Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Economy Class Review

Boarding: 0:14
Seat/Cabin Features: 1:15
Taxi/Take-Off: 2:43
After Take Off-Footage: 3:25
Lunch: 3:52
After Lunch Footage: 4:14
Lavatory: 4:42
IFE: 5:35
Snack Service: 6:45
Landing: 7:57

Evaluation/Deboarding/Ending Credits: 8:31

Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747-8i (D-ABYD) Economy Class Flight from Frankfurt to New York JFK.

From: Frankfurt
To: New York
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Seat: 27G
Flight Number: LH400
Tail Number: D-ABYD
Name of the Aircraft: Mecklenburg-
Flight Duration: 8 hours
Date and Time: January 28, 2016, 10:50
P.S: Take off was on time. We landed
Occupancy of the cabin: 75%

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Flight Reviewer


The Stentorien says:

I knew you where a kid….those tiny cute legs will never fit an adult(Not a pedophile)

Camofighter 1234 says:

Hey man love the video just wish you had included the engine start up and engine sound for take off for us av geeks

Catherine H. says:

Das Essen in Lufthansa ist sehr schlecht. Aber Sie gehen von Point A bis Point B und zurück sicher.
Go Luftwaffa (oops I meant Lufthansa)!

Juan Diego López says:

00:34 Me in the future!

Ancupola says:

Thank you for sharing!

Jake Smith says:

Vegetarian sandwich thing is disgusting however the regular one is amazing

The Play says:

Yeah I know right. Flight Reviewer you’re such a brat when it comes to paninis. Why didn’t you choose the pork one(who cares if you’re a vegetarian because I hate vegetarians and they annoy me a lot). Next time you do a flight review be careful when filming people’s faces because they hate that. And also don’t complain a lot because it makes feel sad for the airline.

ahmet yasin bıkmaz says:

Turkish Airlines is the european’s best!!!

Milton Quevedo says:

Hi friend. I have fear to fly, and just watching this video I turned very stressed! 🙁 . Congrats, very good video.

Yaw Zong Sheng says:

Wow I am shocked, there is so much legroom! Definitely gonna try flying Lufthansa next time

Excel Cullyy says:


DerHerrY says:

I choose Turkish Airlines. By far the best

Tuna Yılmaz says:

kanal güzel ben sev jmun de sweden im

Sirius says:

terrible. packed in like a tin of sardines.

Charleston Felimon says:

thank you for sharing 🙂

Austin Truong says:

Just wondering how old are you? I’ve never had that much leg room when flying on economy, based on height, shoe size, and hands I’m guessing you’re around pre-teen or teen ages

Gamer Girl says:

wow this is amazing!! I subscribed!!

Ferdinand Eylert says:

i think air france is also better

Ethan Baker says:

The legroom looks good, but the seat appears to be narrow. Did you find this to be the case?

Semsem Eini says:

Awful legroom in economy on Lufthansa and mediocre food. Their lettuce and awful chocolate cakes are a joke. Frankfurt airport also a mess. You lucked out being in 27G. You must have great connections at Lufthansa to get that VIP seat. The orange juice was fresh? Was it freshly squeezed?

Nikhil Sharma says:

Hi, can anyone tell me what are those black things hanging from the ceiling in the middle at 0:57 ? What purpose do they serve?

Josh Smith says:

I am always asked about a trip to Frankfurt every year for work….. this is precisely why I don’t want to go!!! A shitty flight there AND back….

Kqutter Sanford says:

How strong is the force on takeoff

Anas Hamdan says:

Can a pilot or an aviation expert answer my question? ?how can the airplane’s wings afford the weight or loads of the jet engines? ?? How planes manufacturers hang up the engine through the air plane wings ????

Shashwat Sankranti says:

I like Emirates best.

Hajduk says:

How tall are you?

Domenico Sacca says:

just wondering, do u think my computer will work with flight simulator x on a 1.9ghz computer single core and with directx 12 whilst evrthing else meets the reuiqrments?

Christian Zamroud says:

do you have a video of the turkish airlines premium economy.?

JMMT7022801 says:

Wow. The 747-800 looks really ugly. The interiors look so drab.

Joan Hart says:

The black screen at 2.09 is the only separation of the economy from premium economy. I think the PE class is a ‘johnny come lately’ addition to the aircraft. Now if you play PE with Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines or Turkish Airlines, you are treated as something quite special and the cabins are quite separate. IF you pay extra, you want an extra besides seat and a bit more legroom. Good smooth flight though, better the return leg Frankfurt to Hong Kong that the first leg which was Vancouver to Frankfurt.

Hosam Khalafalla says:

How do you afford to go on all these flights?

bobsters 211 says:

I’m going to Germany for 12 hours and then to Iran for 5 hours

Cheema Boyz says:

If there is a very little choice of films u just can watch live TV on Lufthansa

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