UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

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Alyssa Bowling says:

Anyone one else watching because they plan to get on a plane?

BOIII3 Productions says:

Anti ME3 is atleast better than North Korea’s Propaganda on US

Rylie Boll says:

I will never fly American unless absolutely necessary

Andrelpaulo Paulo says:

I love American airlines it’s best airline on the world

Kevin Naderi says:

thanks i usally fly American most of the time.

Ethan Z Chen says:

I like American.

Zafer Kose says:


ItsSwimShady says:

where is jetBlue?

MeLarryO says:

As a biomedical field service technician I fly every day. EVERY day. All week long I fly from city to city so I know all these airlines.

American) Has the worst on time record. And they know it. I face delays and cancels on American at least three times a week

United) Their flight attendants are harsh. I have never seen one smile, but there price point is a little cheaper than American

Delta) Priced a little higher than American but they are the best at what they do

Southworst) The name speaks for itself. The price point as American but no higher class services.

If you’re worried about food, eat at home or grab something at the airport. If you fly often, you need to join the airline membership. Start earning miles and get some status.First class on all the big three is pretty decent. Remember though. Different model airplanes are configured differently. For example. First class on the Airbus A319 and A320 whether it’s a United, America or Delta plane has the least leg room, where a 737 700/800 has a lot more room. So it doesn’t just depend on the airline. It’s also the airplane.

Ziff says:

I like delta just for the tv

Sam Bodner says:

I like American Airlines best

Anthony Grant says:

Delta better than all

Pandalovesbamboo 6655 says:

Does these people know in the comments that delta kicked a guy off for speaking arbic? And delta kicked a guy off for Going to The bathroom!!

Travel Team says:

You know what’s even better than Delta, Ryanair lol

Joshua Padiernos says:

Mine is United Airlines

Finnny Latte says:

Do Canadian airlines

Dev says:

Delta seats are so damn uncomfortable.

Kristin Wright says:

My preference is Alaska and I hold status on it. I do have to have a backup because I fly for business to Nashville and can’t always get the flights I need from Alaska. I’ve just painfully also gained Delta status and agreed, the worst to get, maintain, and use. Delta service has been quite variable. Sometimes it is great and sometimes dismal. Alaska has been consistently good and their coach seating is the most comfortable. I do prefer Delta in flight coach meals because they have Luvo wraps which I find very tasty. Depending on what is being offered the best bet on Alaska is the cheese and fruit plate.

Mein Neshoma says:

American/United definitely not Delta unless if you like less legroom less entertainment ( and usually higher prices )

bayouang 2 says:

I went to Mexico for vacation and got back to America 6 minutes early

Vik Mediratta says:

Delta’s service is by far the best, however, their rewards program is atrocious. Has anyone flown United recently? Any thoughts?

fyreboy mmg says:


Aidan Au says:

Neither, NEITHER of them is a winner. They are playing NOT TO LOSE, not playing to WIN

Tucker Wolfe says:

United is the best

Florida Rose says:

nothing is worse than easyjet

Alex Moreno March says:

I’m LH Senator, and everytime I fly with United (economy intercontinental), automatically get upgrade it to Economy plus.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Texan says:

I love all three airlines! Great vid dan

Ethan Z Chen says:

Why I love American

Jerry Yang says:


Seth_Acero says:

The leg room on American isn’t good? I remember my flight from San Antonio to Charlotte the leg room was pretty good and I was on the back of the plane

ferguson ijeboi says:

delta airline

Martin Ortiz says:

By far…. I do love American Airlines, talking about airports DFW.

J Ma says:

In my opinion it would be DL>AA>UA. Base on my experience during IIROP, DL crew does a better job handling the situation. As for FFP, I agree that DL is the worst, but I credit my miles to VS instead.

Youtube Account says:

United economy is literally misery training.

Adarsh GUPTA says:

Delta miles never expire!

Fox says:

Being originally from the Atlanta area I’ve got to support my hometown company Delta. And if you also happen to live in France (like I do) or wish to visit AirFrance-KLM and Delta are partner airlines as Delta owns a small part of the company over here and it makes it very easy to get to practically anywhere from Paris, Amsterdam, Atlanta, JFK, etc and most are direct thanks to this!

Ashley Ash says:


Derrick Tran says:

Well, United is way better.

JDM legends says:

I would chose DELTA

George Steele says:

Hard to tell any difference.

Ethan Z Chen says:

O Hare is the busiest airport.

Derek Chan says:

Next Economy Week: Singapore Airlines vs Korean Airlines vs Cathay Pacific or Air China vs China Airlines vs Eva Air or Finnair vs KLM vs British Airways.

James Malloy says:

Excellent video! Can you do British Airways vs Air France vs Lufthansa?

MasterChief1422 says:

American is just the worst

Faris Guerouate says:

trying to get to that 10 minute mark

Jasiel RamirezArguedas says:

I love Delta airlines!

Jeffy Jeffy says:

Definetly delta

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