During my recent trip to India I traveled with Qatar Airways from Miami. On the return from Doha to Miami I had the chance to review the Qatar Airways Economy Class, and I have to say it is the best economy class in the world!


On my first flight I traveled from Miami to Delhi via Doha in Business Class ( On the return flight home from Doha to Miami I decided to fly in Economy Class so that I can experience it and make a review about it.

I personally think that Qatar Airways has the best economy class in the world! I was very lucky that the flight was pretty empty so I had an entire row to myself.

The food, entertainment and leg room is amazing! I also give you a review of my Incredible India trip and tell you what I thought about each city.

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Matt Blaise says:

David. You totally ignored the south of India man. Culturewise and landmarkwise south is kinda underrated but yeah. You should have came and seen for yourself.

HappyCarlsons TV says:

The best airline we have flown on to date.

Sadek12 GT says:

does the aeroplane have wi-fi?

Bob Riley says:

I’m flying to the UK from Australian on this airline the stop over is koha so yea that will be fun

Giri AJAH says:

Loving those Prada Sport shoes ehhehehe

S Hussein says:

If this is paid content. I would rather you be honest and mentioned it.

Nitesh Pandey says:

You r awesome man

Aarush Indurkar says:

Emirates has the best economy class

Maria Hoffmann says:

amazing Economy class review of Qatar Airways!! Thank you!!

Anisha Indurkar says:

Emirates has the best economy

Der Calvin says:

What would you say? My Dad mostly don’t mind about prices so much. But if he’s flying, he always uses the Economy class. Would you say the Business Class is worth it’s price? Btw he’s flying to Doha in about 2 Hours haha

Antonija Bukvić-Letica says:

Hi David and everyone watching this video! Do you maybe know what kind of electric plugs are in Doha international airport? I tried to find this info since I’m flying via Doha this Sunday and I would like to know if I need to bring some kind of an adapter. Great video, thank you!

andy b says:

Agree – Qatar is the best economy – along with SIA. Emirates way behind until they replace their cabin crew – they all need attitude adjustment big time – passengers should not be such a nuisance for them

Jonathan Phillips says:

Hey. What was the video you were watching on the flight?

Captain Steven Markovich says:

Qatar definitely 5 Stars! Have flown Qatar both business and first class unreal experience. Great video! Subscribed

Manmeet Kaur says:

is the economy class good if u have toddlers??

Najoud Marais says:

Have you seen first class

Deven Grover says:

Amazing videos David. Thanks for visiting India and shining light on wonderful country it is. Will you be visiting Bangkok or Thailand anytime soon? I been living in Bangkok past 2 years and you would love it out here. Cheers and keep up the great work.

stevela999 says:

we have booked for new Delhi for next Christmas and new year because of your vids carnt wait steve sue Liverpool uk

Lucy Aisha says:

Fantastic review! I have an upcoming trip to Nairobi, and stumbled to this, this is gold! Booking the economy class today. It’s actually very cheap, sticking to the 3months rule.:)

Crypto One says:

It’d nice too if you included aircraft type/model in title or description. Thanks.

Sadia Ahmed says:

Did you need any kind of visa to visit Qatar for 24hrs?

ItsMinarmy says:

JAL Dreamliner beats this

F Haque says:

So, was there 2 meals or three for a 16 hour flight ?

Steve MurphysLaw says:

Great airline Qutar I’m 193 cm 6 ft 3 and they keep exit seats for tall people , will use them again because of this , everything else was great also .

Sch Xx says:

I went on the a380 and it was amazing.

Bahar Jafarizadeh says:

Nice but which aircraft?

tariq alli says:

Have you tried Singapore airlines

Wickedd 012 says:

I just came back from my trip to India and I too stayed for 18 days. Qatar’s a350 economy class is amazing.

Rafael Rafael says:

going today to indonesia on quatar from holland

Binary Signals says:

Imo emirates are a lot better, their internet is much better value, food is better quality and the entertainment system is a lot better. Personally i found the qatar staff in london were stuck up with an attitude problem, and most of the tv series had most of the shows missing with a very poor choice of films. Always emirates for me personally. I notice in your review only a fraction of the time is spent reviewing what your video claims. $20 for 200mb of internet is just tight ant total rip off.

Dr Junedakthar Shaikh says:

What was the place in Lucknow for kebabs

Md Rakib Al-Hassan says:

It should be named India tour instead of economy class review…

Félix Maltchinski says:

Is Qatar Airways the longest flight out off Miami? I think its Emirates.

Sara says:

Qatar airline is the best

wendy mortimer says:

many thanks for this .is helping me for my flight to seychelles soon.

Melissa Khodeir says:

Ich liebe Qatar Airport Economy Class

abdullah alnabit says:

I am so happy to see Qatar airways operating their A350-900 to Miami airport can’t wait for the Qsuit to come too

Random Fandoms says:

Thank you for saying Qatar right! I loved this video because I’m going on Saturday and we haven’t travelled on a plane in almost 3 years! I’m from Qatar, and I hate it there, but I’m glad others like it! I’m going on economy and I’m just lucky I’m traveling (on plane). Love from America! (I live in VA)

Lappo SWFC says:

Emirates is much better than Qatar, although I’ve booked Qatar to,the Maldives next year (just for the flight times). Still a decent àirline except for the bad dreamliners…

Chaz Beam says:

Awesome video ! love it !

The Great And Lovable Peridot says:

Ah yes. My mom works in Qatar Airways. I always fly Economy. Its damn beautiful. The seats are luxurious and I love it!

M11. says:

you should have visited banana island in Qatar its very calming and relaxing and its a beach but they have private villas you can rent based on how many days you’re staying and in the villas there are private swimming pools and you can kayak and more.

Anshu Kumar says:

Nice video buddy

hassan bhatti says:

stop buying buisness class seats,,,and buy a advance mic,,,with noise cancelation

Shadi Masoumi says:

I live in Qatar to

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