$10,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT (my first time ever)

OMG! First off, I’ve NEVER flown first class like this. EVER. I had a bed, I had a chef, I ate sushi, I watched 5 movies, I had free wifi, oh and casually, I had A CANDLE AT MY SEAT…basically it was way better than my normal life on the ground has ever been or ever will be in the future. HA! This is my experience flying business class on Turkish Air from LA to Istanbul for a 13 hour flight and my experience in the 3 story Turkish Air airport lounge (not even kidding it was wild). Turkish Air doesn’t really do First Class, so Business Class is First Class.

Also…the reason I was in Turkey is still totally top secret, BUT this video gives you a major hint – it has to do with Charlie’s Angel’s…I’m still in shock that this even happened. It was literally the best.

Thank you to SONY for taking me on this awesome adventure!

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Edited By: Alex Tzavalas
Music: Epidemic Sound


AYL Yi-Huh says:

that’s business class. turkish airlines has no first class

Kim Guest says:

So funny! Flew first class once. Seeing how the other half lives is amazing and torturing, knowing you will become one of the peons again. I sat next to David Morse from The Green Mile. Nice, down to earth guy, but wouldn’t be able to do that in coach!

A Thomas says:

What an amazing experience! I always dreamed of going somewhere on a flight like that. We’re excited to see what it was all for.

Amelia T. says:

Aww this is so great! What a fun experience. If I was super rich I would totally splurge to fly first class all the time. It seems like it makes the flight way more tolerable and comfortable, which is definitely worth the money.

KerrBearrxo says:

I’m from the UK, had no idea who you are (never heard of Clevver) or w/e its called. I came across your video because I’m a curly girl and saw your video where you started the journey and I’ve just fallen in love with you! You’re so enthusiastic and like a breath of fresh air, not to mention you actually post really interesting videos. Please don’t stop posting videos!!!

cissyrene says:

Ooohb that lounge. It’s like it’s own whole ass airport! I dream of one day traveling like that. C’mon, lottery!

Jim W says:

This was awesome and just WOW on the airport lounge and flight. Candles and a sushi bar on a plane? Incredible !

faitharooo_ says:

daaaang that was awesome

Sustainable Beauties says:


nokaoimaui05 says:

OH MY WORD! Joslyn, what a thrill ! I’m happy you had such a great time and shared the experience with us! Every time you showed another part of your adventure, I kept thinking ….there is more? How could you possibly soak it all in. Please continue sharing ! BTW, love your heart and your always caring demeanor. Look forward to your uploads. The sprinkles on the cupcake are when you film with your friends from Clever. Especially Lily M.


once you travel in luxury there’s no going back haha

Sparkling Silver Curls says:

Omg, that menu!!!! Forget sleeping, I’d want to spend the entire 13 hours eating!! Also, how much does it cost to live in that lounge?!? Holy shit!

oneofakind says:

I know this has nothing to do with this video but now that you’re rocking the curly hair can you do some reviews on curly hair extensions. My best friend’s Turkish her dad’s from Turkey. U should try Turkish delight it’s so good there’s other dishes that are good but I wouldn’t even know how to begin to say the name or spell it lol

Gustav Bengtson says:

That is business class though… Turkish doesn’t have First Class unfortunatelty…

TJ R says:

I hate flying and it’s always an anxious time for me but I think I could fly like this with no problem and feel comfortable.

enis penvy says:

Well your an idiot.
Your in business class f whit

Olivia Hale Coulson says:

Wait, if so many of those turkey words sound weird, are the sims speaking the turkey language?

Emily Aygun says:

omg I love you, but those turkish words needs some help!!!! I was cracking up!!! 🙂

User LU says:

I love your videos!

Siena Vetto says:

is it just me or does joslyn remind you of lorelei gilmore from gilmore girls!!

Julia Oldendorff says:

Joslyn, this travel vlog was everything! I love traveling in first class, it’s the best! I would definitely like to see you upload another travel vlog! I hope you had a wonderful time in Turkey! I hope your visit to Turkey is a surprise of you showing all of your viewers that Clevver is coming back. But I obviously love watching you upload your own videos to your personal YouTube channel!

mst3kanita says:

I love that she brought her sugar free coffeemate to Turkey.

veneficuss1 says:

Were you in a first class seat? It appeared as if there was another seat directly next to you on your left.

Emily Norman says:

That looked so cool! I love that you weren’t screaming about everything (like some other ‘first time in first class’ videos) but was just in awe and showing us how unreal it all was 🙂

Sunny5MA says:

Omz having personally being on multiple 14hour flights in the past i kinda wish i havent seen this hahaa. Way to go tho!!

Martin Harrison says:

I prefer chicken myself 😛

Heather Lomax says:


J.J.Vancura says:

❤️❤️❤️travel blogs❤️❤️❤️

Karolina Lengvinaite says:

Great vlog, loved it <3 P.S. Aşk is pronounced ashk, not ask 🙂

Eylül A says:

ahh jos! i’m turkish and it was a delight to watch you ( and listen trying to speak turkish ) ! love you ♡

Vanessa Valentina says:

whos the guy with you in the lounge?

beautygloss says:

Best trip ever! And you are such an amazing person! X

DODLE says:

That’s business class not first

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