SEAT REVIEW | Emirates BRAND NEW 2016 Economy Class Seat aboard the Airbus A380


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Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Registration: A6-EUB
Seat: 71A
Date: June 22nd, 2016

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Nauman Khan says:

oh very very awesome flight… Emirates is the number one…

geraldjharper1 says:

380 airbus seating emerit

good fellah says:

How’s the leg room?

Dejan Poparic says:

Great vid. How tall are you?

Matthew Molinyawe says:

flying in the 777 from manila to dubai… then from dubai to bacelona on the A380 hehe

Denise Simonson says:

how tall are you? Does the seat recline comfortably to be able to sleep?

Saad Khilji says:

Will I have have the same ife when going to Toronto?

Jaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De Rivera says:

Great, now economy class has a Switch/wii u

Josh Davies says:

On business does it have more movies/better ICE

Ajmal Ahmed says:

I just want to ask my brother has a Samsung tab 4 how do I get free wife for that because the emirates app is only for phones

Jakeian Martinez says:

why do American based airlines suck now?

MrDoge 21 says:

I can play with that cup holder all day…

Cardinal Ximenez says:

What’s in them things on the seats?

Kizzy man says:

Flew on a 77w with this new seats. Really cool

Bring me the milk Mother says:

Asian and European airlines economy class is the equivalent of American airline’s business class

Haseeb Ahmed says:

Thank you for the review u just got a new sub and I hope your channel keeps growing

Jb87 Jbse87 says:

how tall are you to compare?

Tips For Pets says:

More like first class than economy lol

Alex Still says:

Does anyone know if they fly this to Dubai from London Gatwick? Also should I request extra legroom I’m 6’8?

brixtonwa says:

How tall are you? You could be short when you say lots of legroom

Youssefs Kanal says:

Hey. Can you take Emirates A380 from Copenhagen to Dubai

FallingTitan says:

whats the recline angle of the econ seats? is it more then air canadas?

Marcos Lo Riggio says:

the 777-300er has those tvs??!!

Neal Major says:

Had these seats on a recent trip from Adelaide to Dubai, Emirates ICE system is without doubt best in class !

Patryk Kanik says:

how did you get on the flight alone

Amir Naeem says:

it is on all 0lane of emirates

Antik says:

Simply Aviation, I’ve been following you for a long time and I need suggestions… I want to fly to Asia as a tourist but I’m confused, to go there I would either Emirates Airlines (with its hub in Dubai International Airport, Dubai, U.A.E.) Qatar Airways (with its hub in Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar) or Etihad Airways (with its hub in Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.). Can you include stats about the airports (hubs or connection airports), customer service, flight quality, food quality, amenities bag, IFE, design, restroom, and much more stuff! Thank you very much! Love this channel! 🙂

PierreFZ1 says:

Are these new seats and IES only available on A380? I will flight emirates B777-300ER and I wonder if they upgrated their seats also on these planes?

Michael Qian says:

I have just flown on the A380 economy class with Emirates on a couple of long flights and I must say it is the best economy seat I’ve flown. Seat was 18″ wide with good leg room. Entertainment system was modern. The small controller I thought was unecessary as surely no one is so lazy that they can’t raise their arms to touch the big screen?

Ashley Howard says:

is it possible to plug in your own headphones or do you have to use the ones provided?

faizan joyia says:

That’s not how you do a review you need talk or do a voice over

Scott says:

Their economy class is about what first class would be for a typical cloud barge around here.

Lily Jackson says:

I’ve been on economy Emirates lots of times, and it’s REALLY REALLY nice, based on what I’ve experienced. i love it.

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