TRIPREPORT | Virgin Atlantic (ECONOMY CLASS) | Boeing 787-9 | London Heathrow – Los Angeles



Airline: Virgin Atlantic
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Registration: G-
Flight Time: h min
Seat: 49A
From: London Heathrow
To: Los Angeles International
Date: March 2018

Cameras used: Canon G7X Mark II
Additional equipment: Suction cup

This video does not contain product placements. The airline was neither involved nor informed about the production of this Tripreport. The ticket fare was paid by ourselves.




B Will says:


Connor H says:

Do lhr to mia ok n this airline or american plz

Jamie Bardon says:

Talk about value for money! I paid roughly the same for a return trip to Miami, for what you get during the flight I don’t think there’s another European airline that can match the Virgin standard.

WolfPackCool4123 says:

6:04 Ohh look a Concord

Zain Arvis says:

Was your seat premium economy because their was 2 different seats

MilinkoRBLX says:

Have you flew to Canada before? If you try visiting Hamilton, you can try a airline called Swoop! Swoop is a Ultra Low Cost Canadian Airline Created in 2017 and flights started 2 months ago.

Michał WW says:

How tall are you? Im 6’2 (190cm) and im scared that the legroom wont be enough for the whole journey. (LHR to New york)

ContentDeleted Geneston says:

Make more long haul flights. I’m fed up with short haul flights

Larissa Berry says:

Taking this flight tomorrow 🙂 so excited x

Zain Ashraf says:

I used to fly that route so much. It was not that good of a flight back then

Alex Scher says:

The cockney British accent

antonio ebejer says:

I flew virgin from lgw to mco on a B747

Liam Sheridan says:

I sat in 49a to Shanghai I think it might be the best Economy seat on the whole aircraft

UltimateNik says:

Going to be on the exact same flight tomorrow! thaks for the preview

Tom U-S says:

Thanks for making this video.

I am flying alone from Heathrow Terminal 3 via Virgin to Los Angeles in January and I’ve never flown before. The thing I’m most afraid of is navigating through the airport, and getting all the necessary documents sorted. I’ll be staying in Tijuana, Mexico but arriving in Los Angeles since it is much cheaper.

My baggage size is 25 x 35 x 49 cm, but Virgins maximum size is 23 x 36 x 56 cm, will there be any problems with this? Do they actually measure each bag?

Any other advice would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Timothy Kwak says:

Omg when I saw u taking off from London, I spotted a Concorde!

Nick Jones says:

What kind of power outlet was below the seat?

Pillow man says:

Virgin airlines the airline where people that still have their virginity fly in

that’s a bad pun

George Michael says:

I liked your video more than the other guy who posted the same experience. You picked the better meal and you also didn’t drop your pudding.

zeypo says:

Question. Does the arm rest go all the way up to be tucked away in between the back of the seats?

Plam Zay says:

Dont like this.

Sameer Kooliyat says:

6:05 Concorde

Aviation 12312 says:

I’m British I live in England

SafeerShahVlogs says:

Also the seats can Recline Too!

Lana Fairhurst says:

I flew with them more than 5 times

Egor Popov says:

6:05 Concord

world television kids rhymes and baby songs says:

Why u use for filming

Nils van Eck says:

nice view of the conord by take of

Shaun Pierce says:

What is CBP?

One World Flyer says:

Nice video! Looks like Virgin feeds you more than BA!

கிருஸ் ஸ்ரீ says:

virgin atlantic really makes sure you’re well fed. Nicely taken

Moon Pride says:


Keeping up with Atul says:

I follow Sam chui and enjoy his channel till your channel came across. Sam is always showing business and first class and let’s face it we can’t fly like that. I enjoy yours since I’m economy flight traveler and I get to feel the airlines via your videos. I really do enjoy the food part and also the seats. I have traveled with China Southern Airlines last year and my flight wasn’t that great as yours. Just wanted to tell you that I’m hooked with hot Chanel and keep up the good work.

Coaster Maniac says:

There’s hardly anybody on that plane

Victor King says:

Terminal 3 can be a nightmare, I flew to Australia from T4, pretty good but by Christ don’t get a satellite gate, they’re a twenty minute walk from from the main terminal. How do you find Heathrow? Depending on the time you could be sat on the ground for 50 minutes.

Raad Yusuf says:

Really hope to fly this magnificent beast!

JustKatey says:

I’ve flown virgin before as well

sakcee says:

Good review

Sports fan Attic says:

Did you get an amenity kit?

Alex Daniel says:

Ugh I hate Heathrow. I dunno weather it’s that “coming home” thing, but it really pisses me off.

LucasGaming says:

I was on one of Virgin’s 747s a few month back, and I think the seats in economy which are that light shade are Economy Delight (Extra Legroom). But I have got to say that Virgin Atlantic is one of the best airlines in the world.

Hubert Alistair says:

Seems like it’s codesharing ANZ behind it also to LAX then to Auckland

phil phil says:

Vorgin airline was the best one .

IslandSoundz says:

Please try Fly Jamaica or Caribbean Airlines some day.

Sebastian NW says:

Hi mate, was your seat in the economy delight class? I’m looking to book my flights and I’m not sure if it’s worth paying an extra £100 to fly in delight class….

cherrymae says:

I’m actually at gate right now, going to WA – London with Virgin Atlantic and I always had good experiences with them so I’m pretty excited. But i’m not a good traveller at all so I got my motion sickness tablets at hand. Haha

Jose Fornes says:

There is one thing that I do not understand. If you flew out of Stockholm with British Airways, did not pick up luggage and then did not check in with Virgin? Because BA and Virgin are not associated companies, true?

Day See's says:

I sense a drop in price ticket from L.A. to New York ,like 100$ or something, really, I sense it

Ametrine Moon says:

OMG Love Hearts I loved them

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