A FRONTIER AIRLINES Review – (including Stretch seats! 😍)

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Date of Travel: JUNE 2018
Airline: Frontier Airlines
Livery: Frontier standard with Cactus decals
Route: MCO-ATL
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Registration: Unknown
Flight Number: N715FR
Miles: 403
Airborne time: 1h11m
Notes: Fourteenth of 25 legs, round the world
Cost to book: 105 USD one way including Perks bundle

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Daisy Ortiz says:

Thats not true i went theyr and the sits are hrb

Pakob Aksone says:

Don’t ever fly Frontier ,Frontier is very cheap and very corrupted, it is ok for flying cheap, but if anything happen you are treated like dirt, not much option, always delay, so corrupt ever. Frontier rang the 2nd worse airline in the world as for service, meant 3rd world air line are better than Frontier . Every time the FAA fine airlines, Frontier is there. Crapy Frontier airline


Lucky you didn’t have to sit in basic economy on that A321…terrible seat with little padding and the smallest tray table in exsistence

Edward C says:


Gregory Bogdanoff says:

$35 base price? Forget the add ons with such a short flight. It’s as cheap as a bus ticket!

Joanie Kilpatrick says:

Thanks so much for the great review. We’re getting creamed in the media bc our fly tab gives you the option to tip. So happy there’s an intelligent traveler that realizes you don’t have to tip if you care not to vs. whining about it. You’re my hero..Ww are an ULCC, like Spirit. (Ultra Low Cost Carrier). No frills, cheap ticks..

Versafied says:

I liked Frontier when it was competing JetBlue. It had DirecTV and all. Now it just became Spirit Airline’s wicked cousin.

Bob Masencup says:

These endless damn advertisements youtube has forced on it’s customers are annoying as hell. We have to watch one before the video and then we are interrupted several times during the video. Put all the ads at the end of the f..king video for Hell’s sake. Youtube never used to have ads. A movement needs to be started by youtube customers to boycott any company who interrupts youtube vids. Put them at the end of the damn clip !!!!!!

Turkish 543 INF says:

5 mouths later I will Fly Frontier

Ashlie Neevel says:

It’s pronounced strope not strupe. I’m Dutch

Frank Hermans says:

🙂 Stroopwafels

1.21 Jiggawatts says:

Frontier = Terrible. I probably have spent 300 hours flying them. Why? I don’t know.

Aria Carmela says:

Frontier is the most rude, cheap-ass airline there is. I took my concern (about an itinerary change) to the Frontier Customer service counter and was told “that’s corporate America.” Frontier will be out of business soon, and rightfully so.

JSLoverThree says:

Lovely review! And your voice is really soothing.

Sam Jongenelen says:

stroopwafel not stroepwafel

Jeffrey Freeman says:

Surprised you didn’t mention Southwest, the largest US domestic carrier.

Pawan K Marthiv says:

At 5:04 there was an Orb flying beside your feet. Strange!!

kirby vanduzer says:

If they had 737 aircraft instead of crap buses I would fly them I know the history of most crap buses and it’s not pretty fly by wire failures and inflight fuel leaks engine cowlings just all of a sudden coming off during flight and many more problems its nerve wracking for me to fly on a crap bus I am trying southwest airlines next time I go see dad in Kansas city hopefully I can get a good long nonstop flight to mci hopefully just two hops one short one and one longer one hopefully at least 2 hours of fly time

Joseph McCooey says:

I’ve seen that pancake machine in hotels in Ireland

jojo1107 says:


the background…

Timothy Williams says:

I remember People Express airlines, back in the 80’s, used to offer tabs on their long-haul flights.

oblong music says:

Hi Paul.. I’m enjoying your trip reports..
the only place I’ve seen an auto pancake machine is at the Sheraton Brussels airport (Zaventem) as part of their breakfast buffet..
by the way , all the European airlines I traveled in business class with used to serve champagne and orange juice in little stem glasses , upon boarding.. These seem to have been phased out after the rise of The budget airlines..
I had experience of British Airways, Swissair , Iberia, Sabena and more..
The Asian and US carriers that I flew with back in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s also welcomed premium passengers on board this way..

Will Grimm says:

Speaking of those fly-in communities, I was driving about 10 minutes from my house once when I saw a small aircraft flying low and it dipped below the trees, I turned around because it thought it crashed. I was so wrong… it was a fly in community I never knew about!

Robin F says:

Who would be your first choice Frontier or Spirit between the ULCC’s?

Jetfumes says:

well here from ISP to LAS the options to get to LAS was gonna take 12 hours with 2 stops..ridiculous and you get what you pay for . I’ll stay with Delta

Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde says:

That spool up tho

Grover Watson says:

Frontier is based in my Hometown, Denver CO.. I’ve flown about ten trips on them to the west Coast on my way to Thailand…They are pretty good..

Sean McKnight says:

You could very much say that Orlando is my home airport (been flying in and out for 20 years). I love MCO: clean, reliable, efficient, and easy. I’ve maybe had one or two “bad days” there in 20 years (in terms of security, long lines, lost baggage, you name it). MCO is one of the best in the country in my opinion and I absolutely love flying in and out of there. Enjoyed this one, as always, thanks!

Kamloops Cruise says:

Air New Zealand between and Vancouver BC Canada.

Sour Pickle says:

5:40 mood…


I’ve never had a stoop waffle, can somebody please explain

Steve Lipman says:

How about El Al?

Roger Hargreaves says:

Amazing taxi system at Atlanta, it’s unique, but necessary for the worlds busiest airport. Nice video. Thank you.

Ivan Costa Pinto says:

Hi Paul … I really appreciate your excellent videos … you should try flights to Brazil … about five very good airports, excellent climate, all big occidental airlines fly from Europe and the USA … the welcoming mood of the people is permanent…

Alex's Bikes and Motors says:

at 5:25 were you trying to point out that guy’s weird haircut? I live in orlando and all young guys have some crazy hairdo like that. Well all except for me.

Tom G says:

Hey Man, thanks for sharing your experience. How did you enjoy the physical at check in? We are thinking on taking Frontier just to see what it’s like as I have sworn off flying because of the a##holes at check. I have been taking Amtrak where ever I go. Much more relaxed. I know, I know it takes to long, but hey we are retired, so we get to see all the great scenery from ground level. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Jim Branca says:

it was poppy the prarie dog when i flew frontier

BronZ ButtaFly says:

Very Helpful, Paul!

Matt LeBeau says:

I’ve been to Spruce Creek before. Got a tour from a homeowner there and it’s actually really amazing.

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