United Airlines Economy Flight Review

We flew from Tokyo (Narita) to Honolulu-economy class food & flight review. This is a special flight because our friend Laurence, who usually flies business or first class, flies economy with us.

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Guy Mats says:

HA! I know how Lawrence feels – we usually always fly premium or first class too – it is mainly for the extra leg room though. I honestly don’t like First class though because it is too much service and I’m usually asleep! ha!

Jackie McCoy says:

Korean Air is the best!!!! The seats the food the amenities in coach class… and the stewards are so kind and amazing!!! Unfortunately I usually traveled on United due to their routes and convenience:(. Stewards were pompous asses!!!

Pengyi Gu says:

Great flight! I flew from Houston to Honolulu with UA. 8.5 hours flight still considered domestic flight, so NO hot food at all for purchase, all they have are snack boxes….

Ting Lin says:

Laurence is so funny! I love seeing him in your videos!

Hgood1 says:

Domestic US complimentary meal is nasty. I wouldn’t serve it to my worst enemy though their International meals are generally decent.

Ryu Wata says:

前からずっと見ている方です。英語がだんだん上手になっている。keep up the good work guys! 頑張ってください!

BucketsAMF says:

I like simple food, that rotini pasta dish with the cherry tomatoes and cheese looked pretty good to me.

Yoshiko Yeto says:

Oh the indignity of it all! Laurence doesn’t have an economy bone in his body! He must really adore you both to tolerate economy class, but maybe he was able to use the money he saved for his aloha shirt collection. The food actually didn’t look so bad. Oh, I hope you guys were able to get some rest after your flight. So sorry to hear Satoshi felt ill on the flight. Looking forward to your upcoming videos in Hawaii! Thanks so much.

Tania Nur Annisa says:

Is Satoshi okay? Lol

meestaShin says:

I hate all American airline companies. JAL, ANA, Korean, Singapore airlines are ideal for me. Gotta have that foot rest on economy and have decent food and service. No obese, smelly attendants.

Amantis says:

Someone seemed kind of arrogant and entitled, are they very rich?

Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

Best airline foods are from Royal Brunei, Etihad and Thai airways 🙂

extreme viking says:

I was lucky enough to go to Honolulu three times but honestly it’s just like California which is warm water and if you don’t stay by the hotels it gets kind of ghetto but still nice

Trinity Li says:

Hi guys! This was an interesting video. I have never been on a flight that serves food. I really haven’t been out of the country… Gotta change that in the years to come, right? LOL! I have heard horror stories about the food, but your meals looks pretty delicious. It looks like they give you enough food and snacks to keep you satisfied. Laurence did a good job braving economy class! I have never flown business or first class so I’m sure if I did, I would be just as nervous as Laurence. I think that’s awesome that you all got to fly together so I bet that made the flight even more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

Sammie says:

I am glad to see reviews of economy class!!! Thank you! Most of us can’t fly business or first class, yet it seems there are far more reviews on those class flights! Thank you for appealing to the common man! Those of us who just feel so fortunate to be able to travel at all and will never be able to fly first class!!

White Snow says:

I hate people put their faces just in front of camera, showing their close- up faces. No so attractive people love to do that! Stop please.

Janis Haro says:

Hi guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

DineNastyLakers says:

2:48 LOL Satoshi’s face

hhutcheo says:

Not much worse on a plane than a crying baby. The food looked ok!

Randy Moran says:

I’m with Laurence on this one lol! Safe trip guys

R Stap says:

lol Satoshi in that neck pillow XD

HapaSD says:

This video was hilarious! Except I felt bad about Satoshi getting sick. As someone who almost always flies economy, Laurence’s comments were so funny!

michael hopper says:

hi to japan dudes look good mates meal nice everyfood 4 out 10 stars ok

Anirudh Rawat says:

United airlines is the worst airlines in the world. Departure was at 11:00 am and the plane depart at 6:30 pm

Cindy Pak says:

So good to see Lawrence again!!

Lady Luck says:

LOL! Gotta love Laurence. Thank you for making the sacrifice to fly economy! Poor Satoshi. I tend to get motion sickness as well so I know how awful it feels. The meals looked pretty good especially for airline meals. They don’t do such a good job on domestic flights though. 🙁 Really enjoyed the vid.

pearlintheoyster says:

Take more vids on international flights. U guys r too funny

Pixy Fairy says:

Wow, united airlines has a good service and food , i didn’t know that, i have horrible experience with american airlines, so i got scared to take any US airlines. The turbulance always bad on top of the mountain especially. Very good video.

William Lau says:

Poor Laurence… It’s not just Economy, it’s United Economy of all things to break him in. 🙂 Truly the worst airline! I fly in/out of Narita frequently and those United meals looks terrible… Forget how good ANA and JAL are, even Delta’s and Hawaiian’s economy meals are 20 times better than United…. If it wasn’t the Japan catering service, the food would be even worse…

Lisa B. says:

You made it Laurence!!!!

Victoria Davis says:

I love the pair of you very much. I watch your videos every day. I also love seeing Laurence. In this video it really bugged me that he was complaining about something as unimportant as which class you were flying for so much of the video. I hate that Satoshi was sick. I’m sorry, he just rubbed me the wrong way today. Hugs and <3

Rainbow Dude says:

Surprised, you guys didn’t get beat up? From what I know, they love to beat up Asians.

Meanie Schmidt says:

did you arrive in the past? In the morning if the day you left, date wise. HAHA, HUGS good show

Sakana McLetsbuild says:

Hi, TabiEats, when I flew on United, I also took photographs of the food. Great minds think alike? Take care.

Bec Witham says:

Pasta looked great, very cheesy and Ballantyne butter is lovely

Tim Yamasaki says:

You guys should go on a trip to Vegas. Great restaurants, shows, shops, Strip views, drinking, cigars, sightseeing, clubbing (both night and day spa), pools, exciting attractions (High Roller, roller coasters, Stratosphere rides, Eiffel Tower, etc.), gambling, etc.

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