People really hate these concepts for seats… with good reason

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Awesome Lists says:

Nice intro Andrew

Sinan's Studio says:

I See that you’ve started to edit the videos more.

Lee Henry says:

Hey ibx, could you talk about how embassies work? What are the international laws about them?

Anton Kruse Andersen says:

If you want to tell something, you might speak a bit slower.

Rodrigo Babo says:

Nice intro!

Muhammad Mirsab says:

One and a half time? You got bumped to business class mid flight??

Péter Györök says:

I would gladly pay extra 1000 of my local currency for business class… 1000 HUF = 2.8 GBP

Trollharder1 says:

Good intro

james p dyson says:

that honeycomb one would be weird you’d keep making eye contact with whoever is next to u

cyndie26 says:

“They take away my food…” Copa Airlines apparently serves free food.

ejaB says:

Wait you have an intro that means you care. SECOND CHANNEL DON’T CARE!

Roland Tschiah says:

where the fuck are the legs supposed to go with those seats. my legs couldnt even fit into that seat.

Latviian SDA says:

Very well constructed video. Great arguments.

fjellyo32 says:

I prefer trains. I hate! Airports! It’s so annoying with the checking in waiting and bla bla bla bla. And also plane Journeys are not so comfortable. I wish there where more Highspeed routes.

Llewey Wasey says:

like the intro

*PICKLE* says:

I got an airline ad before the video not rare though

Shabbs15 says:

Intro is templatey

Caged says:

This is strange…where’s my map?

Black Greendragon says:

I couldn’t sit at that first seat as from my back to knee is 65 centimeters and when my knee is at 90 decrees angle from ground to top of knee is another 65 centimeters. Yes my legs are freaks.

Christopher Ellis says:

I saw the so-called First Class seating on a BA flight from Singapore to London, and was so glad that I wasn’t in it, with my back to the direction of travel. Can’t imagine what they were thinking

Elevating Europe says:

Introducing Peasant Class on United Airlines. 1ft legroom and fuck all space on the bench to lay your fat burger ass on.

Leon Haven says:

why are the seats inclined downwards? 😛

Xaver Lustig says:

I think this is also the real reason why Concorde was shut down. Not many people were prepared to pay 10 times the price just to save 3 hours, so they were always struggling for enough passengers to make a profit at all.

Terje says:

ANA, JAL, Singapore, Emirates etc. A lot of companies go for a very good economy class experience.

KostasNotKolsas says:

I guess i wont fly with ryanair and ezJet anymore

David Pepple says:

Nice intro Andrew

Tim Holmes says:

what was that intro? I thought nobody cared about the second channel?

vogel9197 says:

That honeycomb concept is smart. You just have to come up with the ideea that a human body is wider at the shoulders than on the legs.

Ferby Ferris says:

I once rode spirit and I called it a torture chamber

killer555 says:

Can you do a video about Eurovision?

Elmotrix says:

Hey ibx, are you single? And out of the closet yet? 😉

Tidal Yacht says:

In the future; sitting down will no longer even be a thing in airplanes.

Scione says:

i like the new intro!

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