QANTAS A380 Economy Class eXperience: QF118 Hong Kong to Sydney

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WELCOME to my seventh flight review in 2018. On 28th January, I flew Qantas service QF118 from Hong Kong (HKG) to Sydney (SYD). The operating aircraft was a gigantic Airbus A380-800. As I am a Oneworld Sapphire member (Qantas Gold), I have access to priority check-in, priority boarding and access to the awesome lounges in HKG.

Qantas and Cathay Pacific are the only airlines that fly between HKG and SYD. While Cathay Pacific flies 3x Boeing 777-300ER and 1x A330-300 daily, Qantas flies 1x B747-400 and 1x A330-300, although during peak seasons we can see double B747 daily, or even A380 and A330-200. Virgin Australia is to begin a daily service on this route this year with their A330-200.

What you’ll see in this clip:
– HKG overview
– Check-in
– Qantas Hong Kong Lounge
– Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Lounge
– Cathay Pacific The Cabin Business Lounge
– Boarding
– Seat features
– In-flight entertainment system
– Lavatory onboard
– Take-off and landing clip
– Dinner
– Breakfast
– Economy class overview

Some useful information:
Airline: Qantas (QF)
Flight number: QF118
Aircraft type: Airbus A380-800
Aircraft registration number: VH-OQL
Origin: Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG / VHHH)
Destination: Sydney Airport (SYD / YSSY)
Flight date: 28-01-2018
Meal: Dinner and Breakfast
Seat: 77A
Flight duration: 9 hours

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You may find flight reviews on British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Malaysia Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Cathay Dragon and Qantas on my channel.

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Vergilia Busuioc says:

When you showed the legroom it looked like you were masturbating

Mash Abdul says:

im doing europe asean and america……you do china

Kindle Interactive says:

This was actually a good review with the subtitles.

philip Brailey says:

Im sick of all the first class movies. As if i care ha.

EduardoSales says:

Nice video!!

philip Brailey says:

Great. Thanks for posting. I’ve FINALLY seen a Qantas A380 from inside the economy section.

tristanhnl says:

Yes, we get it, you have elite status with OneWorld, so you have access to priority lines, lounges, and priority boarding. No need to keep reminding about your status. Apart from those somewhat annoying annotations, nice trip report!

Asraf Ali MRU_Spotter says:

May I ask why the flight got delayed for nearly 50 minutes? I didnt hear well the reason (if ever) the captain gave. Thanks in advance

Aakash Panchal says:

How to get window seat in qantas airways? Like one which you got.

zwethant zin says:

Honest review haha love it…

Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams says:

Do you have to pay for the eyemask and socks?

P M says:

No . spoiler alert for those on board waiting to watch replay

ОЛ М says:

S7 oneworld!
Hello from Moscow , Russia:)

Deepanshu Gupta says:

Why would you eat so much food before a long haul flight??

Mubashar Shah993 says:

I love qantas from Pakistan

AirCraft Crashed says:

If you do a face reveal I will sub

Boripat Wannasri says:

Why Qantas has many flights to small city like Hong Kong ?

TheCantonboy says:

I wish QF would fly an A380 to Melbourne. They only have one daily flight and often full on the A330. Having said that I still prefer to fly CX.

Cj Bartlett says:

That main meal didn’t look very substantial compared to BA, no?
Being ex crew, I totally hate slow service. That meal delivery was way to slow 🙁

Still love Qantas though ❤️❤️

AviationFlyer says:

Takeoff lights not dimmed for takeoff

ElstonAirways1 says:

That is a disgraceful breakfast!! utter farce…I’m ashamed at that…that is very very poor indeed!….I never fly QF anymore AY have the exact same safety record….and are a far better ‘product’ as far as a ‘Y’ class passenger goes..

QF frontline staff are to be commended…… their ‘superiors’ for endorsing such a terrible product?? …….. Well you save some $, meet a ‘KPI’, take your bonus and then move on ……

As a loyal Australian ‘subject’ …and one who is to be supposedly steadfastly loyal to QF,,,,after the ‘global strike’ imposed by Mr Alan Joyce for safety reasons…too many holes in that story…

Good luck QF…I have not and will not be using your services ever since the ‘shutdown’….and even moreso that you signed an agreement with an entity such as the UAE…..clearly a place that does not share Australian ‘values’….

…Really QF…forever you had the respect of the Oz populace…….now you have people actively looking to avoid you……Maybe Mr Joyce & Mr Clifford need a look in the mirror…but it will ALWAYS be someone else’s fault……we all wish we has that questionable exuse !!!


Which row did you sit?

debmallya aditya says:

Nice video !!!

bionic26 says:

Lol barely any food Thai and Singapore would serve two whole meals.

Ashwani Mishra says:

Is it only me who thinks world’s biggest aircraft is usually more cramped n tight in space than other 787, 350 or even 777 ? When so many airlines giving 32 inch seat pitch, why 31 here? Not sure about other areas of life (wink), each n every inch matters in flying.

David Baker says:

guy in the yellow long pants is he taking pics of you ? yellow long pants black jacket etc

Chelsea B says:

Hey there.

Whats the difference between 1st class and business class?

Alexander Dunn says:

820th like 360th comment

Hazza says:

I feel like Qantas is really trying. I mean, honestly Qantas has a pretty good product in economy and I understand what they are trying to do by removing the tray, but that breakfast was just disappointing. Although, having said that, usually when I fly I always regret eating too much on the flight, so I would not mind smaller portions if it was higher quality. I fly from China frequently, I used to fly Qantas from Hong Kong but business class on Thai/China Southern/Singapore Airlines is just as good but always much, much cheaper. I wish you could combine the Aussie friendliness with Singapore’s hard product and Thai’s catering. That would be the perfect airline for me.

Tanmay Bhakta says:

I like Qantas as an airline, but I always feel that their meals portions are really small.

behindthelens S says:

are the snacks from the snack bar free???

Logan Life says:

I think I was on that plane

Stephen Reddin says:

Did you ask the cabin crew and check in staff whether you can record them? Doesn’t seem like something you should. Poor form.
Need to cut their faces out

Selina Rashid says:

I read about Quantas in my Geography book!

Hashik Hashim says:

which camera are you using

One World Flyer says:

Hello there! 97% of you reading this haven’t subscribed to me yet, please lower that percentage by subscribing One World Flyer now, for free! Thanks 😀

Elsy 888 says:

God , I don’t know why I love this video so much , it just helps my extreme anxiety on planes. Thanks for making this content , I hope people appreciate what your doing more . From Australia ♥️

Au Justin says:

Your review video is good~ I just want to complain that the Youtube’s stupid aid play a lot XD..

Zombie Cuddles says:

You sound so lovely when you speak to the flight attendant, I’m sure they appreciate your manners! 🙂

Eddie Plummer says:

Love your videos! I’m cabin crew for Thomas Cook Airlines! Come fly with us!

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