SEAT REVIEW | LUFTHANSA’s brand new 2017 ECONOMY CLASS aboard the Airbus A350-900XWB!

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Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Registration: D-AIXA
Seat: 18A
Airport: Munich Franz Josef Strauss
Date: February 2017

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Abas' Minecraft Building Channel says:

Do u work for Lufthansa

Elias Van Doren says:

Aye! That’s a brilliant seat review! i just love the feature that you can make a bit transparent (sorry if you dont understand) Thanks for reviewing on Lufthansa, Safe travels, Cheers Elias

Google-Plus User says:

Ich finde die Kabine total hässlich. Ohne das Logo würde ich gar nicht darauf kommen, dass es sich um eine Lufthansa Economy Class handelt. Der geringe Sitzabstand und der Fakt, dass man seine Steckdose teilen muss, passen nicht zur Lufthansa. Wenn AirCaribes so etwas anbieten würde okay, aber Lufthansa ? Die alte Eco war besser.

Aber sehr gutes Video !:)

Thejordigames says:

Just subbed!

Philip Geesing says:

Lufthansa as always killing it with the design!

SwampertGamer14 says:

Oh yeah TAP has retrofitted their a330s

Tony Byng says:

Really awesome video again guys, I always enjoy watching as you are the best! I’m always excited for a new video waiting for it to upload! Plus I am going to Thailand on Thursday and I’m hyped about the flight there!

R Y says:

I hate ur vids

Omari Joseph says:

seat look rather comforatbel and leg room looks good

Pete Trebesch says:

I believe you should carry a tape measure, pitch, width,

Vir Thanki says:

Nice but I liked the old cabin more Nice Vid

Erin Dinsmore says:


Julian Munday says:

nice as always!

Luther says:

i like both yellow and blue. I love Lufthansa

My Tree says:

pretty nice seats tho like the video but without the “seats” xD

Mark Edwards says:


علي نزار says:

Make I vedio in air eygptair

luisluisaviation says:

Very Cool! Love the A350. Come and check my trip reports on my channel, It would be such an honor! Congratulations SimplyAviation.

Laron Woods says:

Beautiful! I love that blue/indigo tint. Gorgeous! Thanks for the short vid! Lufthansa has a winner with their A-350.

Ivan Edsel says:

You seems in a hurry to review it

Twisted Hawk says:

Pls respond simply aviation say hi

Cesar says:

the cabin looks great from front view but normal in back view

the best videos _ says:

I love your videos

Juanjo Xacur says:

You should fly in Aeromexico

Berlin Planespotter says:


Hamed Cisse says:

Which airline will you advice me for a best travel experience between Air France, Lufthansa , Brussels Airlines , Ethiopian and Turkish airline i have an upcoming trip this Août but I don’t know which to choose .Thank you

One World Flyer says:

Great video! Love these reviews!

Justin Fiore Limnard says:

Great place

Sp3ll633 says:

the cabin looks okay, VOD also good, but the seat itself, is not really appealing to me. =/

KevinPDX1 says:

No strange spy cameras like Emirates? lol

Melon Boyz says:

Wow….nice nice….but is there a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Munich??

Derek 4551 says:

pls can u do an A300 review on any airline?U shld fly on one before its too late

PlanespottingGWT says:

Schönes Video! Habe gestern auf Sylt das erste Eurowingsflugzeug vor die Linse bekommen . Es war ein A319 (D-AGWF)

Josef Richter says:

This purple-ish color is weird, but otherwise the seats look great!

AlexSuperGame says:

What will be the next trip report?

Ayushman Nath says:

Great video, you have to be my favourite aviation youtuber

Noah Bowie says:

it’s much better than the old one. i hope they retrofit it to the newer aircraft

Starley says:


Protocol Officer says:

How much did Lufthansa pay you for putting together this obvious promotion?

sawan oberai says:

Please fly aboard Air India (787 operates to and fro Vienna)

doohill says:

Thats a very nice economy class

ShiningOrange says:

Great! You should make trip reports to Italy tho. 🙂

Richard Wang says:

1:35 Calling out British airways xD

rcyw1112 says:

How many galleys did Lufthansa have in economy for their A350?

Gerald Frendo says:

I want to ask, the app you use to track your plane what is the name of the app ?
Please reply
If it’s not an app, then what is it?
Thank you

William B161 says:

Great video and have a nice week

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