SOUTHWEST vs JETBLUE vs ALASKA AIRLINES Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

Full comparative review of JetBlue, Southwest and Alaska Airlines Economy Class – which airline has the best seat, food, service and entertainment?

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DFW Aviation says:

You should do Interjet, Volaris, VivaAerobus in Mexico.

In Canada: Air Canada, Westjet, and Air Transat.

cam9408 says:

LOVE these comparison videos!

Brett West says:

I’m a fan of JetBlue. I wouldn’t necessarily call them low-cost or economy anymore, but the entire experience is always really pleasant. And where they have IFE (a pretty nice comfort), I have yet to see any one Alaska. I think Brady Isenburg is onto something for economy travel.

Shawn Bellamy says:

Do an economy week with the “3 main” airlines of the u.s. – American, Delta, and United

tjperez69 says:

Southwest for me since they now have a variety of flights out of Atlanta.  I’m not worried about USB ports or entertainment options since they’re just domestic.

dannybau says:

This is an unfair comparison video especially since Southwest is currently replacing most (if not all) of their 737-700 fleet with new 737-800 and 737-8Max aircraft, which offers a more roomy experience. You also did not mention that Southwest does have the ability to watch live tv via a mobile device for free with a few free movies. There are a few other movies that you can pay for, as well as wi-fi service. Snacks on-board are free and do vary depending on length of flight (usually peanuts for short flights and assorted snacks for flights over 3 hours).

skylineXpert says:

Aa Jetblue has 34″ in standard pitch.

Whow. Thats generous

thatamerican550 says:

Don’t waste your time on doing an American United and Delta comparison because lets be honest, there lightyears behind European and Asian carriers. Love these reviews though!

Ryan Kenyon says:

Great video! Jet Blue doesn’t serve my home market, but I hope to try them soon in my future travels. I have only heard positive things about them.

Deian Ianculovici says:

Do an economy week: Ryanair vs EasyJet vs Wizz Air..

Jesus Haro says:

do economy week with Mexican airlines!! (Volaris,Aeromexico, Interjet)

GalaxyMaster 101 says:

Alaska has free WiFi…..

Steven S says:

I just flew (last week on vacation) on the Southwest new 737-800 planes to and from Florida (east coast run) and found the new seats to be very conformable. I flew on Jet Blue last year to Florida and hated the flight! Half the time, the entertainment system was down and the cost of paying for checked bags was nerve-racking. Too many people held up the flight by trying to sneak their bags on board for free, only to be told that they have to check the bag (still free, since it’s at the gate now). Therefore, they beat the system, while we had to pay for checked bags. I’d rather fly SWA where I know my 2 bags are free. I can live with no entertainment system monitor on the seat back.

Adam Martin says:

I’m sure Jet Blue and Alaska are both great airlines, but both of them only serve small regions of the country. Alaska is pretty much useless unless you’re flying to SEA or PDX, and JetBlue is the same unless you’re flying to JFK or BOS. Southwest may not be the glamorous airline, they don’t serve meals or put touchscreen tv’s on the back of their seats, but their route structure is really only rivaled by the legacies.

John Lebouge says:

This video is a bit biased

Boat Lover says:

Drinks are also cheaper on Southwest than any other airline I’ve been on.

Albert Lefebvre says:

You should do different canadian airlines

grimvaper 69 says:

Does Alaska airlines still cheap out on their maintenance. You do remember the crash in 99 was due to poor maintenance

Daniel Xu says:

Jetblue prob wins

tolgahan reis says:

Plase Fly With Türkhis Airlines 😀

David Lamb says:

Hello from the The Virtual Flight Dispatcher… Excellent job. A few thoughts.

First, jetBlue on the west coast is not a major player. They have far fewer flights on the west coast than Alaska or Southwest. That said, going to/from the east coast, the jetBlue product is hard to beat. Of course, not all jetBlue flights are the same. If you fly on the A320, you will have 34 inches of pitch. On the A321 with Mint, it is 33 inches and on the A321 without Mint, it is 32 inches. It is my understanding that eventually, B6 will make all their fleet 32 inches of pitch with a smaller section (for an extra fee) that will be 38 inches. As for connectivity, jetBlue with free WiFi is the clear winner. I’ve not flown B6 in a while, so I can’t comment on their food.

Alaska is doing away with the Virgin America product entirely, which is a good and bad thing. This is necessary because they cannot maintain a dual identity. They also cannot have two fleet types and they have already signaled that they are moving in the direction of an all Boeing fleet. As a Seattle native and someone who has seen Alaska develop over the years, they cannot be a Seattle based carrier and not be an all Boeing fleet…it is just the way things are… That said, Alaska continues to win awards because they are continuing to adapt their product to attract both ends of the market, which they are doing by adding their Premium Class offering. While a cost upgrade from Economy, the extra seat pitch and free alcohol is not a bad deal. The are doing this while maintaining their 31.5 inch pitch on their 737-800s and 900s. I think we will see more incorporation of the Virgin product into the Alaska brand, but that is yet to be seen. Alaska’s product in Economy is super strong and is only going to get better. I am not sure that I agree with your assessment of LGB vs. LAX; Virgin America and Alaska are co-located now at LAX, so the connections will be better and if you connect at SFO, it’s all in one area. The same at OAK.

