TRIP REPORT | AIR FRANCE A380 | Los Angeles to Paris – Economy Class Experience [Full HD]

Join me on this Awesome AIR FRANCE A380 flight experience from Los Angeles LAX to Paris CDG in Economy Class! This video is reduced to show you Air France’s Cabin Product and their extensive meal-services! If you like you can watch the full 66 minute video here:
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Flight Infos:

Airline: Air France
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJI)
Class: Economy Class

Flight time: 09:50h (Los Angeles to Paris)
Seat: 36L

Service: Snack + Drink (including Champagner), Dinner, Bar with “unlimited” Drinks and snacks + Ice Cream, Breakfast + Drinks (and Hot Chocolade, Tea or Coffee)
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SquillyMon says:

Its a wonder you can even think that thing will fly… It’s ENORMOUS!

roachtoasties says:

The food does look good. It looks better than what you get in Business Class on American Airlines. Also, I was in Berlin a couple weeks ago. A great city.

STAR_LIFE 96 says:

We’re the meals and drinks free

oxygala says:

do they have electric outlets in economy?

jelmerpilotHD says:

Awesome video mate!

Miguel Antonio Pérez says:

What an informative and well presented trip report. Air France has very civilized service on the LAX-CDG route, nice. I can not wait to fly on their A380, when I do, though, it’ll be from JFK. I don’t think the flight time permits for the great experience you had on your trip. Thank you for sharing your awesome journey on Air France.

Marcus LeeP says:

The seat space in economy is ok…I know us tall guys sometimes has a problem…

Hector Morales says:

nice video. I took this flight on October 2016, it was so good. I recommend people to take an A row seat since during the night you can check out your window and if you’re lucky you’ll see the northern lights as I did. the service was outstanding.

Marcus LeeP says:

That looks like you did very well…That is a big aircraft…Enjoy Paris, France…

Jian-Min Zhèng says:

Two hotmeal services and two snacks for an 11-hour flight? Poor cabin crews.. that seems very tiring for them!

Infinite Pilot & Racing Driver says:

me i fly hug to paris in the a380 and its tiring but better than the 777

pitrixplanespotting says:

Nice flight-report 🙂

Parag Kakati says:

nice video. good work.
God Bless
Love from India

Marcus LeeP says:

Yes,  I like the pasta meals when flying long trips.

MH Experience says:

Great video!!! liked and subscribed… maybe subscribe back?

Jared Lowey says:

What’s better? The a380 or 777? I’m planing on studying abroad in Paris in July.

Luis Eduardo Cortés Moreno says:

flying to CDG from MEX to get to berlin, i’m so excited to fly in the a380

Who needs names anyways? says:

You can watch fifty shades of grey?! Good luck to the person sitting next to you

Shon Ingel says:

Your seat was in firsst or second floor?

LBaviationfan says:

10:28 looks nice with all the little lights from the IFE screens to the no smoking lights.

Colin Boone says:

What day did you takeoff on?

Akira says:

Great video Bro. I am a very big fan of these “Tripreport” Videos. Keep them coming

ThatOneFlyer says:

Wonderful video!Subbed, sub back? Thanks

Chicago 90278 says:

Oh GAUD… I’m sorry but I hate Air France for pilot error crashes.. lol.
Note: It’s just because of all the Air France air crash investigations.

David Herrera says:

did you pay extra for your seat? or did you just select it at check in? I want this seat but I’m not sure whether its worth my money to pay for it if it will just be available at the time of check in

Deselex says:

Do you know if the Gluten-free meal options on AirFrance are any good?

wjatevrr says:

What’s up with the ads every 3 minutes

J Eileen says:

We had seats next to the meal prep area. The crew were having an all night chat fest there.

Marko Popara says:

Great report, I really enjoyed it!

Nick Kazandjieff Jr. says:

personally was not a fan of flying the A380 from LAX-CDG and back but good review, just as it was on my roundtrip flight

Daniel says:

Awesome trip report!!!!!! I love the LAX International terminal.

No More PC says:

France is very dangerous now. I wouldn’t send any family there.

Myrthe ten Berge says:

I have in 2015 From San fransisco to Paris to with a a380 i sitting on the upper deck

Keny pinto ramirez says:

un excelente servicio que te brinda air france

William Plane Spotter says:

Awesome video subbed sub back


What a massive a380 sound!

Andrew Anane says:

A380!!! The wing is so big omg. Nice flight review man, liked.

darkandcute40 says:

Champagne in Economy? Now that is classy French style Never tire of the grace that beast of a plane has. Been on that very flight and loved every minute. They had champagne at the drinks bar and I quaffed it all. *hic

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