Singapore Airlines Premium Economy A380: SQ Part 2

Premium Economy is the new kid on the block. It’s better than economy class but not as good at business class. But how good is it? And is it worth the extra cost? Find out as I review Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy Class on the A380 from Sydney, Australia to Singapore.

This flight review video is Episode 2 of my series The 4 Classes of Singapore Airlines. Check them all out by clicking on my channel below….and of course please don’t forget to subscribe.

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This flight review video covers Sydney Airport, check-in, boarding, the premium economy cabin and premium economy seat. I also cover Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment system – Krisworld and their inflight meals and service.

Singapore Airlines is a great way to fly – and much of this is down to their famous Singapore Girl flight crew.

For more flight review videos including Emirates, Qantas, Qatar, LATAM, Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic and Cathay Pacific please visit my channel DennisBunnik Travels.

Flight: SQ232
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Route: Sydney to Singapore
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Aircraft Reg: 9VSKK
Seat: 34K (window)


Fran Camino says:

Not worth it. London Singapore 560 coach, 2190 Premium Economy 3200 business

Pastor Cmentarny says:

What is a song title that you are playing in background ??

TRL Alonso says:

Better than BA first

Pennywise4 says:

that normal economy would be my idea of hell….never used to but I stupidly as got older and income allowed went business then first… now I am the worst..from mapping sunlight to dictate which side of the plane i want to sit, to changing planes to get the best experience…whilst the new Singapore first class product is fantastic.. my favourite is the 777-300 first class, only have 4 seats and there it is seldom full.

4 Motion says:

Excellent video

wavecentral says:

Nice review. I’ve flown PE on SIA and loved it. One thing worth mentioning is that if you use the “book the cook” service and pre-book meals you will get served first. Makes overnight flights that little bit better as you can eat dinner quickly then get on with watching a movie or going to sleep.

Arham 1971 says:

It was a pretty good experience

Kwong Lie says:


captain Spaulding says:

heres my thoughts on P E , I do 2 long hauls a year , and I do mean long haul  15 hour flight , I find economy is half the price and that’s a big deal to me , that money can pay for my hotel ,and lets face it we all have a budget

Fei Shao says:

Why would fly double the price of qatar you can find similar seat in these in some of 777 you just have to find them 🙂

Shane Clarke says:

Hello Dennis, great review of Singapore’s premium economy. Just a question, did you find you were able to sleep comfortably in the seat?
My mother is going to be doing MEL to LHR, so want her to be as comfortable as possible.

Jdog LAC says:

Nice video Dennis however you pronounced penne wrong. You are saying it like pennay it is like e for the start of ed. Otherwise great review loved it

Rohit Kumar says:

Plz do one on air india

Eddie Cairns says:

Really enjoy your reviews mate, very informative, i like that you actually review the flight as opposed to fifteen minutes of the plane taking off etc! Also really good to see someone actually review economy/premium as well! thank you!

Jan Diehn says:

I would appreciate you talking about the costs of these tickets in all classes.

hkwak002 says:

Would you know if the middle last row seats have a full recline of the 8 inches? Thank you.

Patrick Yap says:

Great video!!

zxzv1 says:

BTW, some of the N American airlines too serve wine/champage in plastic glasses & that too in Business class SFO – FRA nothing new. Just that American airlines have to show profit to their shareholders.

MM03 says:

Am I the only one that prefers the normal economy class on Singapore airlines. I don’t know why but it looks really cosy and the service is good enough. I don’t like the look of the premium economy that much

Yota Takeshima says:

Is JAL the only airline, that allows you to go in the lounge when travelling with Premium Economy?

Nicko Russell says:

I just booked my trip to New Zealand from Guangzhou for next January. China Southern Airlines. I chose premium economy because it was so cheap. Only cost about US$60 more than economy. For a 12 hour return flight that’s a bargain for the extra space and comfort. First time I paid for a ticket other than economy, and I’m so looking forward to it.

Cody Hutchison says:

does any of this cost extra or is it included in ticket price?

Martin Toomey says:

Look comfy and yummy

Mark L says:

The food looks awful.

Jonnie Bangkok says:

I think I’ll stick with Business all the same.

Ralph Selwyn says:


Kevin Kunz says:

Dennis, I don’t like your reviews, I LOVE THEM! There are so many reviews out there with bad footage and no voice (sound). Your doing an awesome job! Best wishes from BNE to ADL!

Tanmay Bhakta says:

Looks really good, I am flying with Sq in Premium Economy 2 weeks from now.

wheatwild says:

Dennis, were there power sockets or USB ports?

Failboat is Fat says:

I saw one 2-3-2 in 3 rows only….. How was this possible


sir u did not tell the wifi cost and wifi u get while business or first class lounge must be free right unlike onboard wifi

Claire Taylor says:

Thank you for your wonderful videos, this really helped me to make my decision for selecting my airline to fly with and cabin class for my flights from sydney to london

Znek says:

03:35 that dude tried to get that cup lol xD

Siyaam Ajaz says:

There’s a big difference

elsamso says:

those tvs are fucking huge

Rozza T says:

Thanks Dennis, you do great reviews. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated. I’ll be flying the Singapore Airlines premium Economy to London from Singapore for Christmas/NY this year. You swung me from using points for Qantas PE this time. I’ll save my Qantas points for business to NY late next year.

unckieherb says:

What’s with the QF boarding pass?

Stephen Reddin says:

Rewatching the 4 classes of Singapore. Fantastic reviews.
PS Love the old intro song! Time to bring it back?

faizan joyia says:

How come you have a QF boarding pass

william hunt says:

how much we have to pay more pre economy for sydney to sing?

Siyaam Ajaz says:

If this was the normal econemy people would still want more

Journey With Steven says:

I am amazed that they served champagne on premium economy. That’s a good steal! Nice review!

Steve Thomaidis says:

I’d hit it

Rory McNicol says:

I flew on retro 2 before i found the livery really cool

Ben Schaeffer says:

I like the look of Singapore’s PE product.

Tuukka P says:

Hi Dennis, thanks for amazing content that you provide to us – I love every single video of yours as they are so informative and clear. I’ve asked this several times already but could you please share what is the name of the music producer who created the song starting at @4:09? And if there’s a name for the song could you share that too? I really like it.

Thank you!

Tim Smith says:

Nice review. Quick, clear, concise.

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