Hey guys
First of all I’m terribly sorry for the terrible quality in the first part of the video! I saved and adapted my project a couple of times to prevent the movie maker from crashing but it fucked up the quality! SORRY. Wont happen again. I’m still in a learning process how to get my videos awesome! 🙂
This is the first part of my trip to Seattle. United offered the best deal in economy and flying on a 777 over the pond isn’t too bad so we decided to give them a try in economy. They have a really nice economy product on their 777’s, even with a 3-3-3 layout. Legroom was great too but see for yourself in the video.
I think it would be fun to add a little more to my reviews like the waking up scenes or going to the airport scenes. Let me know if you like them and what you think about it! I think they give my reviews a little vlogy touch which is really nice IMO!
We had a good experience on United once again. Food, even though it doesn’t look that delicious was really good. Also the FA’s were in a great mood and happy to assist for any problems.
The flight time was about 9 hours. After arriving in IAD we had an easy immigration with a short waiting time and friendly CBP officers(IDK why the line for americans was huge). Security was different, we waited a long 1,5 hours just to pass security, that sucked but I usually allow myself 3-4 hours of layover when flying into the US.
If you have any questions let me know, part 2 of this trip will be out next friday!
Until then!

Much love,

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isaacflyaway says:

Hmmm just curious, can i ask where did you find music for your videos?

Daniel Ellis says:

Very nice! The whole waking up and heading to the airport part was fun to see. The fun of air travel really kinda begins when you wake up, at least for me. Maybe include engine start up in your next one or some more footage from the terminal? 😀

Ziggmanster says:

9:43 haha the place I live is right above Seattle 😉

Oliver Nebel says:

that Alarm in the beginning fucked me up so hard 😀 I thought it was mine xD

ClearSky Productions says:


Shows only 1 game in given category.

Fly Around says:

Congrats for 20.000 Subs! You fully deserve it. Your video content is getting better time by time. Keep doing all that new “vlog” things in your videos. They make your videos even more special.
Greetings from Spain

RiceFlyer says:

did you get forcibly removed from the plane?

Wiredupfull says:

Wo sind eure Hände

Wing_ Pics says:

What seat was this I need it urgently thanks 🙂

Boluda Canadiense says:

+Amandeuce I love the way you sign your descriptions: “Much love, Amandeuce”. You’re such a sweetheart ! 😉

Molly Xiao says:

What was the second song you used? It’s so good!

Wilfrido Mercado says:

Que bueno, recuerdo mi viaje Zürith – Newark por United a finales de Junio para esa misma fecha, bello recuerdo. Gracias

Neat gs says:

I love when it’s rainy or night time flights

Keptize says:

Sehr gutes Video mal wieder! Das einzige was meiner Ansicht nach noch verbessert werden könnte (mal abgesehen von der Qualität, steht ja in der Beschreibung) wäre, auch am Anfang Musik einzubauen, als man das Essen und den Aufzug sieht. Nach einer Minute ist es sehr gut, die Geräusche und die Musik  vermischt, aber bei etwa 2:30 ist es wieder anderst 🙂

Flyspotter19 says:

I think that the going to airport kind of vlog adds a little personality to it. Epic video dude, liked a ton 🙂

Daniel OConnell says:

welcome aboard delta flight 809 to miniappols st Paul

Samad Syed says:

9:48 That sandwich looks like it was made at a 7/11, 12 years ago

Sidney Li says:

Was your seat economy plus or just economy?

planedudea380 says:

Hahaha! When the alarm sounded at the intro I thought it was my phone. 8:23 UA doesn’t like the cameras huh, think I saw that in another report too

Joshua Page says:

What was your first review ?

Coolhazem123 says:

Why do you sit on the left when you leave Zurich?

BP TV says:

lmao We have the same Alarm Tone and Phone. I actually thought it was my alarm for a sec lol

Semsem Eini says:

Wow. The crew seems so friendly. Unusual for United.

Henry Steppel says:

Plastic knive and fork??? no wonder everything looks mashed!!!

Flugzeug Dokus says:

Old seats and pretty lousy catering :/

19bootsy68 says:

Another very interesting and we’ll done TR Loris….what happened to the intro you used to have…that website? How many friends were on this trip?.

Flugzeug Dokus says:

Those seats look so old.Well atleast they have ife..

mpjopa tv says:

did you get econmy plus?

Hà Anh Nguyễn says:

:)) when I heard the ringtone in the first few secs, I thought it was mine and confusingly looking at it @@

FlightAviator says:

What I expected, also I wonder how your take-off clips are positioned steadily.

Herbert Thiery says:

Nope the video quality is great. Why did he say the video quality isn’t that great?

Coastal Transport says:

Great video as always my man! What music was playing in the background? It was nice!

Sangheili Entertainment says:

1:13 what’s the song name?

Robocraft gaming says:

what is the music at minute 7

pilot 1606 says:

June 16 – my birthday!!! How great it would be to have a trip like you. Greetings

jelmerpilotHD says:

Really awesome video mate!

Yuseichaaan48 says:

Are those pesto mini breadsticks only in Europe? I fly United often within the US and to Asia but I have never seen those ever! They look good! I want to try it haha

Alec G says:

What row did you sit?

Nigel Johnson says:

The food looked lovely, top notch, well done United Airlines.

darwin chan says:

The TV screen is way too small man! It is about as small as those in the 90s and early 00s.

Ajay Gobind says:

When he was showing his mean, the beef with mashed potatoes, what was the name of the song playing?

myvolvoforlife says:

Nice video as usual. How are you only *Silver? I would have thought that with all the flying you do, especially in business class, that you will already be *Gold.

martin912 says:

03:30 oh man i just hate that. Why don’t people get their stuff done before they enter the plane? No, they have to start fiddling around in their bags forever and in the aisle, blocking everyone else. Out of a sudden they remeber… “oh I need my headphones….oh i need my passport later…oh i forgot my mums sandwich somewehere in the deep of my bag”. Argh…go to hell.

sfflyer123 says:

Great video, amandeuce! It looked like a very nice economy class product. The food offerings looked much better. The key is to have good IFE. With good IFE, even in a poor seat, life can be tolerable. Great job!

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