Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Review | Is it Worth It?

Singapore Air Economy Class Flight Review ( Boeing 777-300 ) from Tokyo to Singapore. Although not Singapore Airlines Business Class, the Singapore Airline flight was fairly enjoyable. I review the Meal, Customer Service, Amenities, Entertainment and Cabin Space. Let me know what you think of the flight in the comment section.

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cupita sufi says:

Sweet..i’ll be flying SQ to tokyo next mth. Thx for reviewing!!

star super says:

This is 羽田 HND. No 成田 NRT

relz888 says:

I saw your other video of ANA. Which one is better, SQ or ANA ? I’m going to Japan this year and confuse of choosing between those 2, so pleeeeaaaaaseee please please answer 🙂


Hey im also going in singapore airline economy.

canison1024 says:

absolutely china eastern is better,

Jeffry 's says:

Why there are two different seat look like on b777-300 and A380

Lee Claxton says:

Great video, great editing. Loved watching this report.

Yuka T says:

Looking forward to your SG vlogs.

Param Preet says:

Nice vdo broo.

Kelwin Koh says:

Have fun and enjoy the food in sgp

One World Flyer says:

The second meal looks very impressive for economy class

cyclonicleo says:

Short, sweet and to the point. I like it! I haven’t flown SQ since 2007 (ten years!) but i’ll be on them for an 8 day trip to Tokyo in a few months, so this was great to see. Thank you!

William Lau says:

Love you videos!! Please don’t recline economy seat that aggressively, especially when seat pitch is already very bad. The poor person behind instantly put up their hands when you were try to demonstrate the recline…

Ms Bunny says:

Good choice, they’ve always been one of the top airline in decades.

always in beta says:


Luke Dennis says:

Perfect timing Paolo! Im flying Singapore Airlines to Japan in 2 weeks from Australia! This has been very handy so thank you. Im a bigger bloke so the size is a worry but the destination in worth it! Thanks again Paolo

Ariel Silva says:

awesome! we’ll be flying SG to zurich with singapore airlines! hope they serveus those burgers!!! hahaha

Trevor Nokes says:

Play Paolo from Tokyo I like your videos and they’re super awesome and helpful! I will be traveling to Japan next march and need some help learning japanese. and making my way thru out shinjuku and shinbuya area. Is there a way I could possibly talk to you?

STAN Production says:

It has always been the airline of choice for me whenever I fly if budget isn’t a concern. They have many time surpass the service standards to help passengers. There was once when my luggage well exceeded the 30kg limit by 15kg. And the manager at Checked-IN (ICN) actually told me to remove the excess 15kg and pack it into paper bag so that we can help me carry on-board as Hand luggage 🙂

jermyn wee says:

Are you in Singapore? I would love to bring you around!

kelvinyauyau kelvin says:

Only when you start filming the services have been on the ball…. if not, is horeshit for econ class mate!

nat lee says:

LORD!You leave no detail out.Singapore is along with Emirates the BEST airline.Don’t be so hard nose.Next time fly Delta,or American,you will be kissing Singapore ‘s wings!Love your videos.

tamiya frog says:

Great video!

Tan PJ says:

Welcome to my country! hope to bump into you on the street =D

Arnold says:

Don’t flight attendants get a little annoyed/uncomfortable with giant DSLRs filming them? I’ve seen it on multiple trip reports..guess SQ is cool

Mark Y says:

I love SG crewwwwwwwws, thanks for the vid, Have you tried Thai? I would love to see your TGvid as well

Ana Carolina says:

singapore air has the most gorgeous flight attendants, uniform and shoes. service is pretty good too.

Quasar says:

I always flew with this airline since I was kid. My family has been a krisflyer member for 10 years and I got to say it’s pretty cool the kind of perks you can get regarding ticket deals and merchandise on 1st class seats whenever we go on vacation to a different country with singapore airlines.

Oh Sooyeon says:

Yes Singapore airlines is one of the best airlines ever. The vegan food is great too

Maria C says:

I love their uniforms, they look comfy.

little big big says:

its looks very normal. there is nothing special about singapore airlines…

Patrick Pick says:

WOW! Amazing Y class. SQ rocks!

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