TRIP REPORT | Norwegian | Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | Los Angeles – Oslo | Economy Class | ✈

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✈Airline: Norwegian Air International
✈Flightnumber: DY7084
✈Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner EI-LNA
✈Seat: 29A
✈Route: Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX) – Oslo Gardermoen (OSL/ENGM)
✈Flight duration: 9h45min
✈Date: 06th September 2015

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Sirkelsag666 says:

Well all though Norwegian is cheap for long haul and international flights. They charge very high on domestic routes. I was just was up north visiting family and we payd the same total amount as we did flying to Marrakech and Milano, combined…

Yunin 05 says:

Norwegian is really bad

socal silver says:

Great Video !!!! Just did Stockholm to LAX in premium economy on Norwegian 787 Dreamliner. Seat 1-A. Was a fantastic experience !!!!!

Arnold Rimmer says:

Good review. Thinking of taking norwegian to their new singapore route. This made me think its ok

Dick Tandy says:

How was the service with the flight attendants?

Ava Hill says:

great video by the way. exactly what I’ve been looking for

Piotr Szewczyk says:

What’s the cost of the flight ?

Flight attendant Tom says:

The reason you didn’t have WiFi is because they don’t have it on there long haul aircraft just on short haul. So it wasn’t missing

Ruth Sandy says:

I used Norwegian Airlines inJune of 2018 and I enjoyed my trips, the ground staff was friendly and very professional, my in flight experience was great, however better planning on my part is necessary in respect to food. I think the staff could have at least offer you water, otherwise great airline, I will definitely use this airline again. Hopefully in first class

Gaming Universe 1101 says:

Why Not Just Fly To Germany Directly -_-

Abraham Lincol says:

Low cost to reach.. after! !

Gianni Zamora says:

is there in seat charging for say a small laptop?

Hailey Schueneman says:

Is there wifi on this flight for purchase?

polly chu says:

very nice video, the legroom is pretty generous. I will fly to oslo from los angeles in July. I read a lot of bad reviews about the long hour delay or cancelling flight of this airline. Have you expierenced long delay?

Ava Hill says:

were your tickets lowfare or lowfare+ ?

Peter Rodriguez says:

When it comes to saving money, Norwegian Air is the best option for long-haul flights. I’m flying this coming October 2018 and I only paid $326.00 one-way from LAX to Copenhagen, Denmark and $354.00 on my ticket back from Madrid to LAX, this includes a max of I believe 23 kilos of allowed luggage without paying extra, breakfast and about $12.00 charged to avoid penalties if I cancelled my flight ticket. The majority of the people have the wrong concept that is expensive to go to Europe, well. as you can see is NOT. In my opinion that is a bargain. (I made all flight arrangements through Kayak website).

Ank Anks says:

Lol…I love to drink Champagne in the Sky from Los Angeles LAX to Hithrow Airport London and back.
I was flying with the whole coach team .
Many thanks for the great service.
I love to be in the Sky all the time. I would love to stay in the Sky coz the Earth is sooo boring. OMG !

Plamen2007 says:

I’ve just been looking into Norwegian Airlines and have discovered that it actually ends up cheaper to fly Virgin Atlantic (London – New York (booked a few months in advance)). Norwegian Air with checked baggage comes out to ~£500 (return), while Virgin Atlantic ends up at about £460 (return). And I know for a fact they don’t make you pay for headphones and blankets on Virgin Atlantic…

Augusto Lugo says:

@28:12 time stamp only 9 hours and 45 minutes??? Wow that is pretty fast, I would have thought it was more like 13 to 14 hours, from Paris to Miami was 9 hours 15 minutes, how can that be??

Ava Hill says:

how big was your personal item? I’d like to bring a medium sized backpack but am concerned they’ll make me store it in the overhead bin. were they strict on their bag size policy?

Janto says:

Really wondering why nobody asked this already: How tall are you in cm?!

Lorenzo W says:


Callie Masters says:

I heard it costs €5 to use the toilet (€4 if you’re only going #1, €8 if you stink it up), but half that if you pre-book and go at an exact reservation time. They know how to overcharge you: The toilet paper costs €1 per sheet, so it helps not to eat too much. You can book your toilet visits on the IFE system! Just tap the screen for poop or pee and you’re all set! 😉

Lozibiza resident says:

I’m flying the Dreamliner from Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona later this year, can’t wait!

EnzoGoober says:

Amazing Video! I wish I can go visit KLAX sometime in the future. And what Terminal is 1:46 at? Main Terminal?

sheilaalsy says:

hey 😀 was the earphone/headset plug a 1 or 2 pin plug?

hector cruz says:

I say they do much better then most u.s carriers


$ 4 for a Tea Insane or a can of Coke .I can`t get it why people fly with this kind of Airline

Equality says:

I’m Norwegian:) idk why but I Get so happy when I see ppl fly with norwegian

almuhairi says:

i wish either Norwegian or Transavia launch direct flights between SXF DXB

angelfire says:

this video is helpful thank you! I will be flying Norwegian for the first time in couple of weeks time…. so its nice to know a few things! cheers

Chrissy Pissy says:

Great video. I honestly I love Norwegian Airlines and would love to fly on one. But overall another great video made my a great YouTuber. Awesome work!
By the way did anyone notice how the spoilers were still up when the plane arrived? Strange.

Nikolai Skogen says:

You saw the clip when it Said kaffe & melk? Well that means Coffee and milk in english.

Frickis Orlando says:

Is it true the movies isnt free its on demand i have heard

Daniel L says:

2:08 forgot to lower spoilers

Piechum says:

One of your best trip reports 🙂

Wizz air fan says:

Norwegian is a very liked airline

blackhawk1 says:

A350 better 🙂

Ed Peters says:

“I’m only thinking of 3 things,when i have to fly…
1/ Will the plane take of??
2/ Will it go up in the air and stay in the air??
3/ Will it land where it suppose to land??”
Dave Allen 🙂

Winter Fisch says:

The rip you off another way. Believe me I have gone through…

QueenVelveeta says:

Will be flying Norwegian to London out of Austin Texas in late June. My first time on this airline.

Lauren Conrad says:

I went from NY to London and back on Norwegian. I doubt I will ever take another airline from those two destinations again. Norwegian was just so good for such an amazing price. I’m going from NY to Amsterdam and then London to NY next year and you can bet on going I’m going on Norwegian.

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