SEAT REVIEW | China Airlines BRAND NEW Premium Economy Class aboard their Airbus A350-900XWB

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Airline: China Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Registration: unknown
Seat: unknown
Date: February 2017

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Fire Brew says:

Wow. That’s like 100% better than a economy that I go into

Afroze AL Fuad Mazumder says:

i have a question David. If you can help!

JustStefan`s aviation videos! says:

Looks pretty cool!

Rémi Et Pierre says:


Starley says:

Sehr gut! 😀

Егор Абанин says:


My Tree says:

nice video

Yannis Moutafis says:

I would like to know the ticket price difference between Business and premium economy.If it is a big one I wouldn’t bother at all flying in a seat like this economy.Awesome review.

max chilla says:

better than LHs?

Noah Bowie says:

when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a business class.

that is really nice

Sean Wolf says:

The IFE remote looks cheap and ugly

William B161 says:

Amazing video

Melon Boyz says:

Great job!!..You give us a lot of information!! I love this channel…!! 🙂

Willamis Bezerra says:

Show de Aeronave

guyfromantwerp says:

I’ve actually just arrived home after flying China airlines a350 today!

tywang says:

Now this is how premium economy should be!

DayFall says:

great video

AbsolutAntonius says:

Thanks for this video. Definitely won’t be flying this airline to Thailand. Unless all you people are short I can’t see the “premium” in these seats..especially the size of the seat! After flying Norwegian Premium I can tell you it’s night and day. Just youtube Norewegian Premium and you’ll see what I mean. Their seats are like thrones. These seats are tiny. Video is very helpful.

otto zwet says:

That,s A Nice Seat like it!!!

Phenomenal RR says:

Can anyone recommend me a good place for aircraft models in Singapore

TheGamerBros HD says:

That looks lıke busıness

Jaime Medina Aschkenaz says:

is like Iberia when has the a-300s theDC-10s and the 747s, in “clase preferente” or business classs of IB in thath time, the distribution of the seats and not the actual tegnology off course very nice distribution of China Airlines

Justin Fiore Limnard says:

It’s not really the worst airplane but….

Kimberly Wasson says:

so… no leg rest as is pictured on their web site?? i don’t see one… just a little pull down foot step/rest. ???

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