Review | Delta Airlines | A330-300 Economy | Seat 10A review of Delta A330-300 in Economy Seat 10A.


Jake Redman says:

Hi sheadvt. We have yet to experience it with the extra-recline Economy Comfort seating but Row 4 (formerly row 5) is one of our all-time favorites in economy because there’s no bulkhead wall between the cabins. This is an aircraft we’re on pretty frequently, so I’ll try and get an updated review posted in the not-too-far future.

briankoo says:

is it ok for 5’6″

Jake Redman says:

Yikes! Yeah, legroom is a tough-go and the last rows of both sections of the economy cabin have limited recline. Must have been a relief to get off the plane!

The seat reviewed here is now part of the “economy comfort” section and legroom around the exit door MAY be better here now that they’ve changed the product. Being taller, it might be worth the investment on your next haul.

sheadvt says:

If you’re flying Delta any time soon, I’d love to see a video on one of their new Economy Comfort seats. I’m 6’6″ and last time I flew I couldn’t sit down in the MD-90 and stood for the whole 2-hour flight. First class isn’t an option, but I’m flying Delta Economy Comfort on an A320 in a few months.

Kung 1 says:

What about economy comfort?

Nicholas Russo says:

You say the seats in row 10 are not the best choice – which seats would you recommend in Y on this place? Thanks!

dreamershavemorefun says:

i know what that feels like (i’m 6ft3) so i am always paying more to get the comfort seats which on Trans-Atlantic flights are a pain when ur constantly being bumped by the cart

Jake Redman says:

Haven’t flown Economy Comfort on this one just yet but there’s a pretty thorough EC thread on flyertalk. I’d link to it but YouTube doesn’t allow it.

A Google search for “flyertalk economy comfort” should get you close.

Jake Redman says:

@manzanaresantonio – The 767-400s do have a half-inch extra per seat in economy. It should be noted that the seat in this review is slightly more constricting than other seats in this class due to the tray table and video screen taking up room in the armrests.

CathayGuy says:

I’ll be on this in a few weeks. Thanks for the video Jake.

nigahiga6400 says:

oh gosh. the a330 on a tokyo to seattle flight was painful, considering im 6ft 2in. i got the last row in economy, aisle seat.

CathayGuy says:

Had the same flight from Barcelona to Atlanta. I picked up an economy plus seat. For a 10 hour flight the extra leg room was really nice must say. Especially if you’re over 6 feet like myself.

2204Alpha says:

should have visited SEATGURU.COM, they have a full review on every seat of every aircraft on every airline on planet earth. You would have known that these seats are narrower and the armrest is immovable.

manzanaresantonio says:


Jake Redman says:

briankoo. I’m not much taller and I had a problem with this seat. The exit slide is just THAT close.

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