Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy: best seats and cockpit tour

Flight review of Premium Economy on the new Qantas Dreamliner. Find out where you should sit, what the new seats are like, and explore the new Boeing 787. Plus check out the cockpit in full HD video.

Hopefully this flight review vlog will help you deciding whether to book Premium Economy on the new Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner or not, and if so where you should sit. I filmed this over two flights sitting in the front row (Row 20) and the back row (Row 23) on the aisle and in a window seat.

Flights were QF422 Melbourne to Sydney and QF439 Sydney to Melbourne.

Awesome music by

Filmed on a Canon EOSM6, various GoPros, and sometimes my iPhone. Other audio from Epidemic Sound.


Mick McCarthy says:

Nice video mate. Subbed!

John Nairn says:

Go back to England on the Dreamliner…narcassist!

claus stimpfig says:

no inflight Service on this flight? Ist unbelievable that QF has no first class cabin on this aircraft. now imagine a flight Perth to London ….a nightmare

Ryan Mitchell says:

if I hadn’t been upgraded I would have been in 22 f and 22 k! same cabin

Harry Carr says:

Awesome video mate! Keep them coming. The Customer Service Manager looks like a great person!

cesar alexis Amezquita says:

you talk too much. wgas about your opinions. it’s called youtube, so videos only

Karl P says:

No catering?

David Cole says:

You did great editing work on the cockpit tour. Very fascinating. Liked and subscribed.

Mark Smith says:

Rumour has it there is less leg room on the new premium economy product compared to the current on the A380 would you agree? Nice video

marcooconnor says:

I cannot stand the bulkhead seats, yes nobody is in front of you but there are some clear disadvantages. You cannot stretch all the way out, nor can you simply unfold the table in front of you. The foldaway screens are generally low quality (although these seem good) and a pain in the neck to adjust properly. You also need to fold away before take off and landing while everyone else gets to use their screens.

Julio Canon says:

Howd you get on the flight deck?

RE Ohtz says:

Nice review, however I do hope that you don’t put your feet on the bulkhead. It’s tacky.

Matthew M says:

Cool airbag in the seatbelt!

cap4653 says:

That was a nice landing

Ryan Mitchell says:

oh yeah in business class

Ryan Mitchell says:

i could see you the whole way

Paul Connors says:

Thank you so much from a Yank fan.   I must say that all of you airline & travel Vloggers have my sincerest admiration and thanks for your dedication and talent in producing these most informative and entertaining videos.   I don’t think I could do so and therefore, appreciate them immensely.

Tony Ebikeme Jr says:

Stefan! Great review! I’ve never actually flown with Qantas before or the Dreamliner in fact. Can’t wait to see more next year!

Shingi Sa says:

2-3-2 on-board 789 is more than generous for W.

Mark Hewitt says:

good news ; do you reckon you would sleep well on long haul ?

amc3 says:

Cant see what all the fuss is about Stefan, British Airways European Business Class has much better seating (not)
After watching your recent video, this is night and day mate, and this is Premium Economy. Qantas know what a great product is and deliver it well. On domestic and European routes BA are now a budget airline, a very bad one at that.

paulie handled says:

Row E on premium economy has a wider seat.

It's me says:

you can see the wall dirty where some people have put their dirty great big hoofers to rest lol

Kat's Corner says:


*Flight Ticket*

Airline/Airway: Qantas
Aircraft Model: Boeng 787-400
Class: Premium Economy
Seat: Row 20, seat 3

Ryan Mitchell says:

did you get breakfast and lunch? business class did!!

HBO 1 says:

Please note regardless of the sate you select and the month you select and indicates the Qantas 787 in the booking. When you select your seat any row in the front 20s or select any row in the 21s then these 2 rows are going to be blocked regardless the price your paying on premium. I have tried this as i had a play with it and i could see the seat live map on qantas website. The only selections one can make is anywhere on rows 22s and anywhere rows 23s so you pretty much have very limited to select by all means. This is entirely not good enough. (Qantas told me that the rows 20s and 21s can be requested closer to date or that closer to your travel date these seats will then be available) But my suggestion to this is.. I think its important to select your seat well in advance now and not at the final days before travel only because you could end up in a random seat between 22s and 23s instead. So if you want a window seat you have the selection of 22s and 23s if its available at the time of booking* But still this is unfair for these paying a (premium price) regardless the cheapest price or the most expensive price and yet you still get the 20s and 21s all blocked for a reason. And these are only re-open availability days before travel. So my thought on this is.. As much as i wanted to select a front window seat 20 it is impossible (Maybe design for these on Qantas memberships or something) But i would just select the back row as Stefan shows it’s pretty good. If unless the curtain behind you is a distraction during sleep time. So im surprise that rows 20s and rows 21s are all blocked. How did i looked this up? Easy… you just have a play with it pretend your booking a date and time and select accept the next page and you end up going to the next page where it shows you a live interactive map on whats available. Again this is not good enough when you see very limited and yet all rows 20s and all rows 21s are all blocked. (Not taken) depending the date you selected but these are blocked for a reason and i don’t simply no why. Qantas just say it is available days before travel. But my suggestion is… don’t bother waiting because at the same time premium seating group is very limited and there are 28 seats only and they do filled up depending where your heading to. So organise your selection and be happy what you got. Though front row was what i wanted to select. But can’t do anything about it and i sure would not bother waiting days before travel because the possibility in trying to select a front row seat may be very very limited specially (days before travel) due to the fact that the Premium seating group has only 28 seats and people travel a lot and or may be filled up quickly before you know it. Remember this is for (long haul international flights) So i don’t no if its the same issue for domestic.

Kiwi NZL says:

At 5:18 hey! just saw our nation airline air new zealand landing.

Harry Martin says:

Great vlog. I am thinking about flying premium economy to Santiago by the end of the year, but it will be flying B747, so the feature probably will be totally different being it’s old aircraft. But I think it must be still better than flying couch.

Ryan Mitchell says:

can’t believe it!!!!! I was on both flights too!! and i also got a look in the cockpit and saw you

Queen Of The Skies says:

Nice wish I could see the cockpit sometime

Roger Dodger says:

Sorry Qantas, your plane is nowhere near the beauty of Air New Zealand’s striking livery & interior innovations. I believe ‘AIrlineratings’ which is a kangaroo outfit has voted Air NZ the world’s best airline 5 years in a row. You’ve been pushed to second place. Prestigious ‘Conde Nast’ travel mag in New York has also named Air NZ the world’s best along with Tripadvisor rating Air NZ the favoured fly on. Eat your heart out Qantas. Tiny little NZ who beat big huge billionaire, Larry Alison took the America’s Cup (Kiwi Cup) from him as well. We rule the sea & air. Better luck next time, eh?

Suzanne Warburton says:

Did the back seat recline ok?

Mick Doc says:

I was really enjoying your filmwork, that is until ,the stupid loud electronic music started!!!

It's me says:

you can see the wall dirty where some people have put their dirty great big hoofers to rest lol

Kiwi NZL says:

Yeah! i’d be happy with premium economy for sure,business class.,well maybe not! kinda stretches the budget to the ultimate max-whatever the class Qantas is a good choice all round!.

Kevin Bao says:

where are u from where to where

J CaaM says:

Only disgusting slobs throw their feet up against the bulkhead.

captain Spaulding says:

Problem with front row is the idiots that cross in front of you

Camero_11 says:

Great vid mate cheers

Flightsimmer101 says:

Great I liked and subscribed

Captain Luke says:

Nice Vid, I love your videos and this one is my favourite

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