Before unofficially reviewing the Virgin Atlantic Economy Seat, My sister and I joined Jack and his crew on a trip to an “aquarium”. It’s sad that it’s over but I’m glad that it happened!

Thanks for the WILD trip everyone! The FEATURE FILM will be out in January – trailer is coming on Christmas Day!

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Fwqn Dnixh says:

Do you hve instagram or something

Gamer Dude says:

Who’s hand was that in the beginning

Greggy says:

Pretty Cool Luther…….

Graeme Brown says:

And it kept getting colder!

Anonymoose says:

That’s a totally disappointing review of the Miami Aquarium! I’ve never been there, but I *have* been to some excellent ones, including the one at Mote Marine Lab here in Sarasota. I see the one in Miami, based on this, as nothing more or less than a tourist trap, and yes, a shameful waste of money. That’s a real shame.

LOL! A far cry from the weather you left here in Florida. That has to be a shock! And I love your analogy – “It feels like in the week I was gone, the U.K. moved closer to the North Pole.” You now have good reason to come back here some day. To thaw out….. LOL

Sally Beth says:

You are just so cool these days Luther. Top video , top filmmaker, top dude! See you in Cornwall ☺️

jeff m says:

It’s amazing how your body acclimates to the warm but the cold no way.

Werckle to basic says:

Brilliant video! I’m glad you had a good time. Your transitions were insane! You’re great at this, Luther!

Bill Johnson says:

Maybe you can get your friends to come to England

James Hodges says:

I enjoyed your trip Luther!

Atua Mo'e says:

Right on dude, I know exactly what quote you’re talking about, I believe Patrice C. sent it in, thanks for the mention. One day I’ll have to stop by your home town, & do some exploring with you, but until then… Oh yes & the “fails” how could I forget the fails, that would be a fail.

Fortis Boy Choir says:

Cool intro and effects throughout the vlog!

David J says:

That hat has a flappy thing on it you can shade your eyes from the sun with.

Sule Abelin says:

Im so glad that your spreading the message about the aquarium. Thank you❤

Basil Alzubaydi says:

Good video. Good you enjoyed your flight.

olivia's extras says:

Wow, when you showed the manatees just floating around in a tiny pool with lettuce at the top? It just..broke my heart. Glad you mentioned how these facilities often exploit animals for a quick buck.

Paul Schr. says:

Is there a different between press- and push-ups?

Scott Taylor says:

That was a cool trip. You even got to spend a little extra time with jack. Keep creating. You’re awesome.

BK Media says:

Vlogs have really improved in the last 2months. congrats 🙂

DJ Infinity says:

i started handstands because of you luther and it would means so much if u could let me know if you see progress plz let me know

joninfinity says:

Well done lad… As always it’s your effervescent outlook and personality that I like most about your videos.

Constanza Morales says:

It’s so refreshing to see a young man being worried about animals and our planet in general. We need more people like you, YOU are the future and I’m pretty sure you’ll accomplish amazing things. Keep up the good work, you just won a new subscriber 🙂

Ed Percy says:

You where saying that the seats where specious but your very small so anyone about 5 5 would be squashed

William the butchers son productions says:

Very good video, just be careful you don’t turn into a Casey neistat wanna be

ProFriend says:

5c? Cold? Come to New England in winter – it gets to -20c fairly often, and up near the Canadian border it occasionally gets down to -40. But, as we say here, there’s no such thing as “too cold”, just “under-dressed.”

Jacob Roberts says:

I enjoyed all the videos which made up your adventure. Thank you for taking us along. This is something you will all remember for the rest of your lives. I wonder if your friends at home and your classmates at school will ask for your autograph, since you are now a celebrity.

It took me a few seconds to figure out what a rubber is. We in the United States call them erasers.

Willard Williams says:

I too was glad all of you were able to make this trip to Florida and be able to share part of your experiences with us while in Florida.Glad all of you got back home safe as well as far as i know all had a safe time over here in Florida.I know you are glad you are away from those pesky Mosqitoes(i know i would be).You proballly know this but the reason people were staring at you at the airport is they just are not use to seeing someone doing handstans or push ups in an airport terminal.Your last statements near the end is what we would say would be”bitter sweet”.Looking forward to the full video coming out in January 2018.Thanks-a-million.I am sure its going to be a masterpiece.Willard of N.C.12/10/2017

Byron Murphy says:

Airport part got my vote.

Mark Page says:

It seems that every time  kids from the UK talk about school it is exams, exams and more exams. It sounds like they exam you to death over there.

E Long says:

Great trip and footage! I can’t wait to see the project officially. I live in TX and it’s always so warm here that I would welcome the cold so it would seem like Christmas.
Also you were able to control your handstand pretty well!!! If you would hollow out (pelvis tucked no arch in your back) and keep your legs tight you could sustain it even moreso.

John TL says:

Awesome video!!! I really like where you said “Its as if for the week I was gone. The UK moved closer to the North Pole!” HAHAHA
Hope you get used to the cold soon.

goofy 29f says:

Ok it’s cold in UK but you’re safe now : mosquitoes can fly no more than about one to three miles .:-)

j awesome says:

I love your positivity, keep it up. Keep making youtubes..

john smith says:

6:59 you need to step up your press up form

Byron Murphy says:

I liked your review, I’m glad they are shutting places like that and Seaworld down.

LonerCraze says:

Awesome video Luther! haha i would love to experience winter, while your freezing im sweating 🙂 lol

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