pretty much satisfied with what I got. The first class cabin is located behind two business class sections on Air China’s Boeing 747-8 aircraft, they are one of the only three commercial operators of that magnificent aircraft. The first class seats is in a 1-2-1 configuration, while it has the backbone as an enclosed suite, there wasn’t a door. All I was looking forward to is a spacious and comfy bed which was apparently fulfilled with this gigantic seat. In terms of the food, Air China certainly have substantial areas for improvements. The service was conducted using utensils and plates from business class. There were a great amount of food to be consumed but the quality is certainly subpar when compared to airlines such as China Eastern and Cathay Pacific. One of the major issue I had on this flight was filming. Most mainland carriers prohibit filming of any sorts onboard their aircrafts and even in the lounge. I had to keep low profile the whole time which interfered with my original planning.
Overall, it was a solid 13 hours spent on the Queen of the Skies. Despite the mediocre software, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly again with 1300 USD.

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China Southern should learn interior designing from Airchina…. Look at china southern A380 interior, it is so full of sharp edges in the business class cabin, I am afraid to cut myself while walking….

Sky Traveller says:

Also in spirit airline, i want to film the cabin , and the cabin crew think that I’m filming her, so I need to delete all my things in my phone!!!

Shin Diggio says:

Am planning a trip for two to Asia and found frequent flyer award availability on Air China available. After seeing this, I’ll make other arrangements.

Michael Low says:

似是故人來, boarding music for Air China 非常貼切 you always provide excellent video thank you so much

Yan Lee says:

So rude no greeting at the aircraft door…poor customer service…

Liz Herrera says:

Awesome Video but I dont like the Air China 1st Class.

Yan Lee says:

Air China so called 1st class lol come on…done on the cheap

magali BELLIENI says:

Not a wonderful experience for you, sorry. But great video and thx for sharing !

Mario Imori says:

Great video! I did not know that PEK is a so beautiful airport! Thanks for uploading!

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Funny that pandas get a personalized escort to their seat but First Class passengers do not. I’ll stick with EVA and China Air as my go to Chinese airlines.

James VanGurp an says:

I would never go to china or any Asian country for that matter but this was just repulsive…Aisians are dirty people, but the Chinese and Koreans are the dirtiest …i wouldnt fly that airline for free

Henry Chan says:

AirChina 981, right on Juliet, join alpha, hold short of mike alpha.

Uhhhh… right on juliet, join alpha, hot short of novemba.

If you know what I mean.

Shanghai Flyer says:

*Since filming onboard and in the lounge is prohibited by many mainland Chinese carriers, I had to keep my camera low profile most of the time. I did not had a chance to film the menu because it was taken away immediately after ordering and the crew adamantly denied photography of menu or any other documents with contents. As a result, some of the clips did not reach my expectations, thank you for your understanding.*

PocketRishi says:

Loved watching it! Even with the restrictions you managed to make the report this good!

Thư Nguyễn says:


Xiaofano Zhang says:

Clear picture, Good music, Concise explanation Thanks for sharing. 新标識注意到了哦

Thomas Tang says:

have you been cleared into the ramp

Vinu Cini says:

Am from INDIA but to say the Beijing airport was awesome not like that one in Bombay or Delhi

Rong Nie says:

14:58 was the crew asking are you filming?

Roberto Golisano says:

Ok per Usd 1300 But Not more. . Our Alitalia business Class is better than air china.

tolstitoo says:

Do they allow spitting on the floor and pissing in the aisles?… Some Chinese airlines do.

Protocol Officer says:

What a horrible experience for you. Everything was done on the cheap, from cutlery, dishes and glasses, the food, the pyjamas and the bedding. Looks like they shopped at the Dollar Store for everything. After this review I certainly won’t fly with them. Thanks for sharing!

claus stimpfig says:

meal is completely disappointing. which champagne do they serve where is the menucard….

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