SEAT REVIEW | The new Economy Class Seat aboard China Airlines AIRBUS A350-900XWB!

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Airline: China Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Registration: B-18905
Seat: 62C
Date: February 2017

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iSource says:

Hi SimplyAviation why do you fly so much are you rich or something

Yannis Moutafis says:

It doesn’t look bad.I believe that what you need in a long flight route is a comfortable and spacious seat with a good updated entertainment system and a proper service by the crew.Nice review guys.

Panda Fish says:

Must’ve been hard for your family not seeing you cause your flying all the time 🙁

MintyMusic says:

Loving this seat review series! Like from me 😉

Arranheron says:

Hi my name is arran I would really be thankful if you give me a shout out  I’m not begging it would mean so so so so so so so so so much to me I love your vid . bye

dave4shmups says:

Excellent seat review! Great job with this configuration by China Airlines! I really love all of the soft colors in the economy section too!

Apace says:

Great Video!
Are you planning to do the new ultra-cheap DUB-NYC Route from Norwegian for 69€ one way? It’s flown using a 737-MAX and I am really interested to see, how a long haul flight in a single aisle aircraft is like!

El Al Israel says:

One of the best youtube channels
Could you do a review about El Al?

zhiza and brother says:

I never been in a China air

Flying Squad says:

cool video!!!!!!

ByKinimod ByDust says:

Air Canada Vienna to Toronto they have flights that go to Vienna

Plane Spotter YUL says:

another vlog, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Starley says:

Sehr cool!

William B161 says:

Nice video

E P says:

The carpet is quite distracting LOL
It looks like bones randomly placed all across the cabin hahaha

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Not sure how that ” sky seat” thing works…I guess one person buys three seats? Might as well fly business.

FlyCruise Singapore says:

Nice review David. I’m pretty impressed with China Airlines however the carpet looks weird, it just looks unfinished.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says:

666 views LOL

YT_Epic says:


Mark Edwards says:


Juliet Aguilar says:


ya boi kenny says:

Do you have any flights booked on Kuwait Airways?

Ahmed Ismail says:

i love that sky couch seat conversion , never seen it before !

Justin Fiore Limnard says:

When will you ride the china airlines a350

Matt Nebraska says:


Andreas Simson says:

1000th view!

Steve McMillen says:

The colour scheme is probably not the most appealing, especially the seat colours and the carpet pattern.

Peter Schroder says:

im going on the a380 on emirates tomorrow in business class, are the service good in business?

miata149 says:

Did you say how wide the econ seats are? If so, I must have missed it.

Tom Wessel says:

The carpet is extremly ugly and it wont look better with time.

Ron Jones says:


Sami io says:


Andrei Alex says:

lovely video as always 🙂

Vir Thanki says:

Lovely Seats

krish khasnobish says:


Eddy Zen says:

wow looks nice i rode air china a while ago it looked okay but this looks better is there going to be a tripreport on this

MT Aviation says:

nice review. looks great! 🙂

My Tree says:

nice seat review

Manchester Aviation says:

Klasse Video!

Sean Hodkiewicz says:

Looks great

Chlipec doo says:

No video from outside 🙁

Sami io says:

I am the 1 viewer

Ifraah Faahiye says:

17th comment

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