Philippine Airlines New A330-300 Tri-Class Airbus Premium Economy Seating Review

Premium Economy – A video by Kiana Foster. You can see more details in this video showing the one new option for Philippine Airlines. TriClass Airbus A330-300. This video mostly focuses on the Premium Economy (PE) seat. The video shows the seat controls, extension of the bottle “foot or leg” ramp and some of the reclining. The video compares two different seats in P.E. on the aircraft. Taller people 5’10 and taller need to beware that the legroom IS THE SAME AS “CHOICE” SEATING on PAL aircraft. The food is the same, although preparation is different and you have a separate meal menu. You can determine for yourself, so if you are frugal and are date flexible, you should be getting a great value!


Cherry Niebuhr says:

Why you dont take a first class instead of ur ,complaning of ur size ,u are from Norway, Scandinavia woman are tall like you!

pxn_uxd says:

probably the price is the reason there are so many open seats in premium economy. another thing is many people still are not quite familiar with premium econ.

Bmanhawaii2's Vlogs says:

Aloha! You made it back to the Philippines? I was just there this past December for Christmas and New Year’s! This plane is beautiful. When did you go? I’m planning on flying back this summer for a month, July-Aug. Great video!

Vanguard says:

Great video

love luck says:

I love Filipino crew. They are hospitable, caring, professional and are attentive to your needs. They always have these energetic smiles on their face. No wonder, even top airlines in the middle east or anywhere in Asia are dominated by Filipinos. I feel happy everytime I see one in my flights.

ibuprofanity says:

Great review. I feel like 1.3k is way too much for premium class. They should drop it to 1k at least.

Anthony the Filipino Ninja says:

The Heart of the Filipino shining through!

bulok69 says:

At $2300 you’re talking business class price already. Why stay in premium economy?

Ryan Robert Ventolero says:

WOAH, IM SUPER IMPRESSED WITH THIS NEW AIRCRAFT OF PAL. Great review, thanks. ANd btw, does the economy also have IFEs?

TheLegend says:

thank you,, you strictly focus on the subject ,, great review ,, saw many Filipino , Filipinas making very bad vlogs on Youtube and reviews of themselves that shouldnt include takes offs and landings that takes up 75% of the whole film,, Thank you for not doing that!! how much was the email upgrade they send you a week before your flight or how much was online the auction upgrade to this class from economy?

Carlos Miguel Galang says:

I love PAL crews! Always smiling and very professional 🙂

Ralph Castillo says:

I flew PAL to HNL in Nov.2017 ,this A330 with new cabin seats is a better more comfortable plane than the B-777.

enrico contreras araneta says:

PAL…certified & awarded as a 4 STAR AIRLINE…congrats pal

pnoi808 says:

How’s the regular class seating? Does it have screen behind the seats lol.

Jayr Cruz says:

Hopefully I could experience the new triclass of pal in my vacation

michelin inflight says:

Thank you kiana for the review!

socal benny says:

Nice but still expensive for me. I flew LAX to MNL last year for $485 roundtrip including taxes and fees on China Eastern. Crappy service but new planes. I want to patronize PAL but their prices are just way too expensive.

Hunter Greene says:

What was the make and model of aircraft?

Jonel Albano says:

How was the seats?

michelin inflight says:

The footrest is not cleverly solved.the designers should change that.


I want to try it when I fly long haul. Business Class is too expensive. I just want increse legroom, good inflight food and the IFE that is not that expensive.

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