$1,200 JetBlue Mint Suites: Better Than First Class Options (Best Domestic Flight?)

JetBlue Mint Suite review. Is JetBlue business class the best domestic flight experience?
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Wade Higgins says:

It’s well worth it, I’ll be traveling like this!

Daniel L says:

Ahhhhh JetBlue, my favorite US domestic carrier

Derek Woodring says:

I guess I’m the only one who would rather save my points and stick to economy?

dominique007 says:

I love jet blue!

th3find says:

Got this cookie — looks pretty normal.
This was the best cookie I’ve had in my life


primalpem says:

no vegan options yet huh

Lakeland Records says:

Jesus dude, I’m stuffed in like an animal wherever I fly. This is ridiculous.

john smith says:

Cookie looks pretty norma… *half second later* THIS IS THE BEST COOKIE IVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!

Ryan McFarland says:

“Fresh air” in NYC? Do you have another channel where you share more of your comedy?

Pete S says:

Very nice review. My wife and I just booked our first flight on JetBlue in their Mint class this past weekend for a trip to Barbados in April. They do direct flights to Barbados out of JFK and we were both floored at the level of service you get for the price with Mint as opposed to what we usually get with United business class. I can say for certain we’ll be looking at JetBlue more often to see if they offer a flight with Mint on our future trips.

FroggymanMC says:


KingVDT519 says:

Leather seats? nice! all business/first should have it. Flew on a few airlines and it’s cloth


delta be like


I love being pampered on flight. Just a lot of fun and you feel so special.

yixnorb says:

Those silhouettes of horses printed on the menu may cause someone from another culture think that horesemeat is on the menu.

Maisie Reynolds says:

What flavors were the different scoops of ice cream?

Surviving as Mom says:

OMG! I need to try this! I’ve never flown first class.

Martin Musiet says:

They give you a cookie, looks pretty normal….
This is the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life

Fishing4 Fun says:

how long was the flight?

Euan Lim says:

I took the JetBlue Mint a few months back. It was a great experience, with an amazing crew and all, but I just had one problem. The seat wouldn’t budge when I pressed the control and so I couldn’t adjust it into a comfortable flat position. Luckily, the quick-responding staff came to my aid and moved it manually.
Altogether, for a domestic business/first class, it was a great experience. 8/10 from me, but only because there were small problems.

Felipe Kavaleski says:

How you get such a clear audio with your videos inside the cabin?

gilboman says:

Food looks pretty bad. Seat is nice though…it’s okay for a domestic business class equivalent but still not comparable to intl business class

Jonathan Chen says:

Awesome video! I really enjoyed it!

Dotty Dashes says:

“Looks pretty normal.” 5 seconds later… “This is the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life!”

thatshibainu says:

I can’t believe they just did that.
Nice video (I’m not even sure why this ended up in my recommended, but I’m glad it did.)

Brandon Olivar says:

I love the travel videos

Vincent Vermeer says:

hmm, it’s 6 times as expensive as the cheapest economy option. Usually business class is between 4 to 5 times more expensive.

James P says:

This looks a lot like Virgin Australia’s “The Business” (East – West Coast)

Sacto1654 says:

JetBlue’s Mint service has actually taken away a LOT of business from United’s p.s. service and American’s Flagship First service–mostly because it’s cheaper–sometimes way cheaper. Small wonder why many entertainment companies are now using JetBlue on their flights between Los Angeles and New York City.

ronald johnson says:

Great review…oh by the way your eye mask was upside-down… Lol

bohnny jewnami says:

how the hell did you get grados sr60s??? holy shit

EDIT: sr60s

C3H5NO33HO3 says:

Hi Sebby and Mandy, tell us about Chase and Jet Blue, please.

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