And then there is Southwest…

I am not certain your experience on Southwest is a fair comparison, since you flew on the 737-700, with 31 inch pitch. The 737-800s are all 32.5 inch pitch owing to the different seat in that aircraft. Also, Southwest’s offerings (no seat assignment) and no food give them the ability to turn an aircraft in 20 minutes in an out station. AS and B6 can”t do 20 minute turns anywhere. Southwest has not changed their philosophy about service in 20 years. They offer a basic product and they do it consistently well every time. It is difficult to have a bad flight on Southwest (and I’ve flown from SEA-BWI more than once and have been very happy bringing my own food). Southwest offers liberal changes and does not charge for bags…this is a huge deal because it means fewer big bags in the cabin which means faster boarding and de-boarding.

It’s hard to say anything bad about these three carriers and your review is really good….I hope some perspective from an old hand and fellow avgeek adds a bit more.

Nice job!

Cozzie 01 says:

Do Virgin Australia, Tigerair and Jetstar like if you agree

sugeypopplanet says:

I have ideas for future economy weeks:
– BA vs Norwegian vs Virgin Atlantic (transatlantic)
– BA vs Ryanair vs Easyjet (short haul)
– Cathay Pacific vs ANA vs Singapore Airlines (5* Airlines in Asia)

Joseph O'Donoghue says:

Aer lingus v British Airways v Cityjet? (Major airline that fly from Dublin to London)

Totally Patriots says:

Lufthansa Group

Simra Ahmed says:

Do Qantas vs Air France vs British airways

Jose Dominic Bicol says:

Yeah do Alitalia vs Iberia vs Finnair

Killerobot 73 says:

Just a little FYI the airport that has most of SW’s planes is Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl so that is generally regarded as its “hub”

marlin ewing says:

What where the cost differences between airlines?????

Kasilogameplay says:

I have an idea for another economy week. Scandinavian Airlines vs Norwegian vs Finnair.

Kaipeternicolas says:

JetBlue is absolutely the best. I’ve been saying that since 2008.

Iggy Koopa says:

Yeah Jetblue rocks!

TXPilot says:

To be fair to southwest, you probably should’ve flown on one of their newer 737-800s. They have the boeing sky interior which is on par with alaska

Nikepot 2702 says:

Swiss austian and Lufthansa

Exciter says:

Alaska Airlines being sued because lady died from escalator fall!

Tony Owen says:

Hey Daniel… Nice job Daniel. It is a challenge to do an unbiased and fair review. However, thought JB would be the winner.
Noticed a variety of comments from your viewers. When it comes to choosing an airline, it depends primarily what the customer is really after regarding – pricing; on board comforts – seat pitch; meals or snacks offered; many like the free baggage idea; entertainment systems; seat comfort; cabin presentation; cabin staff, etc. People will go with what is important to them, and the airline that offers those things in order of preference.
A couple I know, fly SWA almost exclusively, because of price. Myself – I like the leg room, and a choice of some type of nosh on board. My entertainment – watching the moving map display and looking out the window, as the topography goes by.
Keep up the good work. All the best to you and yours in the coming New Year.
Sweet surprise for your Mom and Aunt. Very thoughtful and generous.

Daniel K says:

The Southwest landing at SFO looked beautiful! Could you upload the take off and landings of that flight?

Kayci Wittl says:

Swiss, Austrian, Lufthansa

sujata karan says:

Any plans about reviewing Indigo.6e airlines ?……cheapest economy class airline of india…

Nicholas DelVecchio says:

Southwest hub is Chicago midway

Angel Fimbres says:

When it’s my choice, as opposed to work, I always fly Blue. The legroom, the staff, the entertainment though I really only use the free WiFi, unlimited snacks, awesome beverage choices (Bombay Sapphire, Tito’s), I’ve never had a bad flight. I fly monthly from SFO-LGB. I am a tic taken aback by your comment regarding LGB. I personally feel it’s the best in SoCali, especially George’s Greek, grab a Gyro plate, Greek salad, warm pita & Tzatziki, pre-flight deliciousness you can’t find at any other airport! When I’m pressed for time, grab Spanakopita (warm & flaky) & Tzatziki need I say more?
Anyhow, good review, spot-on, and never mind the naysayers. I Fly Blue! For cross country, I fly United (never had issues) as they are Star-Alliance. For my Euro-trips (Spain/France) can’t beat the L (Lufthansa).
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Air Canada. I was recently code-shared on vacation to Spain, staff were excellent, aircraft felt way low-rent but good enough. YUL & YYZ are boring airports.
It would be interesting as well to vlog your thoughts on the Int’l Airports, maybe a comparison? Good on ya!

romil shroff says:

African airlines kenya airways South African Egypt air

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