United Airlines ECONOMY London to Los Angeles|Boeing 777

United airlines economy class long haul on a Boeing 777-200ER
Come and fly with me as I take flight with United Airlines in Economy Class from London to Los Angeles.

United Airlines Long Haul Economy review
United airlines economy class is an OK product for the distance and they serve you enough food to get by, though not the best food out there. Since flying this route United have changed the aircraft to a Boeing 787.

My seat was an economy plus seat which united offer for a fee or to elite status passengers. It provided me with some more legroom which was nice, but that is the only extra service.

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United Airlines Flight 935
Depart: London (LHR)
Arrive: Los Angeles (LAX)
STD: 9:20am (ADP: 9:32am)
STA: 12:40pm (ATA: 11:49am)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Reg: N217UA
First Flight: 28th July 2000
Delivered to Airline: 14th August 2000
Seat: 21A
Flight Time: 10h 17m
Meal Service: Lunch, Snack & Brunch

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1292liam says:

‘bad moms’ any good ?!

Amandeuce says:

thx for this review. brings back some good memories of united. that meal looks pretty bad though to be honest 😉 loved the ATC during the landing thats one amazing feature to your videos! thx for sharing!

Defined Boundary says:

Great view from the sky man

Seven PointFive says:

Not to dull, so expect a good service

X Kairo says:

2:30 the British 777 was the one that had the engine burn out as Las and you can see that from the engine

Rich Dewhirst says:

Liked this one 🙂 Cheers

Syed Hoque says:

United fly 787-9s between London and LAX. They’ve got the new Polaris Seating.

Peter Lokey says:

Awesome Video As Always.

SANspotter says:

Lucky you had an entire row to yourself! That kind of situation makes an economy seat so much better, and quite comfortable on long flights like this. How did you manage to get an amenity kit and ice cream sundae though?? 🙂 Awesome video!

Brendan Berkhout's Travel Videos says:

Another masterpiece WITTW! Thanks for sharing 🙂
Man that is an empty flight! Although the premium cabins look alright.
As you pointed out correctly the early flight time might be a factor. Although I have seen this flight much busier! I guess with AA/BA & VS on the route a couple times a day isn’t helping either!
Getting the amenity kit from the crew is a nice touch! Was it because of your status?
The food doesn’t really appeal. What was the first meal actually? Couldn’t quite figure out what it is. And the snack was just some bread?

Thanks again!


Gavriel Sholto Creen says:

After travelling with BA the past couple of times to America, I feel far more inclined to go with one of the American airlines in the future.

Calvin Abad says:

Emirates is way better!

JC Baily says:

Once again, I am amazed at UA food service, they sure did not learn much from Continental…thanks for your video.

danny1966 says:

I flew this flight in 2001 to get married in Hawaii, Stop over in Los Angeles. I and my wife remember United made us feel so welcome they give us free champagne. In 2001 I think I remember the out going flight out of terminal 3, Now it is 2. I and my wife Nikki are still happily married. We now have two beautiful daughters aged 11 and 14. United is a great airline!

Archie Smith says:

Your videos are absolutely brilliant! Do you travel for work or just a holiday, and if it’s for work, what’s your job? Great video mate

19bootsy68 says:

Great TR James…who needs business anyway when the plane is this empty. I once had the middle 4 seats back in like 1989 with BA…no PTVs back then and the last few rows of BAs 747s were for smokers…funny enough it was a return flight back from LAX.

David Casper says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing.

Jon & Dan Travel Vlogs says:

Another great video.

jonybeam says:

The screen is about the size of a postage stamp!Truly dreadful dated interiors really bad

claus stimpfig says:

United Airlines eco class should be given the prestigious and award winning  name “Diet Class”. I mean when I see all of these overweighted people in the U.S.
That eco is just the perfect way to travel for them….they can do something good to their health so choose the “friendly skies”…….o.m.g.
thank you for this video though…..

danny1966 says:

Great video! Only 1 niggle shame it was not longer than 14 min.

Natzoo says:

It seems United has upgraded the LHR to LAX service to a 787 and only shows 2:10 flight, i cant find the 9:30 flight

Mario Imori says:

Great video. It’s been a long time since I flew for the last time. Nothing is free on the planes nowadays, is it? I remember last time I flew United ORD/GRU and I was given JW Black Label and had wine with my meal – in the economy class! I got a little sad about that! Thanks for uploading!

Pro Viper says:

United, a good airline pick one

65akk says:

How often are people upgraded when the higher classes are empty or have very few passengers?

icandrawmemes says:

Good when there is an empty row to sleep on.

aviationalf says:

What a greaser of a landing 😀 . The ATC was a nice touch

330DELTA says:

Good quality video !  Thank you for sharing!!

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