Southwest Boeing 737-700 Review | Portland – San Francisco & Seattle – Oakland | Economy Week

Experience Southwest Economy Class on their Boeing 737!

Disclaimer: Sorry this video is so plain (no pun intended). There really wasn’t much to record, but I obviously had to make it as part of the comparison! The next ones will be 5*, I promise. Happy holidays guys!

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Airline: Southwest Airlines, SW
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Reg: N410WN and N494WN
Flight number: WN591 and WN4458
Airports: Portland International Airport to San Francisco International Airport and Seattle Tacoma Airport to Oakland International Airport
Seat: 1st flight – 27F and 2nd flight – 20A

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Dan True says:

I fly quite often and I absolutely love Southwest.Growing up on the West Coast, SWA was my go to airline. I’ve flown all of the major carriers in the U.S. and they are among the best. Them and Alaska Airlines are by far, my most favorite. I give United a lot of business because they operate a lot out of where I live, whereas Southwest doesn’t, and they are probably 3rd. Not a fan of American Airlines at all. I have had too many issues, customer service debacles, and aircraft issues to like them. I’ve had decent luck with Jetblue, although I always seem to get stuck on their flights with grouchy flight attendants. I’m flying Delta soon and I’m hoping that goes well.

Tom S. says:

Little trick: When ordering your soft drink on Southwest, if you say, “a can of Coke, please?” they will give you the whole can.

tjsynkral says:

I’m experienced with WN and I can tell you that I would go out of my way to fly their 737-800 (or now MAX8). The seat pitch on that type is the most generous of any US airline without upgrading to premium, and it has the Sky interior (mood lighting). The 737-700 has really nice and cushy seats but the pitch isn’t quite as nice. Also they are not always the cheapest and Basic Economy on any of the other carriers could easily be $100+ less, but the free bags makes it up to me.

Aneschka Van Zyl says:

I am flying southwest airlines tommorow for the first time on this plane! So excited

Schaeffer AV8R says:

Great video! I am voting for JetBlue on this one. Also, Dan, will you also make an Economy week for the low cost airlines in the Philippines? (PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Philippines)

DrPumpkinYT YT says:

Southwest is the only airline I flew in my whole life

Andre Nash says:

If you have Wi-Fi you can watch Hulu and Netflix if you have the app

Owen Haesler says:

Southwest is my go-to airline! The staff are always amazing and I really like the boarding process. ✈️

Liam Walshe says:

I still use Southwest more frequently than the other two. The free bags, great service, and flexible change/cancel policies are quite attractive.

Yes, the 737-700s have tighter seating than the 737-800s and 737 MAX. However, the legroom on the MAX and the 800s is no doubt better than Alaska – especially those planes with the “heart” interior – those are comparable to JetBlue’s regular seating.

A few winters ago, I flew Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale for $59 each way on Southwest. Unbeatable!

I also recently needed to fly from Atlanta to New York. All the airlines were running around $200 for the flight – yep, even for Spirit and for Basic Economy on Delta et al.

Southwest on the other hand…$120 including my bags.

That was an easy choice!

Andre Nash says:

If you have Wi-Fi you can watch Hulu and Netflix if you have the app

Angie J says:

SW is my go-to airline. I flew on the 737-800 and liked it quite a lot.

hector cruz says:

Not a fan of the boarding and not a big fan of the open seating policy

Plant-Based Danny says:

Finally! Someone who actually talks in flight reviews and not just puts text up!

Braeden Schmidt says:

You can’t compare Southwest by flying on the plane you flew. You flew on the older cabin with older seats, no BSI, and less legroom. If you flew on the newer cabin you would be blown away at how bad the old cabin was.

DrPumpkinYT YT says:

You will have a whiplash when landed

Justin Crompton says:

I LOVE SOUTHWEST!!!!!! Hands down best airline in the US.

Mafif Absar says:

Try Indonesian lowcost airlines

webdaddy says:

I don’t understand why Southwest’s boarding is considered complex given the multitude of zones and gate-lice crowding that you get from the traditional legacy carriers. I find Southwest’s process far neater and simpler.

Carter Paulson says:

I’ve always liked southwest as far as schedules, employees goes but find the seat selection process unnecessarily stressful. It means you must be at the gate prior to the boarding in order to secure a good seat. If ur connecting flight is late, your screwed.

David Bradley says:

The max is what you have to get

David Bradley says:

The boarding is not complicated you stand in line to your boarding either A B C

Thomas Aviation says:

You don’t even have to title this economy, the whole plane is the same. And out of all the simple + affordable airlines SWA is the best

bailorg says:

The problem with this comparison is that JetBlue and and Alaska/Virgin are niche airlines serving a few lucrative markets, mostly on the west coast, that allow it to provide higher levels of service. Southwest, on the other hand, is a truly national carrier that delivers a consistently pleasant service across the country.

ModernDay ChristianChick says:

I agree regarding the boarding process. Anything can happen. I would rather pay more and pre-select my seat. Southwest is great though for trips 3 hours or less and show you have to get somewhere on a budget. It’s great for what it is and I’ve found the staff to always be very nice.

USA FOR BERNIE 2020 !! says:

Yeah but on jetBlue movies are FREE there a lot more snack choices and drink choices, a lot more legroom, FREE WIFI and way by far better staff!!

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